Best Air Purifier Under £100

Best Air Purifier Under £100 — According to Experts

Introduction: Air purifiers are the superior way to clean your indoor air as pollution is a common fact by unpleasant smells, mould spores, smoke, dust and more.

The best air purifier under £ 100 helps to maintain a safe environment and healthier life in your family eliminating all contaminants perfectly.

Top 11 Air Purifiers Under £100 Reviews

Here are our 11 air purifiers under £100 in the UK market.

Note: This is just an idea. Most air purifiers are priced under £100, but there are a few air purifiers that may exceed this price range.

1. Levoit Air Purifiers with True HEPA

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom with True HEPA

  • Dimensions: 20*20*30 cm
  • Wattage: 24 watts
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 2.27 kg

The Levoit Air Purifiers with True HEPA is a combination of various ultra super features like-LED display off function, Ozone free (100%), smart filteration, 3 speeds and timer setting, gentle night light, 15-21 square metre area coverage etc.

However, Levoit HEPA air purifier under £100 never uses UV-C light or ions that produce a large amount of measurable ozone and harmful air contaminants.

This is fully natural and hygienic to breathe equipped with an advanced motor which consumes only 0.9 w of electricity but runs 24 hours a day and minimize your yearly cost (energy) up to 30% than other usual purifiers.

The 3 fan speeds-low, medium and high to tackle any type levels of air quality, suitable fit in ordinary size rooms. The timer is setting for 2H/4H/8H to automatically turn-off.

You can enjoy the lowest fan speed (sleep mode) when running filter just at 26 dB, the sleek design as Vist 200 removes, odours, smoke, pet dander, airborne allergens, dust mites and other smells quiet.

More strikingly, with Pre-filter, True HEPA filter and Activated carbon filter work properly together to improve air quality. It is also a built-in LED indicator, 2 bright gentle night light perfect for your sound sleep.


2. Levoit Air Purifiers

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home

  • Dimensions: 41.5*23.5*52 cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Wattage: 40 watts
  • Item weight: 5.68 kg

The Levoit Air Purifiers is equipped with 3 stage filteration system like True HEPA filter, Pre-filter and activated carbon filter capture 99.97% of the airborne pollutants like dust mites, pollen, cooking smells, pet fur and odours in your environment.

This is useful for large and medium rooms; clean your air in 10 minutes where the CADR rated 230cubic metres/h. The purifying efficiency is 30 per cent greater and the speed is 30% faster than another common air cleaner.

Levoit air purifier is also 100% ozone free (no use UV-C light), good for children and family members (asthma sufferers).

The Levoit can automatically add between 3 fan speed levels in order to real-time air quality. When filtering the air without annoying noise gives a soothing and restful indoor atmosphere, boosting sleep deeply. The sound level at 27 dB and with the smart sensor it performs quietly.

It provides 12 hours flexible timer function to select exactly how time you need to run any given time with saving energy and designed LED display turned off function. The Levoit LV-PUR 131 just consume less than 0.8 w in sleep mode except for tension about the rates for the big room up to 48 square metres.



3. RENPHO Air Purifier

RENPHO Air Purifier

  • Dimensions: 21.59*21.59*36.2 cm
  • Weight: 3.11 kg
  • Colour: white
  • Noise level: 26 dB

If your home is full of different harmful particles such as mould spores, dust, pollen, pet hair, kitchen cooking fumes, airborne germs overall the musty environments which so irritating and creates an impact on your children and family members.

So, to enhance your indoor air quality the RENPHO Air Purifier is the right judgement for buying.

It also helps to breathe better while allowing your household healthier, including the upgraded 5-stage filteration (pre-filter, true HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter and net filter) can properly capture 99.97% small particles as 0.3 microns and gives fresher air at home.

The RENPHO provides 3 fan speeds, 3 timer functions and lock option. From the low, high and medium fan speeds you can choose as you need, at 26 dB undisturbed sleep mode with quiet operation. On the other side, it is auto-off for 2/4/8 hours, pressing the lock to prevent error operation.

The air purifier under 100 offers a CADR rate of 170cubic metres/h (100 CFM), can circulate the air 3 times in your room up to 240 sq ft, this unique design is suited for the bedroom or living room successfully. Two gentle night light and 7 colourful gradient light mode and filter replacement indicator reminding to replace every 6-8 months.



4. RENPHO Air Purifier for Home

RENPHO Air Purifiers for Home

  • Dimensions: 27.94*14.48*28.96 cm
  • Noise level: 37 dB
  • Weight: 2.94 kg

The RENPHO Air Purifier giving you the powerful performance of removing the accumulation of dust on surfaces and trap pet odours, bacteria, airborne mould spores, allergens and pollen etc. H13 True filters (3-stage filtration process) effectively eliminate 99.97% particulates.

To add 3 fan purifying speeds (low, medium and high), normally press the power button. What is more, you can select the sleep mode to get a silent operation at 37 dB when you sleeping.

The compact size is completely 100% ozone free suitable for small and medium-size bedrooms, most effective who are suffering nasal stuffiness, allergens, sneezing, cough, asthma etc.

Improving the indoor air quality RENPHO for Home offers you a clean and healthier lifestyle. It can also filter air per hour at 3 times in rooms up to 103 sq ft.

The filter change light flashes when it requires replacing the filter (around every 6 months appropriate), for PR-APO68, OR BO7RLR27MX.

With, professional services PENPHO comes a delicate LED light, one-touch switch easy operation and long-press the button to shut off the air purifier.



5. Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home Allergies

  • Dimensions: 48.26*48.26*81.28 cm
  • Wattage: 25 watts
  • Voltage: 220
  • Material: pp

To enjoy the quiet operation just at 25 dB noise level, the Levoit Air Purifier is the proper device. The LV-H 132 motor, it provides improved efficiency, greater stability and a longer lifespan.

Particularly, the 3 filtration systems able to capture allergens, smoke, dust particles, pet dander, hair etc. even eliminating airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

It provides 3 level fan speeds-select from high, medium, and low to take the air quality which you necessary, compact suit in normal size rooms. Two brightness night lights and display off function are available, creating an undisturbed sleeping atmosphere in your bedroom.

Relieving such allergies the Levoit gives you filter change reminder when needed, you should replace it every 6 or 8 months, we also offer more reasonable replacement filters guaranteeing you saving for the next time. Easy to use, all settings are made via the Levoits air purifier’s super control and a touch panel.

It ensures great quality, a British standard product and UK 3-pin plug with 2 years warranty is better for people who suffer from asthma and allergies in the house.



6. UNbeaten Air Purifier

UNbeaten Air Purifier for Bedroom

  • Dimensions: 38.8*27.4*26.6 cm
  • Weight: 3.36 kg
  • Colour: white

The UNbeaten Air Purifier is the worthy size and most powerful widely cover your large rooms or living rooms cleaning the air 5 times per hour very quickly.

Modern design, budget-friendly, True HEPA 3-in-1 series filteration process-able to capture animal hair, air dust moulds and unpleasant smells.

This is a mainly handy item for children, asthma sufferers, smokers and pollen allergies. It can effectively purify the air in your bedroom-small or medium-sized the coverage up to 35 square metres, ozone free provides high safety for the baby, older and pregnant women.

The UNbeaten is a unique model which running at 33 dB, you can sleep quietly through the all-night, doesn’t make annoying sounds and to get at the lowest fan speed just press the LOCK button to enter sleep mode for 3 seconds. It is a perfect air purifier to improve bedroom air quality.

The 3 smart fan speeds-low, medium and high level best fit in general size rooms. With 2 years warranty, UNbeaten Air Purifier for Bedroom gives you a better performance. Please take out the filters from plastic bags starting the air.



7. TCL Air Purifier for Home

TCL Air Purifier for Home

  • Dimensions: 20.6*20.6*32.6 cm
  • Weight: 3.04 kg
  • Colour: white

TCL Air Purifier comes with efficient purification performance, specially designed for areas up to 15 square metres (161sq ft) which filters air 4 times/h at maximum speed and it spends just 15 minutes promoting clean air for you.

It is also equipped with multifunctional (3-in-1) filteration system involving pre-filter, True HEPA H13 filter and Activated carbon filter which removes 99.97% particles (0.3 microns) such as pet hair, cooking smells, cigarette smoke, harmful gases, airborne allergens and other dust. Best for people who are suffering from cough, allergies and asthma diseases.

On the other hand, this silent air purifier for home under £100 offers you the timer setting & child lock function. A timer switch on control panel setting for 1,2,4 or 8 hours at the same time to prevent accidental occurrence by pets and children. And the filter replacing indicator gives you to change the filter in time.

With 3 wind speeds are added to changing various circumstances, ultra-silent sleep mode only at 20 dB helps you simply get rid of disturbing noise and returns you sound sleep. According to your mood and different scenes adjust the multi-colour ambient lights.



8. Levoit Air Purifier

Levoit Air Purifiers for Home

  • Dimensions: 22*22*36 cm
  • Wattage: 33 w
  • Noise level: 24-50 dB
  • Colour: white

Nowadays most of the houses are full of different kind’s unpleasant odours, dust, smoke, mould spores, animal hair, allergens and other pollutants making asthma and respiratory diseases especially harmful for children and other people. In this situation, the Levoit Air Purifier gives you a better solution to overcome those problems.

However, Levoit can cover up to 40 square metres and is perfect for medium size bedrooms. The power supply is AC 220-240 volts, CADR number: 187 cubic metres /h and UK 3-pin plug, using the core 300 to fill your atmosphere entirely clean air as well as with the help of Vortexair technology provides a stronger airflow in your home.

Promoted 3-stage filteration, pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter and High-proficiency Activated carbon filter trap 99.97 per cent particles as small as 0.3 microns to maintain the actual performance. This is so quiet (24 dB) Air cleaner and suitable for the soothing and restful indoor environment.

The Levoit is also 100% ozone free, avoids UV light, has a timer for 2/4/6/8 hours, undisturbed operation, ultra-long service life with 2 years warranty, so enjoy the fresh air using this one.



9. Duomishu Air Purifiers for Home

Duomishu Air Purifiers for Home

  • Dimensions: 16.5*16.5*26 cm
  • Wattage: 8 watts
  • Noise level: 50 dB
  • Weight: 1.17 kg

To protect your lungs from detrimental indoor air contaminants the Duomishu Air Purifiers is the right alternative. With excellent 5-stage filtration-pre-filter, True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter, Antibacterial filter and Negative ion filteration it eliminates bacteria, allergens, mould spores, dust mites, pet dander, smoke seamlessly together as small as 0.3 microns, purifying air impurity of pm 2.5.

The Duomishu is multifunctional works for negative ion purification, night light and aromatherapy function. You can easily start a timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours to auto turn-off. The bottom of its is designed with a spice box to increase the aroma when purifying the air.

This air purifier is useful for small rooms and spaces with USB power cable, widely used air purifier and powered by USB socket, adapter plug, notebook etc. It is also effective for 15-20 sqm areas and simply portable due to the lightweight. The noise level is 20-50 dB, so you can use it without any irritating sound.

The Duomishu Air Purifiers under £100 provides you easier breathing with 3 different air quality normal, high and sleep mode. This item is very helpful for your family against all air pollutants.



10. DIKI Air Purifier for Home

DIKI Air Purifier for Home

  • Dimensions: 18*18*28.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Wattage: 16 watts

If you want to enjoy the clean and fresh air in your bedroom, a high-quality HEPA filter with super working capacity the DIKI Air Purifier surely fills up your needs. The 3-stage filteration captures 99.97% of cigarette smoke, pollen, odours, mould spore etc.

This powerful DIKI air purifier for smoke under £100 covers enough spaces up to 25 sqm (270 sq. ft) with unbelievable fresh air delivery (CADR: 150 cubic metres/h). The fan speeds settings like low, normal and high options to adjust the level depending on your air quality.

Just touch and hold the speed button (3 seconds) to enter sleep mode. Using this product you can sleep in a peaceful and restful environment at 24 dB.

Our DIKI air purifier has other advantageous functions, such as humidity indicator and temperature, negative ion generator, filter changing reminder which is most powerful and perfect for a cleaner environment in your living room.

It gives you considerate service for supreme quality filters normally is used for 6-12 months. Running 24 hours a day it helps an average of 20-30 per cent retrenchment in energy costs than the other air purifiers.



11. UNbeaten Air Purifiers

UNbeaten Air Purifiers

  • Dimensions: 25*7*25 cm
  • Wattage: 14 watts
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Colour: Black

The UNbeaten air Purifiers is an ideal product to promote the air quality in your bedroom or living room. The Turbocharging technology creates powerful airflow, air changes 5/h, and area coverage 320 sq. ft that can be replaced once in 12 minutes.

These UNbeaten air Purifiers under £100 is especially fulfilling for allergy sufferers and sensitive to home dust & odours. It is a highly effective multi-layer filtration process consisting of a pre-filter, HEPA filter; cold catalytic converter and greatly activated carbon filter which capture 99.97% of contaminants of your house.

It is also ozone free, AC 220-240 volts with UK 3-pin plug, compact, modern and smart filter indicator helps your bedroom stay on of keeping clean and fresh air where the filter replacement very easy.

Lifetime support, 2 years warranty and best purification efficiency make the UNbeaten so popular in the UK.

This air purifier keeps your room quiet at 24dB when running at the same time shut off the night light you a restful environment. It is aesthetically pleasing; lightweight could be a suitable gift for colleagues or friends.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are air purifiers so expensive?

Air purifiers are expressly compatible product; the good purification processes provide you a smart and clean air in your house. At present, several people don’t know the actual cost of fresh air, air purifier companies maintain to profit for superior-priced air cleaners.

What is the best cheapest air purifier?

Air purifier in the home is an essential item which removes dust, odours, smoke, allergens and mould spores very quickly. Our above air purifiers are affordable and inexpensive under £100, so enjoy fresh air without spending a lot of money.

Buying guide of Air purifier

If your indoor air is polluted by a lot of smoke, cooking smells, allergens, pet hair and other unpleasant odours, you should consider a less expensive air purifier called air purifier under £100. This is useful for children, older and asthma sufferers, so the following factors are important.

Filteration system: All of the air purifiers provide the best filtration process including HEPA filter, carbon filter, pre-filter etc. which are highly efficient for removing nearly 100 per cent pollutants from your house.

The HEPA filter can trap 0.3 microns particles and larger size particles at the same time lessen the chance of airborne infections. An activated carbon filter absorbs tedious odours, gases, smoke, food smells and fumes.

Cost and energy saving: above air purifiers for the bedroom are easily attainable and you can buy it only investing a little money not more than £100. And our products don’t consume excess energy. From these views, air purifier under £100 is the most cost-effective.

Sound level: Before purchasing an air purifier you must take into account its noise level. Because, if it makes excessive noise, you will feel boring. But our brands create within 50 decibels which so tolerable in the time of operation, ultra-quiet sleep mode gives you a restful and nice atmosphere. You can change the lower speed and high-speed setting as your personal needs.

Size: our all product’s size is not the same, suitable for small and medium-size bedrooms or other rooms in your home. These air purifiers are most effective if you have allergies and asthma problems. Best airflow quality than can fresh the air in a space at least four times/h yet ensures you to keep easier breathing.

Portable: these air purifiers are easily moved from one room to another due to their lightweight and smallest, you can place it on a shelf or desk. However, the size of an air cleaner is normally correlated to the size of your room so that it can clean the air properly.

Where nothing any obstruction for proper airflow you should make sure a suitable space to place the air purifier. If your room is small our purifiers are an ideal option, they still offer better quality filtration as well.

Filter replacement: the life span of a filter depends on your usage and air quality. You require replacing it every 6 to 12 months or noticing the filter change indication at the same time you should have a clear concept about the maintenance cost of air purifiers.

Warranty: If you want to buy an air purifier for the long run using our products are perfect, we also provide the warranty together with after-sales servicing to avoid any difficulties.

The effectiveness of an air purifier under £100 is more, super CADR and speed settings, appropriate odours-removing and energy-efficient, best air quality allows convenient environment in your house.


To obtain premium quality with an affordable cost under £100, the above air purifiers ensure great air quality providing a fresh environment in your home.

You can choose from the latest models, which exactly as your requirements.

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