Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer

Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer?

At present air, the fryer is the greatest and modern cooking appliance. It prepares various delicious foods in a healthy way without or a little oil.

But many people are nervous regarding air fryers due to the safety concerns and other questions that appear with deep frying.

Can You Put Water In An Air Fryer?

Surely you can put a little water in an air fryer. During cooking any fatty food items, which generally smoke while heated, then you can add a tablespoon of water that will reduce the production of smoke.

And heating soup or liquid in a bowl in the air fryer is exactly fine. But any liquids placed in the air fryer may cause short-circuit.

The similar delicious and buttery crispy of deep-fried foods also can be acquired with only a little oil that’s used in deep frying.

If you are interested to cook by the air fryer, but nervous in respect of what happens when water gets the air fryer. Don’t worry, we can support that.

Why Need Water For An Air Fryer?

Occasionally you may add water to an air fryer. From elementary school science, we know that placing liquid or water into hot oil creates the oil pop and allows splattering grease all over the space.

For this reason, putting water in a fryer seems often not a good idea. It mainly can conduct air frying safer at the same time cut down on the danger of filling your home with the smell of burnt grease.

Air Frying Severe Fat Foods

Foods with strong fat are mighty tasty while they are fried, the fat, however, can form the air fryer itself to smoke.

If the fat heats up that also melts along with turning to liquid where the liquid in oil creates spattering. Because of little oil in the air fryer, the scattering particles aren’t as harmful and can’t get out or burn anything.

The liquid spatter can get onto the component of the air fryer putting off heat that is causes smoking. Generally, these foods are responsible for the smoke coming from the air fryer-including.

  • Bacon
  • Chicken thighs
  • Meat-balls
  • Burgers

Smoke can generate all kinds of health problems that also originate from allergies or asthma. And it can cause a permanent ill smell in your home, so it is obviously not ideal if smoke blowing out of your air fryer.

Prevent From Smoking Of An Air Fryer

Accept achieving excess deep into how the air fryer operates so it is essential to know that adding water in an air fryer can extremely make it safer. This is not unusual to give a look at the smoke coming from the air fryer.

If you want to cook similar or above foods, you may like to add water to avoid any kind of this from happening. Then the water needs to go in the drawer of your air fryer or below the basket.

Other Liquids Also Used In The Air Fryer

When the water in the interior of an air fryer does obstruct a smoky mess from the unfolding of your kitchen, it might have the wheels in your brain turning.

Some liquids are engaged in cooking, particularly frying. Another liquid can be used by means of this cooking process as well.

Wet Batter

If you always search for a hygienic way to cook traditionally deep-fried tasty foods, the air fryer is not proper.

A great portion of deep-fried fair foods and fried chicken usually use a wet batter. In order to cook, a wet batter is all-time wet as well as has to swim in hot oil.

Further, except getting into how the air fryer runs, it’s unworthy while the hot air used in the air fryer only doesn’t cut the mustard.

The hot air is not better for cooking wet-battered items quickly to make the crispy texture that we can attain from regular deep frying.


Air frying can be finished except oils thoroughly. It also provides a texture that is the same as deep-fried foods, with little to no oil.

Some oil can boost by enhancing the crispness output. Basically, this is an important matter for a few recipes.

Only as the other cooking procedure, there is the pan stick factor. But air frying is also the same.

However, it’s something that could probably stick to the frying basket, brushing or spraying oil onto the basket will restrain anything from getting stuck.

Select The Oil Wisely

When you think to use oil, make sure to choose one that contains a higher smoke point. This way the oil can get actually hot before burning and smoking.

A few oils are here that have greater smoke points:

  • Avocado oil
  • Extra light olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Add The Oil With Foods

Using an air fryer, there is no strong bottomed area or pan to dump the oil. If there is additional oil floating around inner the fryer, and when you trying to prepare a meal, you will be facing a bunch of stinky smoke.

The Working System Of An Air Fryer

Here briefly we notify how air fryers work, only to put it into all perspective. As well as to clean understanding why water is needed to work in an air fryer because it applies less oil than deep frying.

You should not completely submerge the food in oil. An air fryer is normally small and operates like a convection oven.

So hot air is sent into the fryer as well as a fan blows the air inside all around. As it has a small area. For this reason, the heat cooks the food varies rapidly, forming the crispy betterment that we know as air frying.


After evaluating the above discussion, it is clear that obviously, you can use water in an air fryer. But to prevent smoke just adding one tablespoon of water specifically while preparing fatty food items.

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