1400 Freestanding Bath UK

1400 Freestanding Bath UK — According to Experts

If you are searching for a suitable 1400 freestanding bath UK, this article may help. Here we have elaborated the attributes of five premium quality 1400 freestanding baths to help you to choose the best option for your requirements.

The tubs provide exclusive conveniences to their features and this article will help you to learn about those.

5 Best 1400 Freestanding Bath Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 top freestanding bath 1400 x 700 in the UK in 2023.

1. Royal Bathrooms Freestanding Bath

Cesar Single Ended Bath

Product Specification:

  • Material: 6mm thick Acrylic
  • Colour: glossy white
  • Design: single ended
  • Dimension: 1400mmx700mmx425mm (LxWxD)
  • Best for family bathroom

The royal bathtub is built in this way that it is most suitable for family bathrooms. The elegant design of the tub gives an exclusive look to your personal bathrooms and also gives a great impression to your guests.

The tub is white in color with glossy finishing that makes the tub more excellent looking and changes the appearance of your bathroom. If you are looking for a bathtub for your own house, this is one of the best options.

The tub is made of sanitary grade high-quality acrylic material with 6mm thickness that makes the tub more durable. The design of the tub is single-ended in square shape. The bathtub is 1400mm long, 700mm wide and 425mm deep.

There is fibre glass resin and also a solid baseboard for providing extra safety. There is no pre-built hole for taps and the waste is on the end. The tub comes with a leg set which is adjustable and makes the tub prepared for installation.

The tub gives 5 years of guarantee so that you can use if without any kind of torment. The bathtub package includes one tub and one leg set which makes the installation convenient.


2. Nuie White NBA404 Linton

Nuie NBA407 Linton

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: W700mm, L1400mm, D400mm
  • Weight: 18.9 KGs
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Installation: easy and handy
  • Best for being fit in any designed bathroom.

You can set up the Nuie Bathtub in the bathrooms of different design and this feature makes it one of the best bathtubs available nowadays in the UK.

The convenient shape and minimalism of the tub make it suitable for any bathroom that helps you to fulfil the wish of your dream bathroom. The premium quality white glossy colour gives an extra-ordinary and classy look which is also a reflection of an exclusive choice.

The tub is made of acrylic material that enhances the quality also gives an elegant look. The dimension of the tub is W700mm, L1400mm, D400mm and its weight are 18.9 KGs. You can transform this bathtub into shower-baths with attuned bath screens that will save both your space as well as money.

The tub set includes one leg set and one bathtub which make the installation process easier. The manufacturers provide a five years guarantee for the ease of their users.



3. Home Standard Diva Bathroom Bath Tub

Home Standard Diva Bathroom Straight Single Ended Bath Tub

Product Specification:

  • Material: 5mm Lucite acrylic
  • Leg set: available
  • Dimension : 160L x 70W x 45D cm
  • Weight: 30 KGs
  • Best for 25 years guarantee

The Home Diva bathtub provides a long twenty-five years of guarantee to their customers to keep them free from any kind of tension and stress from using the tub. Some people don’t want to have a tub only because of its maintenance and servicing hassles and expenses.

For those people this tub is an ultimate option as it gives a very long term guarantee and the customers can claim it without any extra hassle and trouble.

The material of the tub is white color Lucite Acrylic with 5mm thickness that makes the tub sturdy and enhances the longevity. Moreover, the tub has extra support with all over fibreglass also has UV protection for safe keeping from extreme sunlight.

There is a base board with the tub to make it secured and there is no pre-drilled hole in the tub which means you can drill it according to your convenience and requirement. The manufacturers of DIVA bathtub provides a leg set with the bathtub so that you can install the tub just after getting the tub at your hand. Even the tub is built in this way that you can also install it in a built-in setup.



4. Royal Bathrooms Single Ended Bathtub

Royal Bathrooms Single Ended Bathtub

Product Specification:

  • Material: 6mm thick acrylic
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Leg set: available
  • Dimension: 1400x700x425 (LxWxD) (MM)
  • Best for exclusive and elite design

The Royal bathtub has an exclusive design that enhances the elitism of your bathroom and gives it an extra-ordinary look from others. The glossy white color with premium and high-quality finish just change the appearance of the bathroom just after installing.

Moreover, the material of the tub is 6mm thick acrylic with sanitary grade which makes the tub strong and sturdy which means there is nearly no chance of breaking the tub and you can use it for a long period with just a bit of care and cautiousness.

The dimension of the tub is 1400mm in length, 700mm in width and 425mm in depth that makes the size of the tub suitable for any bathroom size. The tub has single ended design with square edge that also makes the cleaning process easy and handy. The manufacturers supply the tub undrilled for tap so that you can drill it according to your choice and ease.

The package includes a bathtub with single end and also an adjustable leg set for easy installation. The Home Diva comes with a five years of easy and trouble-free warranty for their buyers.



5. Bath Tub 1400 x 700 Corner Double Ended

BETTERathrooms Bath Tub

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 1400Lx700WX400H (MM)
  • Water capacity: 120 liters
  • Weight: 13.5 KGs
  • Guarantee: 25 years
  • Best for multipurpose use

The buyers and users of the bath tub can use it with multipurpose and this characteristic make the tub exceptional from the other ones from this range. You can use the tub like a shower bath also just after adding a shower screen that will save the space in your bathroom as you don’t have to keep any extra place for your shower and will reduce the expense too.

So, this tub is the optimal option who don’t have that much space in their bathroom for having both bathtub and shower simultaneously.

The dimension of the tub is 1400Lenghtx700WidthX400Height and its weight is 13.5 KGs with 120 liters of water capacity. The material is high-quality Lucite acrylic with 5mm thickness with compressed baseboard. The tub has re-enforced edges that enhances the stability and strength of the tub and gives a better experience.

There is no pre-drilled hole for taps for the user’s convenience though the overflow and waste holes are pre-drilled. The manufacturers provide a leg set for easy installation and a 25 years of exclusive guarantee for the convenience of their users.




Throughout the whole article we have tried to make you aware of the traits of these five 1400 freestanding bath UK. Five of them provide different facilities and ease to their users, so you can choose whatever you want according to your need.

Though, we will suggest the Royal Bathroom bath as it provides both comfort and luxury to its users.

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