Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float

How To Fix A Running Toilet Without A Ball Float

Running-toilet is a very problematic situation where a toilet constantly runs by leaking water from the flush even when the user is not using it.

If such a problem occurs anytime then it will not only cause a great hike in your water bill but also will make a bad impact on the environment by wasting one of the most important resources of the earth, that is water. Also, the constant sound of running water becomes an annoying noise and makes the user very irritated, especially at the sleeping time when the silence remains at peak.

So, fixing a running toilet is very important to maintain harmony in people’s day-to-day life as well as in the environment. Now, when such an issue arises, people get worried as now they will have to a huge charge to the plumber, and sometimes finding a capable enough plumber becomes a challenge itself.

In these situations, fixing your problem by yourself can be the best and pocket-friendly solution as we all know, self-help is the best help.

If such an emergency occurs, then people get nervous as generally people, who are not professional plumbers, do not know how to fix this severe problem of running toilets. So, are you also such a victim who is feeling quite perplexed and helpless right now because of this nuisance?

Then we are here to solve this problem of yours as this article will satisfy your need. In this article, we are going to precisely describe the process of identifying the exact reason behind the problem and then fixing the problem.

You will get to know ins and outs of fixing the running toilet and that too without using a ball float. We hope this step by step easy to understand description will ease your task. Any amateur without any previous real-life experience can fix this issue if they follow this guideline properly.

Nowadays, usually, we see two types of toilets. One is the traditional model with ball float and another is the modern model with the fill valve. Both the ball float and fill valve function in a similar way.

The fill valve is the new gadget for controlling the water level in the toilet tank. But the latter one is tinier in size than the previous one and that is why the fill valve can fit in the new compact-sized cisterns easily.

It produces lesser sound while flushing away the wastes. Also, it is more efficient, economical, and long-lasting. Also, the fixing process of a modern toilet is much easier than the previous one. Today we will discuss this fill valve version of the running toilet which does not contain ball float. So, let’s get started!

Needed instruments

  1. Good quality fill valve × 1
  2. Adjustable wrench × 1
  3. Small container or bin × 1

A good fill valve should contain gaskets, one refill tube, and one lock nut. You will need a small container or bin for collecting water while replacing the fill valve.


  1. Firstly, turn off the valve of the water supply
  2. Then open the cover of the tank of the toilet tank
  3. Make a flush

Now it is ready to do start the fixing job.

Steps of fixing

There are two types of fixing procedures basing on two different scenarios.

Scenario 1: The base of the fill valve is in usable condition

Like the previous fill valve, the new valve also contains a base with it. But here, in this case, you will not need to change the base as the previous base is in usable condition.

In such a scenario, the replacement process becomes a lot easier. So now you will have to do these following steps-

  • Pull the lock ring up for removing the refill tube from the fill valve base.
  • Install the fresh and new fill valve. Just simply push the valve down so that it sticks to the prevailing base of the tank.
  • Now, lock down the ring placed at the backside of the fill valve down.
  • Finally, make a connection between the refill tube and the overflow tube.

N.B.: Here you must need to focus on properly adjusting the level of water. The water level must not be too high.

Scenario 2: The base of the fill valve is in unusable condition

In this case, you will need to change the whole unit by removing the old fill valve replacing it with the new one. It may sound tougher than the previous scenario, but actually, it is not.

It is not any harder task than the prior task. The instruments for installing the entire set will also be the same here. So, let’s have a look at how you will do it.

  • Ensure that the tank of your toilet is empty. Then keep the small container or bin under the supply hose of water so that the trickled down water can drop into that container or bin we placed beneath it. Because there will be more water than just a few droplets and we do not want to waste even a single drop of water.
  • Now place your hand at the basement of the toilet flush tank for unscrewing the hose.
  • Remove the nut of the lock properly by using the adjustable wrench.
  • And now the entire unit is ready to get removed. After removing the old setup, immediately throw it away into the trash.
  • Finally, install the fresh unit by adjusting the height.

N.B.: You will have to match the height of the tank of the toilet and the tube of water overflow accordingly.

Bottom Line

So, that’s it! By following these few easy steps, you can fix your constantly running modern toilet which does not contain a ball float.

Experts suggest replacing the fill valve after every 5-6 years so that the probability of unwanted disruptions gets minimized. Also, by doing so, you can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience of a toilet flushing for the longest possible time.

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