Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies

Are Air Purifiers Safe For Babies?

As babies are more sensitive the parents should be careful while choosing the stuff for their room. Though an air purifier is a necessity there are some factors we should consider while choosing an air purifier for newborns.

The fact is that some of the air purifiers are suitable for babies while some are not. The air purifiers that come with the activated-carbon filter and HEPA filter are the safest for babies. You should avoid the air purifiers with Ionizers and Ozone Generators as these are extremely unsafe for the babies.

The Advantages Of The Air Purifiers For The Babies

Air Purifiers For The Babies

As the babies, as well as the toddlers, have smaller lung than the adults, they take more air in also inhale more breaths every minute. Normally babies breathe 40-60 times/minute which is double the amount of an adult. So with the increased breathing count, the babies may also inhale contaminant particles like viruses, mould spores, bacteria and allergens.

According to experts, indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors as our houses are airtight. The babies’ rooms are not from the pollution either. As the new parents bring new stuff in for the baby’s room this stuff may release concealed airborne harmful particles.

The newly added rugs or carpets, furniture, painted walls may have VOCs. VOCs are hidden gases that come from varnishes, paints, carpet backing, pressed wood, adhesives and others. The cleaner and aerosol sprays also contain VOC.

Sometimes VOC remains on the surface for many years which may become harmful for your babies’ health and development. The air purifier can be a lifesaver here as it will help to remove the harmful particles from the air of your baby’s room.

There are some VOC air purifiers in the market which are the best for the babies’ room. However, an air purifier with good quality activated-carbon filter can also good enough for the baby’s room.

The finest air purifiers will help you to remove pollen, dust, pet dander, mould spores, odour particles, bacteria, VOCs, smoke, viruses and others.

Removing these particles from the air will be beneficial for your baby’s health as they will have fewer headaches, allergic symptoms like coughing and sneezing, fewer mood swings. Also, they will have more energy as pollutants can cause fatigue and tiredness.

There will be a lower risk of developing asthma and bronchitis, damage to the nervous system and other organs. An air purifier will help you to provide a healthier environment to your child by trapping the vulnerable contaminants in the air.

The Most Suitable Air Purifiers For The Babies

Suitable Air Purifiers For The Babies

Though air purifiers trap the contaminated particle and ensure fresh, clean and healthy air all the air purifiers are not safe for the babies. There are some specific kinds of air purifiers that are safe for babies. If you go for the wrong one it can be harmful to your babies rather than advantageous.

The key features you should consider while choosing a safe air purifier for newborns are- an activated-carbon filter and a HEPA filter. These 2 key filters won’t have any harmful effect on the babies also make the air clean and healthy.

The Unsafe Air Purifiers For The Babies

While choosing an air purifier the parents must avoid 2 types of technology at any cost as these technologies can harm your child’s health and development.

You should avoid ozone generators as it produces ozone in the air which can cause problems to the eyes, nasal passages and respiratory system. The ionic air purifiers are also harmful to the babies as they can damage the organs and respiratory system.

Air Purifier VS Humidifier For The Babies

The air purifiers remove the air particles like dust, allergens, bacteria and moulds spores on the other hand humidifiers does not affect the quality of the air it only decreases the number of impurities in the air. So, both humidifier and air purifiers can provide a good environment in your baby’s room.

Air purifiers help us to ensure a healthy and fresh air environment for the babies but all the air purifiers are not safe for the babies and newborns. The parents should consider some specific factors while choosing a safe air purifier for the babies.

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