1600 Freestanding Bath UK

1600 Freestanding Bath UK — According to Experts

All over this article, you will have an idea of the 1600 freestanding bath UK with some crucial specifications and a narrative discussion.

As the tubs have some similarities and dissimilarities, we have tried to figure out the products’ individualities, which may help choose the ultimate option according to your preferred criteria.

9 Best 1600 Freestanding Bath Reviews 2023

Here are the 9 top freestanding bath 1600 x 700 in the UK in 2023.

1. Abacus Freestanding Bathtub

Abacus Bath Bathtub

Product specification:

  • Dimension: 1600mm Lx850 mm W
  • Material thickness: 6 mm
  • Appearance: Glossy white
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Best for being a dual-purpose bath

The Abacus bathtub is a dual-purpose bath as it includes a shower with a modern P-shaped design that saves the space of your bathroom and gives you more convenience. As the shower is enclosed, you don’t have to keep any extra shower in your bathroom, which means if you are in short pf space, you can go for this bathtub, and these features make this bathtub one of the best products in the UK.

The tub comes in glossy white color with a premium finishing that complements your bathroom’s outlook, and the material thickness of the tub is 6 MM that makes it durable and long-lasting. The tub makes high-grade acrylic material that makes and also has an exceptional design. This one is a right-hand side tub, and the waste hole is at the end that makes the cleaning of the tub convenient. The tub comes undrilled for taps and comes with an adjustable leg set.

The bathtub is 1600 mm long and 850 mm wide and comes with all required installation equipment, making the installation easy. The manufacturers provide a five-year warranty, which makes the use tension-free, and you can avail of the guarantee without any hassle.


2. Nuie NBA407 Linton

Nuie NBA407 Linton

Product specification:

  • Dimension: 160L x 70W x 40D cm
  • Weight: 20.9 KGs
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Best for being perfect for any design of bathroom

The incredible feature of the Nuie bathtub is the design and shape of this bathtub make it perfect for any bathroom design hence makes the tub one of the highest demanding bathtubs of the UK. The minimal design and the classy white outlook of the tub make the appearance of your bathroom exclusive. Moreover, the tub’s salient rectangular shape makes it less space-consuming, which means even if you have inadequate space in your bathroom, you can take this one.

The bathtub makes of acrylic material that offers a premium quality experience to the users. The tub’s dimension is 160 Cm in length, 70 Cm in width, and 40 Cm in-depth, and the overall weight is 20.9 KGs. Another good thing about this tub is you can easily use these as shower baths with bath screens that will save both your space and money.

The bathtub set includes one bathtub and one leg set, making the installation process easy and handy. The shape and design of the tub make the cleaning trouble-free. The manufacturers provide five years of guarantee with the tub for their buyers and users’ convenience.

Relax and unwind as you soak away the worries of the day with our stunning Linton bath range. With a sleek minimal design, crisp white finish, and made to our highest standards, these baths will fit perfectly into any bathroom design


3. Royal Bathrooms Freestanding Bathtub

Royal Bathrooms Single Ended Bathtub

Product specification:

  • Material: Acrylic with 6 mm thickness
  • Guarantee: five years
  • Design: single-ended edge
  • Installation: Easy and convenient
  • Best for acrylic construction with sanitary grade

The material of the Royal bathtub is Acrylic with a high-quality sanitary grade that makes this a premium quality bathtub also with an exceptional design. Also, the 6 mm thick acrylic material of the tub makes it sturdy and durable. So if you are looking for a sanitary grade quality bathtub with longevity, you can undoubtedly go for this high-quality bathtub.

The design of the tub is single-ended, and the waste hole situates at one end. The tub’s dimension is 1600 mm in length, 700 mm in width, and 425 mm in depth and has a high-quality glossy white color finish that makes the outlook of your bathroom more premium. There is no drill in the tub for taps, and the manufacturers will provide a leg set, which makes the installation easy. Moreover, the shape and design of the bathtub make the cleaning easier.

The manufacturers provide five years complete guarantee so that you can use their product without any extra tension. The bathtub package includes one bathtub with a single-ended design and one leg set, which is adjustable.


4. Ceramica Modern Bathroom Bath Tub

Modern Bathroom Single Ended Straight Bath

Product specification:

  • Water capacity: 130 liter
  • Material: Lucite Acrylic
  • Dimension: 1600x 700 MM
  • Baseboard length: 18 MM
  • Best for long ten years of guarantee

The best thing about the Cermanica modern bathtub is it provides the users a guarantee of long ten years, which is very rare in the bathtubs of this range. This long term guarantee offers tension-free use of the bathtub for long ten years. So if you are worried about your bathtub’s servicing expenses and want a secured solution, heedlessly go for this one.

The tub’s dimension is 1600mm in length and 700 mm in width, and the water capacity of the tub is 130 liters. The tub’s white finish provides a soothing and reviving look to your bathroom with a modern touch.

This single-ended tub material is Lucite acrylic, making it a high-quality product and has an 18mm long and fully encapsulated baseboard. The inside of the bathtub is curved shaped and has a pre-drilled hole for overflow and waste.

The manufacturers made this bathtub, keeping in mind the Bathtub norms of Europe. The bathtub set includes one bathtub and one leg set.



5. Royal Bathrooms Cesar 1600 x 700mm Bath Tub

Cesar Single Ended Bath

Product specification:

  • Outlook: premium white glossy finish
  • Guarantee: five years
  • Installation: easy
  • Dimension: 1600Lx 700Wx 425D MM
  • Best for high durability

The core material of the Royal Cesar tub is 6 mm thick acrylic, which makes the tub durable and long-lasting. The thick and high-quality material offers a tension-free use of the tub without any burst or leakage. Moreover, the bath screen makes of 6mm thick glass that makes it sturdy and stable. The glass is very durable and doesn’t break without any significant hit, which means you can use the tub with ease.

The tub’s dimension is 1600 length x700 width x 425 Depth (in Millimeters), and the size of the bath screen is 1400 height 780 widths (in Millimeters). The convenient dimension of the tub and bath screen is perfect for almost all modern bathrooms. The superior quality glossy finish and elegant white color of the tub make your bathroom look exceptional.

The design of the tub is single-edged, and the waste position is at the end. The tub comes without drilling for taps with easy installation and cleaning process. The bathtub package includes one bathtub with a single-ended design, one adjustable leg set, and one shower bath screen. The manufacturers provide a five years guarantee to their customers.



6. Royal Bathrooms 1600 x 700mm Designer Single Ended Bathtub

Royal Bathrooms Single Ended Bathtub

Product specification:

  • Shape: square
  • Material: 6 MM thick Acrylic
  • Guarantee: five years
  • Dimension: 1600Lx 700Wx 425D MM
  • Best for exceptional and convenient design

The Royal single-ended tub is best known for its exceptional and sturdy design. The exclusive design will give you a unique experience and make your bathroom different from others. The tub’s material is 6Mm thick acrylic, which maintains sanitary grade that makes the tub durable. Moreover, the classy white color with superior quality glossy finish gives a premium look to any bathroom.

The rectangle-shaped tub dimension is 1600 mm in length, 700 mm in width, and 425 mm in depth. The bathtub has a single-edged design, and the wasted is end position. The tab comes with a leg set that makes the installation trouble-free, and there is no pre-drilled hole for taps.

The Royal Cesar comes with five years guarantee, and the package includes one bathtub with a single end and a one-bed set, which is adjustable.



7. Home Standard Diva Bathroom Straight Single Ended Bath Tub

Home Standard Diva Bathroom Straight Single Ended Bath Tub

Product specification:

  • Material: 5 MM Lucite acrylic
  • Dimension : 160 x 70 x 45 cm
  • Weight: thirty KGs
  • Color: white
  • Best for a lifetime guarantee

Suppose you are worried about the servicing and repairing of your bathtub. In that case, the Home Diva bathtub is the ultimate solution for you as it comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means you can avail of the security conditions and while you want. Very few manufacturers give this facility to its users.

The material of the tub is 5MM thick Lucite acrylic with reinforcing fiberglass thoroughly. The dimension of the tub is 160L x 70W x 45D cm, and weight is thirty KGs. The tub has a baseboard, UV protection, and a glossy white finish that makes the appearance exclusive.

An adjustable leg set comes with the tub that makes the tub ready for installation. The convenient shape of the tub will help you to clean the tub without much trouble.



8. Carona Neptune Rectangular

Carona Neptune Rectangular Acrylic Bath

Product specification:

  • Shape: rectangular
  • Tap hole: pre-drilled
  • Material: 5 mm acrylic
  • Color: white
  • Best for 25 years of guarantee

Can you imagine that a bathtub manufacturer is providing 25 long years of guarantee to their customers? Some people even don’t use a tub for 25 years, and the Carona manufacturers are providing long 25 years of the excellent contract to their customers, which are a fantastic thing. So, if you are willing to invest for once in your bathtub, the Carona Neptune is the perfect choice for you.

The tub’s material is 5 mm thick acrylic, making the tub good to go, sturdy, and long-lasting. The tub’s shape is rectangular, and there is also a tap whole, which is pre-drilled for your convenience. The elegant white color complements the outlook of your bathroom and gives a classy appearance.



9. Hudson Reed BPR103

Hudson Reed BPR103

Product specification:

  • Design: front panel
  • Dimension: 1.8D x 58W x 160L cm
  • Weight: 31 KGs
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Best for simple and stylish design

The Hadson Reed is best for its simple, elegant, and stylish design that gives an outstanding outlook to your bathroom. If you want a modern bathroom look, this bathtub is the most suitable option for you. Moreover, the white color with a crisp finish is a cherry on the top, making the tub extra-ordinary. So, if you are willing to have a modern-looking bathroom, this tub may help you.

The tub’s design is the front panel, and the shape is rectangular, which is space-saving. The bathtub is 160 cm in length, 58 cm in width, 1.8 cm in-depth, and the tub’s weight is 31 KGs.

The manufacturers give five long years of warranty to their customers for a better experience.

A simple yet sleek, stylish design will easily complement any modern home. The tub package includes one bathtub, one front panel, and a plinth.




Hopefully, this article has proven itself resourceful to you and helped you to choose the best 1600 freestanding bath UK according to your preference.

There is slight exclusiveness in the tubs as some give an excellent warranty; some have an exclusive design, whereas some have longevity. However, in our perception, the Abacus Bathtub is apparently9 the best option among the bathtubs, as mentioned above.

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