Bathroom Sink Mixer Taps UK

Bathroom Sink Mixer Taps UK 2023 — According to Experts

If you want to renovate your bathroom and looking for bathroom sink mixer taps but don’t know which brand you should buy, this article is for you.

You may want to buy the best mixer taps for the bathroom sink, which is also stylish because it is for convenience and complementing the bathroom decoration.

Here, we will talk about various bathroom mixer taps and their features, and from those, you can choose one which you think is the best for your bathroom.

11 Bathroom Sink Taps Mixer Reviews 2023

Here are our 11 mixer taps for bathroom sink in the UK in 2023.

1. Arputhy 3 Way Water Filter Tap

Arputhy 3 Way Water Filter Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Valve type: Sedal Ceramic Valve
  • Installation type: Surface-Mounted
  • Number of handles: 2
  • Flow rate: 9 LPM
  • Best feature: Corrosion resistant

Arputhy tap is an excellent looking and perfectly functional water filter tap. It will feel nice to use because of its smooth and slick movement. It does everything one would expect from a tap. The solid brass construction of this tap ensures durability. The high-quality material ensures that this tap is corrosion resistant.

This tap has two independent outlets with one separate filter inlet for drinking water, and the other one is for hot and cold water. The faucet has a 360º swivel spout, and the height is comfortable enough, which is convenient for family usage. Brushed nickel is the color of this tap.

Arputhy uses advanced technology. They use the Sedal ceramic disc valve and Neoperl aerator for flow stability, for avoiding splashing and non-drip operation. The diameter of hot and cold water supply lines is ½ inches, including 3/8 inches adapters. And the diameter of the purified water installation connector is ¼ inches (6.5MM). The hole size is 1.38 inches (35MM). The flow rate of the tap is 9 LPM. Arputhy provides three years warranty.


2. Arputhy Sink Tap

Arputhy Pull Down Mixer Taps

Product Specification:

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Black Silicone
  • Number of Handle: 1
  • Valve Type: Sedal Ceramic Valve
  • Flow Rate: 9 LPM
  • The diameter of the hole: 35 mm
  • Best Feature: Pull Down Sprayer

Arputhy uses very healthy material for their sink tap. They use harmless 304 stainless steel and black silicone material for making their kitchen tap. They also use anti-rust and anti-fouling properties to keep the tap rust and fouling free.

Arputhy tap has a 360º swivel spout and pull-down sprayer. The sprayer head has ABS plastic. You can easily clean every corner of your sink by using these features. This double-functioned kitchen tap offers two types of water shapes: spray and another is the stream. This feature is handy for daily domestic usage.

For water flow stability and water saving, Arputhy uses high-quality Sedal ceramic cartridge and aerator. The installation type of this tap is surface-mounted. The faucet has one hole, and the diameter of the cave is 35 mm. The faucet has a cold and hot switch, and the diameter of the cold and hot water hoses are ½ inches (3/8 inches adapter included). Arputhy offers three years warranty for their kitchen tap.



3. Gappo Basin Mixer Taps

GAPPO Basin Mixer Taps

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Installation Method: Single-Hole Deck-Mount
  • Cartridge: Sedal ceramic disc
  • Color: Brushed Gold
  • Best feature: 360º rotation

Gappo mixer taps have solid brass construction. Gappo adopted has high-quality ceramic cartridge by Sedal from Spain that reduces leak points and is less hassle to install, and is higher than the industry standard.

The appearance of this tap is exquisite for a bathtub or basin. The brushed gold finish gives this tap a gorgeous look and provides very tough surface protection. It ensures the faucet is resistant to corrosion, scratching, and tarnish. It also prevents water spots and fingerprints.

There is a single-handle lever to switch the water from cold to hot very quickly. The high arc design swivels 360º rotation for convenience of daily use. You can use the sink faucet indoor and outdoor. It fits ½ inches water supply system.

Neoperl Aerator saves water and ensures low noise while using, and it prevents water splashing and reduces water consumption by thirty percent. Gappo offers three years warranty for their basin mixer taps.



4. Hapilife Waterfall Bathroom Water Filter Tap

Hapilife Waterfall Bathroom Water Filter Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Installation method: Center set
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Item Weight: 2.45 kg
  • Best Feature: MirrorLook Technology

Hapilife waterfall taps offer humanized design combined with quality. The design inspiration of this tap comes from the waterfall in nature. Hapilife used the best brass (H59 Brass) to make the waterfall taps, which contains <0.25% lead content in total. It makes the tap healthier, sturdier, and more durable.

Hapilife used a customized ceramic cartridge (tested 500,000 times), which lets you open or stop water flow conveniently. It can endure 300,000 million switch tests without leaking. It is easier to control the water temperature and volume.

The mirror look technology is highly reflective for a mirror-like look and keeps it life-long bright. It makes the tap very easy to clean. Multiple polishing and chrome finish prevent it from being rusty and discoloring.

The measurement between hot and cold inlets is 152 mm. There are H and C initials on each handle of the taps, which could also be interchangeable. The detailed instruction comes with the package so that you can install the faucet easily. Hapilife is very sure about their product. That is why they offer ten years of warranty and 30 days return policy.



5. YU XIN Tall Counter Top Basin Mixer Tap

YU XIN Tall Counter Top Basin Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Copper
  • Height: 300mm
  • Valve type: Ceramic valve
  • Mounting: Deck Mount
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Best feature: Easy to install and control

YU XIN taps with the highest quality copper material. They choose the copper following American and European standards and use environmental protection material to be harmful to health.

YU XIN uses a ceramic valve tested for up to 600,000 life cycles at 90 degrees. Replaceable ceramic drip-free cartridge for smooth water flow and long-term use. Every product is under the Ultrahigh Hydraulic Pressure Test, which ensures no burst or leak problem. The overall height of the tap is 300 mm (12 inches), spout length is 200mm (8 inches), and spout height 230mm (9 inches).

This tap includes one faucet. That makes faucet with clean, contemporary designs. The material for the body of the faucet is brass. They have one installation hole and one handle. The cold and hot switch is there for hot and cold water. This tap fits into a standard 35mm hole. YU XIN offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.



6. PHASAT Black Bath Filler Tap

PHASAT Black Bath Filler Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Cartridge: Ceramic
  • Number of Holes: 2
  • Installation type: Wall-mounted
  • Best feature: Extra-large spout

PHASAT offers elegant looking wall-mounted waterfall basin mixer taps. Multiple black finishes make it smart, and this taps’ unique style design makes your bathroom a new look. Designers combined ergonomics and daily habits to find the perfect tap shape for your bathroom. The main body of the tap has high-quality brass. It ensures no corrosion and durability. There was no harmful object used in the process of making this tap.

You won’t experience leakage from this tap because PHASAT used a ceramide valve tested more than 500,000 times. That ensures a life of the smooth-grip operation—single lever design for effortless water flow and temperature control.

The square spout has a design to make the water flow like a waterfall. The size of this extra-large spout is 12.5cm or 4.9 inches. Thea spout is stainless steel made, and the handle is also stainless steel made. The size of the decorative panel is 11cm*11cm. This tap is straightforward to assemble and install. PHASAT offers 5-year quality assurance.



7. Kelelife Basin Mixer Tap

Kelelife Basin Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Polished Chrome
  • Overall Height: 30.8cm
  • Valve type: Ceramic Valve
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Best feature: Waterfall style

Kelelife basin mixer tap has a hot and cold switch. This minimally designed tap has a single lever for effortless temperature control and streamflow control. The faucet has a one-hole design for easy installation above the counter. This tap uses solid brass for durability.

The bathroom sink tap uses a waterfall design. It will significantly save water by reducing the impulse force of the water. Kelelife uses an advanced ceramic disc valve, which ensures high quality and performance and no leakage.

The tap’s overall height is 30.8cm, or 12.1 inches, and the diameter of the counter top hole is 35mm to 40mm (1.4-1.57 inches). The maximum thickness of the counter is 1.77 inches. The number of handles is 1. The handle uses a zinc alloy.

The wall mounted bath tap comes with hot and cold flexible hoses, and all hardware needed for mounting, including the faux faucet center, has a single hole. This beautiful basin mixer tap is straightforward to clean. Kelelife promises a 3-year warranty for this basin mixer tap.



8. PHASAT Bathroom Basin Sink Mixer Tap

PHASAT Bathroom Basin Sink Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Valve type: Ceramic
  • Finish: Chrome plated
  • Flexible hoses length: 50 cm
  • Best feature: Extendable Hose

This model of the PHASAT tap comes with an extendable hose for your convenience. It gives you the chance to wash your hair in the washbasin, and this hose makes your cleaning work more comfortable. You can clean the entire and every corner of the sink through the pull-out sprayer. Even you can quickly fill big containers just on the countertop by using the hose. The hose is expandable up to 80 cm.

The brass construction of the tap ensures durability and reliability. The ceramic disc valve cartridge offers smooth operation, control of the water flow and temperature, and drip-free performance, and the faucet has two spray settings (stream and spray).

The chrome finish gives the tap a stylish look. It shines like a mirror and resists corrosion and discoloration. The air bubblers mix air with water to create a smooth flow to prevent splashing, saving water, and filtering the water’s impurities. There is a single handle to control hot and cold water, and the tap comes with a UK standard G ½ inches fitting hose. PHASAT offers five years warranty with 24-hour customer service.



9. GAPPO Monobloc Kitchen Sink Tap

GAPPO Monobloc Kitchen Sink Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Valve type: Sedal Ceramic Cartridge
  • Finish: Brushed Gold
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Best feature: 360º

GAPPO makes its monobloc sink tap with stainless steel. And classic brushed gold finish gives the tap an elegant and refined look. It will not fade or tarnish over time and can coordinate beautifully with kitchen décor. Moreover, lead-free stainless steel ensures the tap is corrosion and rust-resistant and guarantee long-term use.

GAPPO adopted Spain Sedal high-quality ceramic cartridge to reduce leak points and is less hassle to install, and it is higher than the industry standard. A single handle lever provides simple control over flow and temperature. It’s easier to use and take up less space. Bubbler is there to make sure that there is less sound, anti-spray, and significant water saving. The water feels soft and comfortable because of that.

The high arch design swivels 360º for adding convenience during everyday kitchen tasks, and this tap is straightforward to install. Standard ½ inches water hoses fit most kitchen pipe. GAPPO offers a 3-year warranty for this kitchen sink tap.



10. Dandelionsky Modern Kitchen Sink Taps

Dandelionsky Modern Kitchen Sink Taps

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass, Zinc alloy
  • Finish: Black
  • Height: 265mm
  • Cartridge: Ceramic disc cartridge
  • Installation type: Deck mounted
  • Best feature: Water-saving Technology

Dandelionsky offers an anti-corrosion, durable black finish modern kitchen sink taps. It comes from high-quality solid brass, which makes it durable, and you can use it for many years without having any problem.

They use an excellent quality ceramic disc valve cartridge for smooth handle operation, and it also ensures drip-free performance. You can mount this on deck or sink. It has 360 degrees swivel spout, which is perfect for double bowl sinks.

This tap has water-saving technology. It prevents water from splashing. The handle of the faucet comes with zinc alloy, which an excellent anti-corrosion and smooth handle. The single lever of the tap is straightforward to control, and there are separate controls for hot and cold water.

The height of this tap is approximately 265 mm. The spout projection is around 170 mm, and the size of the spout is 245mm. The minimum water pressure is 0.5 bar. For best performance, the recommended water pressure is 1.0 bar.


11. HAOXIN Black Kitchen Mixer Taps

HAOXIN Black Kitchen Mixer Taps

Product Specification:

  • Material: Brass
  • Height: 500mm
  • Water pressure: 0.5-2 Bar
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Best feature: Pull-out spray

HAOXIN offers kitchen mixer taps with a pull-out spray head for conveniently cleaning the dish or sink. It has a dual-mode of the water flow system. One is the stream, and the other is the spray. You can pull down the spray head, and there is a button to select a mode for your comfortable flow. It is a practical function for rinse dishes.

The tap is made with solid brass, ensuring longevity and a matte black finish make sure your kitchen looks more fashionable. The 360-degree rotation allows the kitchen to tap suitable for a double sink. The number of handles of the tap is one in which you can operate efficiently, and with black paint, it looks more stylish.

The mounting method for this tap is a single hole mounted on the platform. The diameter of the mounting hole is 35mm. The height of the faucet is 500mm, and the nozzle height is 300mm. The high arch design of the spout offers more space for the oversized item in the sink. The pull-out spray of the tap can reach up to 60 cm. The faucet is equipped with air bubblers to reduce noise and splashing. HAOXIN offers a 5-year warranty for this tap.




You can find many types of mixer taps, but all of them are not good. Here, the mixer mentioned above fixtures is an excellent quality product in an affordable price range.

You can choose any of these mixer taps, for example, Arputhy, Hapilife, PHASAT, GAPPO, etc. Nonetheless, they all are very fashionable and stylish.

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