Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Lights

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Lights

Today’s discussion the bathroom mirror cabinet with lights in the UK marketplace coming with 11 peak quality items for you.

Here, we have attempted to offer the most ideal, modern and ample storage design bathroom mirror cabinets which will provide you with the most essential using facilities.

Now select the compatible option to enhance the elegancy of your bathroom.

Lighted Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Reviews 2023

Here are our 11 top bathroom cabinet with mirror and light in the UK in 2023.

1. Neue Design Mood LED Mirror Cabinet

 Neue Design Mood LED Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 65*12*60 cm
  • Material: Aluminium & mirror glass
  • Colour: silver
  • Weight: 17 kg

Neue Design Mood LED Mirror Cabinet model is one of the greatest bathroom mirror cabinets with lights providing you with bright internal and external LEDs. It includes a hands-free sensor switch that is placed underneath the cabinet leads the quality LEDs allowing 100000 hours of light.

This appliance is helpful for shavers and toothbrushes located interior cabinet for child’s safety as well as simple use with an exclusive switch. On the other hand, the Demister heats up the mirror glass very quickly; power Hinge Technology commits the device to be hidden inner the dual-sided mirror door.

The standard shelf brackets, tempered glass shelves and shatterproof offer you more durability and security. It is also easy to adjust the positioning of the shelves to fit your organizing needs.

Our Neue Design Mood LED mirror cabinet allows the extra features including cushioned door stoppers for high protection & sound reduction ideal soft close hinges, quality glass for undistorted image, mirrored back panel for spare light & reflection. It is certified by British standard, provides a 5-year warranty, energy-saving and eco-friendly benefits.


2. Pebble LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

 Pebble LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 11*65*60 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: 14.6 kg

Pebble LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet is particularly designed to set up your everyday routine a bit easier with ample storage and aspects; demister pad, shaver socket and motion sensor. It offers you also mind-satisfying a 10 year enhanced guarantee (with whole bathroom lighting accessories).

This is a built-in bathroom shaver socket so you can charge your shaver that is intelligently established within the design of the mirror. It is truly possible to close the cabinet doors quietly and gently by following the smooth close mechanism.

Don’t worry about your bathroom mirror visibility because it is formed with a demister pad (heated) maintaining your mirror gets rid of any steam. The Pebble mirror cabinet has a motion sensor switch so you can tarn on/off your LED mirror just by swiping the hand across the switch except touching the mirror.

It provides elegant illumination together with a proper storage solution to keep your bathroom essentials. The energy-efficient model saves your utility bills as well.


3. Quavikey Mirror Cabinet

Quavikey Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 65*60*12 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: classic
  • Weight: 17.7 kg

Quavikey Mirror Cabinet is made of anti-rust, high-quality aluminium alloy and sturdy mirror panels absorbing extra lights for increasing the scope of reflection. So, have the visual feast which presents by the classic high-def mirrors.

The bathroom cabinet with mirror and light contains a flexible inner space which can be separated by two glass shelves and filled with more stuff like a shaver, cosmetics, toothbrush drugs etc.

It has a demister pad, concealed rightly beneath the opponent side mirror of the onward door; heating up so faster and demisting mirror surface and demisting mirror surface effectively. You can feel the clearest views in the mirror whilst circumference by moisture and mist.

The infra-red sensor switch of the mirror cabinet is a secured way to turn on the LED light in humid conditions. Switch on/off the LED light successfully by swiping your hand with keeping 5 cm far from it.

Quavikey allows the shaver socket including double plugs with isolated transformer placed on the top of the cabinet interior; even it gives safety buffering hinges.


4. Warmiehomy Modern Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Warmiehomy Modern Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 70*50*13 cm
  • Material: mirror glass, highly painted iron
  • Weight: 14.3 kg
  • Finish type: Mirrored

Warmiehomy Modern Bathroom Mirror Cabinet offers you a touch of contemporary glamour with bright LED illuminating light to any bathroom decor. It is designed with a stylish one mirrored door as well as lights, demister, hands-free on/off switch, concealed shaver socket and digital clock.

However, it holds 2 adjustable glass shelves giving you a lot of storage space to properly organize your beauty accessories and toilet requisites. This appliance is the appropriate solution if you want to keep your bathroom space tidy, neat and organized.

This lighted bathroom medicine cabinet is suitable for shaving, grooming or applying make-up. The appropriate size cabinet has 70 cm height, 50 cm width and 13 cm depth, demister pad is residing on the bottom right side.

The internal socket is located on the inner side top right-hand corner of the cabinet helps you to charge your electric shaver. To know the time, you can follow the digital clock attached to the bathroom mirror.


5. Tokvon bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Tokvonbathroom mirror cabinet

  • Dimensions: 13*50*70 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Weight: 30 kg

Tokvon bathroom Mirror Cabinet is the other wonderful item that comes with stylish matte black aluminium and an intuitive clean design, decorated nicely with the trendiest finishes for cabinetry. It is equipped with a double-sided mirror door with dual-sides LED stripped lights providing excellent visibility at the same time brightening up your bathroom.

The lighted bathroom mirror cabinet contains adjustable colour temperature, just tap the LED sensor switch to shut the lights on or off, when you long-press it changes the lighting temperatures between warm light (2700k) and white light (6500k).

It includes a dual plug shaver socket placed on the inner top of the cabinet to provide more safety and ease of use, the isolated transformer for 115v and 230v. Our product is qualified IP44 rating that confirms the cabinet to secured use in the steamy atmosphere.

On the other hand, the demister pad is totally concealed interior the double-sided mirror door, heating up faster along with allowing steam viewing. The mirror door can be eliminated in 2 sec by simply pressing the tool-free sprung back the door hinges. You can easily replace and recycle, loose screws and tools.


6. SALBAY Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

 SALBAY Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 65*60*12 cm
  • Material: metal
  • Colour: silver
  • Weight: 12 kg

SALBAY Bathroom Mirror Cabinet ensures the long-lasting and sturdy material (metal) including backlit mirrors deliver a sort of magical ambience and modern style for your home together with making a relaxed atmosphere.

The adjustable shelves formation of the SALBAY bathroom mirror cabinet provides bigger storage space to put various accessories such as a shaver, toothbrushes, and cosmetics and so on. It is a fully neat and organized design with hidden light fittings.

Our bathroom cabinet with mirror and light provides your home with a luxurious feel as well as delicate electrical work for the greatest effect. The overall measurement of the cabinet is 650mm width, 6mm height and 120mm depth, which requires a 240v mains supply.

Steam free viewing (demister or heat pad) is activated by the speedy sensor with on/off infrared motion sensor, completely hands-free operation positioned underneath cabinet on the right-hand side. Keep your hand nearly 5 cm below the sensor to shut on the lights, wall plugs are provided.


7. Modern Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Modern Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 45*60*13 cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 11 kg

Modern Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet gives you a touch of advanced style and bright light to your home offering outstanding one mirrored door with demister; touch on or off switch, concealed shaver socket and lights.

This is perfect for keeping your bathroom organized, neat and clean. It includes two adjustable glass shelves delivering ample space to adorn your toilet requisites and beauty items as well as a suitable choice for applying make-up, grooming and shaving.

The touch switch is positioned on the bottom of the mirror, which operates the demister pad and light. Moreover, the interior socket of the modern bathroom mirror cabinet is provided for charging electric shaver or toothbrush.

It only requires mains power connection, vertical fitting and recent design shows your bathroom appearance so attractive. The net weight of the product is around 14.3 kg, and the total dimension is 600mm height, 450mm width and 130mm depth.


8. AI-LIGHTING Mirror cabinet

AI-LIGHTING Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 70*50*3 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Fringe
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Power: 24 watts

AI-LIGHTING Mirror cabinet is combined with many useful features; large bathroom mirror cabinet with light (500mm*700mm rectangular shape) special design including frameless frosted edges. It shines your beautiful face gently as well as adds artful details to your space.

The backlit mirror is always dimmable handled by an intelligent touch switch on the screen, with high lumen delivery. Just click the button to alter LED temperature from warm (3000k), Daylight (4500k), white light (6400K).

Illuminated AI-LIGHTING bathroom mirror includes also an Anti-Fog function switch individually. Energy-saving accessory consumes low power. The LED strip is encircled by PVC where the LED pixels can’t be seen from the side and the other electrical parts are wholly covered, Ip44 rated.

However, the LED light-up mirror allows a 60 cm long cable that can be easily installed or hung vertically or horizontally. This mirror cabinet is CE standard listed gives you a 1-year warranty and quality product.


9. ELEGANT Mirror Cabinet

ELEGANT Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 100*60*3.5 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 12.6 kg

This is a superior quality model named ELEGANT Mirror Cabinet that comes with a large bathroom mirror touch switch that manages both the LED lighting and the defogger system. The defogger film heats up rapidly while you turn the mirror on using the touch screen.

Thanks to the Hi-tech LED lighting process, the mirror is at least 30 per cent brighter than the others where the light quality is CRI>90. This is an energy-efficient IP44 rated lighting system at the same time assured you low running costs and maximum quality bathroom lighting.

The LED mirror measurement is 1000mm (W)*600mm (H), vertical & horizontal fitting options and wall-mounted style. Fast and simple to place, no battery, and mirror operated with mains, the infrared sensor on/off switch.

It assures you exact guarantee and security, as a mirror are fragile items, and receive any defective products please contact with us for refund or replacement.


10. Warmiehomy Cabinet

 Warmiehomy Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 80*60*5 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Mounting type: wall mounted

If you want to purchase the latest bathroom cabinet, we can offer you a fantastic brand called Warmiehomy Cabinet suitable size – 80W*60H*5D cm. The appliance includes an elegant bathroom mirror, shaver socket, demister pad-touch control as well as digital clock.

Easy to install, the mirror is a wall-mounted design fitting only horizontally. It has bright cool white LED for inner lighting, the LED lights are energy-efficient consumes a minimal amount of power with an IP44 rating. An ideal product is for shaving, grooming or applying make-up.

Touch sensor on or off switch conducts the light and demister pad positioned on the right side of the bottom. On the right side of the mirror outside socket is located for charging electric shaver or toothbrush.

On the other side, the clock adjustment button is situated on the right side of the mirror. The mirror requires to be wired to the mains power, where the power cord is nearly 500mm and positioned on the back.


11. Modern LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

 Modern LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 97*75*20 cm (package)
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 22.3 kg

Our Modern LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet offers a large storage cupboard and touches sensor switch demister, a workable product for shaving, applying make-up or grooming in your home. It has 2 adjustable glass shelves to store your essential accessories or toilet items conveniently.

The modern and stylish design bathroom cabinet with light enhances your bathroom looks so beautiful. Perfect size H80*W60*D13 cm matches on any kind of bathroom, horizontal fitting only.

Moreover, the touch sensor on/off switch of the modern bathroom cabinet manages both light and demister pad, the touch sensor is situated on the bottom of the mirror. The demister pad provides you with a steam free mirror.

The waterproof IP44 is rated for zones 2 & 3, the cabinet requires to be wired to the mains power connection. This is an energy-saving product; including strong glass material assures you long term using the benefit.



Finally we can say that you can purchase one of the best items from our bathroom mirror cabinet with lights review without any doubt, but with great confidence.

If you want my opinion about the superior product, then I will recommend you to choose the Neue Design Mood LED Mirror Cabinet and the Pebble LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet models the reason for their useful attributes.

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