Most Luxury Toilet UK

Most Luxury Toilet UK 2023 — According to Experts

At present time people are more conscious about the fineness of the bathroom.

To right ornament your bathroom the most luxury toilet in the UK takes in a heavenly position.

Now we will discuss the best and compact luxury toilets, hopefully, these are the excellent quality for your demand.

9 Best Luxury Toilet Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 most popular luxury toilet in the UK market.

1. Affine Modern Bathroom Square Toilet

Modern Bathroom Square Toilet

  • Dimension: 61*38*78 cm
  • Shape: square
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 39 kg

Affine Modern Bathroom Square Toilet is made from exceptionally durable material and manufacturing processes. The top quality vitreous china is preventive to damage and chipping at the same time makes your toilet looking excellent for years to come.

This toilet comes with a luxury soft close; fast-release toilet seat creates the entire look flow for better assuring that no scratch due to its smooth and sleek surface. With a rich high gloss glaze, space-saving and modern design, suitable for smaller bathroom or cloakrooms.

For easy cleaning and installation, the top-mounted toilet maintains a fast releasing mechanism, as well as the seat of its, prevent slamming. A pan to floor fixing kit is provided with this product.

The Affine toilet also offers you an incredible 25-year guarantee with CE approval. Besides, the dual flush technology of this toilet gives the 6 litres full flush and 4 litres flush option.

This toilet is more efficient; WRAS approved cistern helps to waste less amount of water unnecessarily. It will be better for your water bills and the atmosphere. So this close coupled Affine Modern Bathroom Square Toilet is ideal for contemporary bathroom décor.

2. RAK Series 600

RAK Series 600

  • Dimension: 20.5*16.69*7.49 cm
  • Shape: Square
  • Finish: white
  • Weight: 30 kg

The RAK Series 600 is the best luxury toilet that comes with outstanding features for you. It is square shape design toilet manufacturing from high-quality ceramic, the most reliable item ensures the long service span.

However, the toilet dimension of this toilet is 20.5 cm in length, 16.7 cm in width and 7.5 cm in height, and the weight of its 66.14 pounds. The height is extremely comfortable for any person, particularly, the soft close seat mechanism offers you the easy using benefit as well as the anti-bacterial treatment.

The white glossy finish makes the toilet look so beautiful. This RAK Series 600 is a fully stylish and modern toilet that enriches the good appearance of your bathroom or cloakroom.

The highest quality cistern helps to proper use of the water where there is no chance to waste unnecessarily. It has also a fast release toilet seat with a smooth surface.

The RAK Series 600 toilet not only ensures brilliant quality but also the perfect choice for you. The easy installation procedure and cleaning make the toilet more popular in the UK.


3. Rimless RAK Toilet

Rimless RAK Resort Compact Toilet

  • Dimension: 20.47*16.73*7.48 cm
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Material: ceramic
  • Colour: white

The Rimless RAK Toilet is one of the superior brands of the Luxury toilet in the UK. This is manufactured from elevated grade ceramic ensuring long durability. Especially the toilet is so hygienic due to the better technology the toilet is also getting rid of germs as possible.

On the other hand, the seat of the toilet is made from strong and duroplast plastic, hard wearing as well. At assists against the grow up of bacteria, excellent Rimless design suits of any bathrooms.

This Rimless RAK Toilet is wall hung placement system. Top fixing, soft close and quick release features create this simple to removes, easy cleaning and re-installing. The smooth toilet seat is also scratch-free, the white glossy colour looks very beautiful.

The Rimless RAK Toilet is an exclusively space-saving design where the overall dimension of its is the height 320 mm, width 360 mm and depth 520 mm; mounting hole centres 180 mm easily matches in any contemporary bathrooms.

It enhances the total appearance of your modern bathroom. If you have limited space, this will be the perfect selection because of its powerful water circular motion but efficiency.


4. Serrento Comfort Height Toilet

Comfort Height Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Colour: white
  • Shape: Round/Oval
  • Dimension: 66*37.5*90 cm

The Serrento Comfort Height Toilet is made from great quality material (vitreous china), white ceramic assuring the long term utility facility with a modern and sleek appearance.

The overall size of the toilet is 660 mm in length, 375 mm in width and 900 mm in height; the pan is raised to 450 mm in height. Especially this is the comfortable and pleasing height toilet for disabled & elderly people.

The cistern of the toilet is most suitable with button-operated where 3/4.5 litres capacity Eco dual flush system very efficient, doesn’t waste a massive amount of water-saving your monthly bills.

Moreover, this toilet is close-coupled and back to the wall, you can easily install it in your bathroom without any complexity. The soft & smooth closing seat cover and heavy functional quick-release seat give you the highest benefit.

The Serrento Comfort Height Toilet’s shape is round or oval so modern and properly matching colour (white) makes your bathroom an extraordinary look. Highly standard inlet & outlet valve are included yet CE authenticated.


5. Milano Longton Toilet

Milano Longton Toilet

  • Dimension: 50*35*34.5 cm
  • Material: ceramic
  • Shape: square
  • Installation method: wall mounted

The Milano Longton Toilet is the other luxury toilet brand in the UK market. It is constructed by premium quality white ceramic simply to clean glaze.

The toilet characterizes an attractive and contemporary square shape design with softened lines. It includes a fast release soft close seat to minimize noises, wear & tear.

The overall dimension of Milano Longton Toilet is 350 mm width, 510 mm depth and 300 mm height with 27.7 kg weight. This is a modern wall mounted toilet to add a touch of sleek look to your bathroom while maximizing the floor space.

Most strikingly the Milano Longton Toilet offers you an extra benefit such as a long service life (20-year guarantee). Because it is the strongest product that ensures your likeable durability.

The white colour is the standard suiting colour of any bathrooms. You will just need a wall mounting fixing frame, flush plate and cistern.


6. Milano Ballam Toilet

Milano Ballam Toilet

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Colour: White
  • Dimension: 56.5* 36.5*35 cm
  • Weight: 26.6 kg

If you have limited space in your bathroom, the Milano Ballam Toilet maximizing the floor space with a modern look. This is a wall hung toilet that provides the gorgeousness of a bathroom.

In other words, the toilet is boasting top quality ceramic construction ensure you a long life with 20 years product guarantee. Not only the Rimless design assists to improve hygiene but also helps to clean so easier.

The whole dimension of its is 340 mm height, 350 mm width and 560 mm depth; the weight is 26.6 kg. Mainly, the white colour finish type makes the toilet glazier.

It has a quick release soft close seat which can reduce the noise on the pan, wear and tear as well. There is little chance to build up any kinds of germs and bacteria.

The shape of Milano Ballam luxury toilet is oblong, space-saving and not wasting massive of water. So this is a handy and heavy-duty toilet in your bathroom.

7. Sorrento Bathrooms Toilet

Sorrento Bathrooms Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Dimension: 66.5*38*83 cm
  • Colour: white
  • Installation type: Floor mounted

The Sorrento Bathrooms Toilet is made from hardy ceramic ensuring better quality and for the long term using this is the perfect toilet. The white colour is absolutely standard together suits all the bathrooms.

It is the luxury guest toilet that comes with a high-quality soft closing seat and quick releasing capability. The smooth surface of the toilet makes it more gorgeous and modern looking in your bathroom.

The Sorrento Toilet is a floor mounting placement type, so you can easily install this in your bathroom. Dual flush system to wall very popular and stylish design WC which is also CE authenticated.

This close-coupled toilet is back to wall pan & cistern that has a flexible button to operate a 3/4.5 litres dual flush. It helps to minimize your water bills without wasting excess water.

The overall dimension of Sorrento is 66.5 cm length, 38 cm width and 83 cm height with a great inlet and outlet valve. The toilet is made from vitreous china, most proudly the seat of its scratch-resistant offering you the best user comfort.

8. Wentworth Round Bathroom Toilet

Wentworth Round Bathroom Toilet

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: white
  • Shape: Round
  • Installation type: Floor mounted

The Wentworth Round Bathroom Toilet is a good quality item that is so popular in the UK’s people for its sturdiness and durability. It has contemporary features; close coupled style offers a clean look to any bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite.

However, the toilet is floor mounted installation method greatly wonderful for space-saving feature with a 620 mm short projection pan which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

The Wentworth Round shaped design toilet is crafted from hygienic and long-lasting vitreous china with a stunning excellent glossy white finish makes the bathroom fully organized than the others.

The dual flush system assists you to save your water and money, cistern fittings as well with WRAS approved. Just you require choosing from 3 or 6 litres flush. It doesn’t waste the water unnecessarily only consuming properly.

On the other hand, a soft closing toilet seat is manufactured from high-quality polypropylene with top-mounted hinges allowing removing the seat for cleaning easily and quickly. The quick-release technology is most important to reach surfaces also.

9. Affine Comfort Toilet

Affine Comfort Raised Height Close Coupled Toilet

  • Shape: Square
  • Colour: White
  • Installation type: Floor mounted

The Affine Comfort Toilet comes with various extraordinary features. It is the raised height (485 mm height) model-creating it suitable the elderly, disabled or less able persons.

It allows a comfortable seating position the reason for its taller build; the toilet also will relieve your pressure on knees and joints. By purchasing this useful toilet you can receive a powerful cistern and hard-wearing pan producing from stable vitreous china, an ideal item of your everyday family life.

We have provided a fine dual push button which is located on the cistern lid. To save the water the button has a control capacity whether you have 4/6 litres flush.

This is a beautifully space-saving toilet, CE approved with a fantastic 25 years product guarantee. The installation type is floor mounted and the luxury soft closing seat helps you to easy usage it.

The shape of the Affine Comfort Toilet is square design, short projection brand, modern and elegant lines makes it compatible for all smaller bathrooms. The cistern is WRAS approved too, part of the top-selling Amelie toilet.


At last, our above models ensure the great-quality with pleasant reliability.

Not only the luxury toilet brands in the UK enhance the decoration of your bathroom but also the toilets are very comfortable, cost-effective and long-lasting

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