Ceiling Shower Head UK

Ceiling Shower Head UK – 2023 Edition

This is a plenary guide to find out the best ceiling shower head. We offer a variety of models-designs, sizes and manifestations are so likeable.

To embellish your bathroom, you can select the favourable option from our available new-fashioned products.

7 Shower Head On Ceiling Reviews

Here are our 7 shower head from the ceiling in the UK in 2023.

1. Flush-mounted LED Rain Shower Head

Flush Mounted LED Rain Shower Head

  • Material: Plastic & stainless steal.
  • Weight: 2480g.
  • Light system: LED.
  • Shape: square.

Flush- mounted LED rain shower head is a very luxurious and enjoyable product that ensures high-quality arrangements.

The chrome-plated stainless steel makes the shower rail so viable and long-lasting. At some time it provides you to comfort and a smooth bath experience.

A more striking feature is it has 3 colors of LED light: blue, pink and red that mobilized into the nozzle surface. When you choose blue light, water temperature is under 31 degrees, for red light temperature is between 39 and 45 degrees. But no necessary external power supply or any batteries.

The shower includes a shower arm, rain shower, hand shower, tap diverter and flush-mounted fitting-helps of water routing in the fairy way.

The rain shower dimension is 300*300mm and the hand shower 200mm*25mm. Our all products are shipped from German for giving you the best quality.

If you face any problem, please contact us, we try to give you better service even refund system is also allowable.


2. Hiendure Ceiling Shower Head

Hiendure Rain Shower Head

  • Size: 16 inch square
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Shape: square
  • Item weight: 2.79kg.

If you need something that can provide a decent flow of water in your washroom, then the Hiendure rain shower head on the ceiling offers you to get an effective solution for relaxing bathing.

The fact that the ceiling shower head is produced by tenacious 304-grade stainless steel covering your whole body when you are showering.

However, Hiendure is 16 inches square in shape as well as 2mm thick but always gives a smooth feeling of rainfall. It is equipped with universal fitting and easy to set.

The performance of this shower head system is undoubtedly nice. It is also polished by stainless steel finish that looks like chrome; it seems a looking glass early and late.

For easy cleaning in the ceiling shower head has rubber nozzles. Mainly, you can move it at any angle during the shower due to its swivel adapter.

Although, Hiendure rain shower head is simple continuously allows you a fantastic shower experience like a soft raindrop.



3. Drenky 16 inch/ 40cm Square Fixed Shower Head

Drenky Square Fixed Shower Head

  • Size: 16 inch square
  • Material: 304stainless steel.
  • Item weight: 2.44kg
  • Package dimensions: 44*41*7cm

If you want a variety of great features and a high volume of water flow, then try the latest Drenky square fixed shower head.

The shower head is made of 304 stainless steel with silica gel that provides long life and high rust resistance. It has 324 hole units mainly its unabated molding technology can avoid split easily.

The square shape shower head (40*40cm) looks more modern due to high polish and mirror chrome finish surface, fitting for any bathroom.

The length of Drenky is 16 inches and 180-degree rotational angle connection that is so useful for enjoying cordial showering.

The ultra-thin design shower head has ½ inch connector as well as no other component is needed to install, the Drenky is proper for most shower arms, just takes a few minutes.
Moreover, with a powerful spray pattern it saves more water in every shower. So, the Drenky will be a suitable thing in any bathroom.



4. Ultra Thin Rainfall Shower Head

Modern stainless steel waterfall shower

Size: 10 inch
Material: 304 stainless steel
Item weight: 898g
Colour: silver

To enjoy rainfall showering experience you can choose the Ultra Thin Rainfall ceiling shower head. It comes from Air injection technology that provides a strong shower at low water flow.

Just 2mm thick ultra-thin with swivel ½ metal ball connector chrome which is always ensured to take a suitable angle shower head from the ceiling.

The 10-inch rainfall shower head ceiling is produced by 304 solid stainless steel, given the fact that it assures high quality at the same time corrosion resistance and is durable with a sleek look.

The special feature about the product, it has a silicon rubber outlet that removes limescale and anti-clogging, offers a soft shower feel with a better bathing atmosphere.

The installation process is easier but not extra components are needed for fitting. Just screw on and enjoy a comfortable waterfall to make your skin bright and smooth.

Besides, its stainless steel filter avoids impurities and sakes water, as well as we, provide a 5 years warranty to impress you.



5. Derpras Square Rain Shower Head

Derpras Square Rain Shower Head

Size: 10 inch
Shape: square
Material: stainless steel
Item weight: 1.22kg

The Derpras square rain shower head is a workable shower system that gives you perfect décor and is suitable for any washroom but fully different from the regular model.

The Derpras is a mode of 304 stainless steel with an edge only 0.075. Its brushed nickel finishes are adjusted with any type of bathroom.

However, it is 10 inches + 196 spray nozzles shower head but covers your entire body, allows powerful rainfall shower even under low water pressure that can quickly relieve mind weariness.

It uses air energy technology, so its performance and quality are pleasurable. Especially, treating the Derpras ceiling shower head you can dramatically cut down your utility bills and conserve much water.

Its flow rate is limited to 2.5gmp at 80 psi as well as manufacturing standards are also high that give you 3 years quality warranty.



6. HG Power Ceiling Shower Head

HG Power Rain Shower Head

Material: stainless steel
Item weight: 730g
Colour: silver
Package Dimensions: 22.8*20.8*7.2cm
Size: 20cm*20cm (square)

The HG square rain shower head on the ceiling provides an emerged bath perception that is fully new made of stainless steel (20*20cm).

It ensures high quality with 100 shower nozzles covering your entire body, which helps to forget any stress or fatigue very quickly.

The ceiling shower head is rust-proof, chrome-plated always gives a mirror look due to beautiful polished. Easy to install and makes usual water flow.

Moreover, it has adjusted brass balls and nuts as well as a high-quality filter system that can filter various impurities to prevent blockages.

Luckily, we allow a guarantee for a refund within 6 months, in case you face any problem with our product please contact us as soon as possible.

The HG ceiling shower head also has a regulator valve for proper use if the water pressure is more than 8.5kg that will be reliable for getting a pleasant shower feeling.



7. Derpras Round Rain Shower Head

Derpras Round Rain Shower Head

Material: stainless steel
Size: 10inch
Shape: round
Item weight: 1.02 kg

If you desire to obtain high quality but workable shower head, then you can try the perfect item named Derpras Round Rain Shower Head.

Taking a range of characteristics the Derpras always performs in the best way. The shower head is build of 304 stainless steel where the edge is 0.075 inch. Its superior material ensures better quality and makes you have a soft shower.

On the other hand, the Derpras is Round shape, a 10-inch circle with 126 outlets that covers your entire body for maintaining a beautiful bath all time.

What is more, it comes from Air energy technology as well as gives you extensive rain shower with under low water flow. It can also conserve your water providing a soothing and sully different showering pleasure.

The Derpras ceiling shower head not only provides you with a comfortable bath but also offers 3 years warranty. So, if you face any difficulties, contact us without delay.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to install ceiling shower head?

There are many advantages of using a ceiling shower head because its installing method is very simple and straightforward. Moreover, to install it you can follow our provided instructions like- firstly you have to select the best space- above for pipework where you want to set the shower head. Then drill a hole 28 to 40mm diameter through the ceiling, set into the position and use the provided screws, carefully check the cover plate and ensure the washer in the secure position.

How for should shower head be from ceiling?

The right height of the shower head is an important matter. However, it depends on your preferences, needs and space in the bathroom. Therefore, the considerable fact about standard height-it is 80 inches from the floor to the showerhead. You can also choose the range between 72 to 96 inches. The ceiling shower head should be fitted around 1 foot above your head.

How to plumb ceiling shower head?

Anyone can plumb ceiling shower head easily and very quickly. This is a common work where there is no necessary any extra plumbing tools. At first you have to fix the proper position and height that adjust your body coverage as well as make the connection waterproof. To receive optimum water coverage a ceiling shower head is more soothing.

Are ceiling shower heads goods?

There are several benefits of using ceiling-mounted showerheads, it provides durable chrome and plastic that ensures the best quality. On the other hand, the installation method is very simple and easy. They also have exceptional spray capabilities like a powerful rain-drop. If you prefer strong water pressure to remove mental stress, the ceiling shower head will be the right choice.


At last, our all ceiling shower heads can give you the assurance about the product’s quality, best performance and excellent design.

It your existing shower head don’t provide adequate water pressure, using this you feel discomfort evenly. To overcome this situation, you can take in our above ceiling shower head in the UK.

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