Black Bathroom Taps UK

Black Bathroom Taps UK

Black bathroom taps always give a classy look to your bathroom or basin for its elegant appearance.

There are several black taps available in the UK nowadays, and in this article, we will narrate some of those. If you are looking for a black faucet for your bathroom, you may go through our write-up.

9 Best Black Bathroom Taps Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 traditional black bathroom taps in the UK in 2023.

1. CREA Basin Tap in Matte Black

Basin Tap in Matte Black

Product Specification:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Appearance: elegant design
  • Installation: easy and flexible
  • Guarantee: hassle-free and easy to claim
  • Best for being quality and reliability

The CREA Black tap is one of the most wanted and most bought black bathroom taps available in the UK. The most pleasing thing about this tap is its reliability and high quality.

This tap has a disc valve made of Wanchai ceramic that provides high quality to the tap’s buyers and makes the faucet durable. The tap’s same feature helps to make the water flow free from any drip and leak. The durability of the fixture makes it long-lasting and reliable as well.

The tap’s material is stainless steel, and the color is matte black, which gives an elegant finish to your bathroom or bathtub. The flat black color will exclusively change your bathroom’s outlook and make it more attractive and classy.

The tap’s installation is straightforward and convenient as you can fit the tap both in half inches old style hose connector which has adapters, and in 3/8 inches supply system of water. So you can install the faucet if you have any of these systems.

The CREA manufacturers also provide a hassle-free guarantee to their buyers. You can return the tap any while if you do not like the quality of the fixture. They also have a call center to reply to the queries of the buyers.


2. YU XIN Tall Counter Top Basin Mixer Tap

YU XIN Tall Counter Top Basin Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Water pressure: six lacs life cycles
  • Material: solid brass
  • Installation: Deck mounted
  • Flow rate: 5.67 liters
  • Best for easy and quick installation

The YU XIN mixer basin tap is too convenient as it gives the ease of installation without any expertise, so you don’t have to see a plumber install the faucet. You can install the faucet on your own with the installation accessories that come with the tap set.

The tap requires a single hole, and the type of installation is deck mounted.

The tap’s material is a copper, high-quality material that doesn’t affect health. The faucet includes ceramic valves that can bear near about six lacs life-cycles at ninety degrees, and the water flow is 5.67 liters. The manufacturers also conduct other tests to ensure high quality without leakage and burst while using the tap.

The tap’s overall height is 11.7 inches or 298 mm, and the dimension of the spout is 936 inches in height and 7.8 inches in length. The manufacturing procedure of the faucet ensures a flawless surface that gives a better experience.

The tap set includes one faucet, installation tools, and two hoses of standard size. The XINYU Company provides a money-back facility within 30 days of buying and also refunds on return.



3. GAPPO Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap

GAPPO Monobloc Basin Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Flow: soft and without splash
  • Design: classy and contemporary
  • Connection hose: Standard 1/2”
  • Best for easily controllable hot and cold water

The GAPPO mixer tap will give a unique experience of fixing the hot and cold water flow very handily just with a single turn. There is only one lever handle, which makes the control of water flow very convenient and quick. The flow of water doesn’t contain any splash that makes the flow smooth and soft.

The tap’s material is high-quality stainless steel that makes the position smooth and enhances the faucet’s durability. Moreover, the ceramic disc helps make the water flow operation free from dripping and splashing.

The matte black finish provides an elegant and classy outlook and makes the appearance of your bathroom exclusive. The tap’s eligible connection hose is standard half inches, and the PEX made the inner tube makes the water safe for drinking as well. For avoiding erosion and waterlogging, dry the tap with a soft cotton cloth after use.



4. Hiendure Bathroom Basin Mixer Taps

Hiendure Bathroom Basin Mixer Taps

Product Specification:

  • Material: quality brass
  • Mounting: Deck mounting
  • Valve: Ceramic Valve
  • Installation: straightforward and quick
  • Best for saving nearly 30% of water

The Hiendure bathroom mixer taps contain a premium-quality aerator that can save nearly about 30% water, which is this tap’s uniqueness. This feature makes the tap environment friendly. The aerator also pushes the water flow soft and free of splash and noise, making the tap more exclusive. You can detach the ABS aerator that makes the replacement and cleaning hassle-free.

The tap’s material is good-quality brass that makes the tap long-lasting, and the disc valve is ceramic made and can bear closing, and opening for 5 lacks times. Moreover, the tap’s material is entirely free of lead and nickel and contains an internal flow system that makes the water healthier and suitable for drinking.

The manufacturers use standard hoses for both cold and hot water flow, and the installation is so easy even you can install the tap without any assistance from a plumber. They also provide a 30 days return in case of any dissatisfaction and a warranty for a lifetime, and a customer service facility 24/7 to make you fully satisfied.



5. PHASAT Black Bath Filler Tap

PHASAT Black Bath Filler Tap

Product Specification:

  • Spout length: 12.5 CM
  • Lever design: single
  • Material: high-quality brass
  • Quality assurance: Five years
  • Best for giving a waterfall effect

The PHASAT black tap will give you a waterfall effect with its 12.5 cm square shaped spout, which will make you feel reviving while cleaning with the fixture. This waterfall effect makes the cleaning experience unique and exclusive from the other ones in this range. The single lever of the tap allows us to change the temperature of the water very quickly.

The ceramic made disc valve can bear approximately five lacs times and ensures a long-lasting smooth operation of the tap without any leakage. The modern design and the elegant appearance make the fixture usable anywhere like home, hotels, restaurants, etc. The convenient format makes the cleaning of the tap easy and also saves space.

The tap’s material is the excellent quality brass metal that makes the faucet durable and also burst-free. Moreover, the brass metal keeps the water healthy and keeps you free from water contaminated diseases.

The manufacturers provide a quality assurance warranty for long five years and provide a customer care service to respond to their users and potential buyers’ queries.



6. Beelee Mono Bathroom Basin Sink Tap

Beelee Mono Bathroom Basin Sink Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: high-quality brass
  • Lever: single
  • Overall Height: 6.5 inches
  • Installation: doesn’t require to expertize
  • Best for enduring severely cold weather

The Beelee black basin tap is burst free or leak-proof even in severely cold weather. The tap’s material is superior quality brass that helps the tap to endure extreme cold water and makes the tap sturdy and long-lasting.

The tap contains a single lever for controlling the water flow temperature, and you can easily switch to cold or hot water with a single turn. This feature makes the tap more suitable for convenient use in any weather. Besides, the faucet’s matte black color finish gives a complementary outlook and resist scratches and digest, which means that’s maintenance tap is very handy and doesn’t require much time and effort.

The tap is very easily installable without any help from an expert or plumber. The manufacturers also provide an instruction booklet where you will find gradual instructions for installing the tap.

Beelee provides a guarantee for full money back also replacement warranty for two years without any extra fee.



7. Ideko Luxury Basin Mixer Tap

Ideko Luxury Basin Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Cartridge: Ceramic
  • Water mixer: available
  • Material: solid brass
  • Suitable temperature: less than 90℃
  • Best for durability and better performance

The Ideko Luxury tap contains a valve disk made of ceramic that provides a better performance and cleaning experience. The faucet has solid brass that makes the tap long-lasting and sturdy, which means that once bought, the s tap is usable for an extended period.

The tap has a mixer option with colorful temperature indicators for hot and cold water to get a comfortable water flow in different weather with a single lever only. However, you have to keep in mind that the tap’s suitable temperature is less than 90℃.

The tap’s cartridge contains ceramic, and the body comprises solid brass that makes the tap long-lasting and easily usable. You can control the water flow temperature with an easy movement of the single-lever of the faucet.

The manufacturer offers a fourteen-day return policy along with one year of warranty to its customers.



8. Solepearl Bathroom Mixer Tap

Solepearl Bathroom Mixer Tap

Product Specification:

  • Material: brass
  • Lever: single
  • Durability: long-lasting
  • Installation: doesn’t require any expertise
  • Best for ten years warranty

The Solepearl mixer tap gives a warranty for long ten years, which is very rare among the UK’s available bathroom taps. The manufacturers provide a full money-back guarantee within thirty days and ten years warranty in case of the faucet problem, which keeps the tension-free.

The tap requires a single hole, and the spout has a single lever, which makes the temperature control and adjustment of the water flow very easy and handy. The tap’s material is high-quality brass that makes the tap body sturdy and durable, and the matte finish of the spout makes the appearance aesthetic. The faucet includes a ceramic-made disc valve, which makes the tap long-lasting and resists leakage and drip.

The tap’s installation is straightforward and doesn’t require any expertise and unique tool. Also, the tap set includes instructions for installing the faucet with some easy steps.



9. Kelelife Counter Top Bathroom Sink Tap

Kelelife Counter Top Bathroom Sink Tap

Product Specification:

  • Handle: single
  • Overall height: 12.4 inches
  • Valve core: ceramic
  • Material: brass metal
  • Best for easy operation

The Kelelife tap gives a convenient and outstanding cleaning experience to its users with its accessible operational features. The faucet includes a single level that helps adjust the temperature, pressure, and speed of the water flow with the lever’s easy movement. Moreover, the installation and assembly process doesn’t require much, only basic fitting and water hoses.

The tap’s overall height is 12.4 inches, and the brass metal makes the fixture usable for a lifetime. The matte black finish gives an elegant look to the bathroom. Besides, the ceramic made valve core offers an extended-lasting use without any drip and dribble.

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty that makes the user tension free and helps to get services if any problem is on the tap.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are black taps hard to keep clean?

Though cleaning black bath taps is not hard, it requires a little more consciousness and delicacy while cleaning the black fixtures than that of other ordinary taps. The use of heavy chemical-based cleaners, bleach, wax, and acidic solutions while cleaning the tap may hinder the tap’s elegant matte finishing. So it’s not hard; you have to be a bit technical while cleaning the black faucet.

Are bath taps a standard size?

The new model bath taps have a standard size and are eligible for modern bathrooms with a standard size hole of one or half inches. However, before getting any bath taps, you should measure the dimension of the spot of your bathroom to avoid any kind of problem due to size.

Does black Tapware chip?

The fact is that the black matte tapware is a little bit expensive than the conventional taps. Still, the exclusiveness and the classic appearance of the fixtures deserve that nominal extra pricing. There are different price ranges in black matte taps as well. So, the more you are going to spend, the more high-quality and matte-finished fixture you will get.


Black bathroom taps provide a different view of your bathroom and a better cleaning experience. Though all the taps mentioned above have quite similar features and benefits, there is some exclusiveness in each fixture.

However, in our opinion, the CREA matte Black tap is the most acceptable option among all the black faucets narrated in this article.

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