Free Standing Bathroom Cabinets UK

Free Standing Bathroom Cabinets UK 2023 — According to Experts

Free-standing bathroom cabinets are essential for the modern bathroom and make the bathroom environment elegant and keep the bathroom staff in order.

There is a vast range of bathroom cabinets available in the UK with different shape, material quality, Finish, and most importantly, price range.

So, we have come with this article for the convenience of the potential buyers where we have discussed some bestseller free-standing bathroom cabinets in the UK.

11 Freestanding Bathroom Storage Reviews 2023

Here are our 11 top floor standing bathroom cabinets in the UK in 2023.

1. Deuba Wooden Cabinet

Deuba Wooden Cabinet

Product specification:

  • Doors: two
  • Maximum load capacity: 100 Kgs
  • Dimensions: 76 x 65 x 35 cm
  • Material: wood
  • Best for multi-purpose use

The Deuba cabinet will provide you the advantage of multi-purpose use as you can use this cabinet in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom. This cabinet is built in this way that you can keep it in your living room also in your bathroom. One cabinet can serve you in various ways as you can make it a filing cabinet, storage unit, cupboard, sideboard, and an organizer.

The cabinet has two doors, and its material is solid wood that makes the cabinet more sturdy and durable than any board or plywood made cabinets. The white color cabinet with a smooth finish gives an elegant and classy appearance.

The cabinet’s dimension is 76 x 65 x 35 cm, and it weighs 15.72 Kilograms, plus the maximum weight capacity of the cabinet is 100 KGs. The installation is straightforward and doesn’t require much as the manufacturers provide the fixing and complete instructions.

The cabinet has pest repelling elements that resist pests and insects to attack the cabinet and keep it usable for a long duration. Moreover, the cabinet doesn’t contract or expand with the weather change, which is a perfect thing.


2. HOMECHO Bathroom Floor Cabinet

HOMECHO Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage

Product specification:

  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Dimension: 60 x 30 x 110
  • Number of doors: two
  • Assembling: easy and quick
  • Best for being spacious

The HOMECHO floor cabinet has two doors with two compartments, two detachable drawers that give you plenty of space to store your necessary stuff. The wardrobe is very spacious, that can contain a lot of staff at a time.

Moreover, you can adjust the shelves inside to keep things of different sizes according to your convenience. The plenty of space inside the cabinet makes this usable for the bathroom to organize shower items and toiletries, kitchen, and bedroom also living rooms.

The cabinet is made of engineered wood, and it comes in white color with a painted finish. The cabinet is 60 CM long, 30CM wide, and 110 CM high with two drawers and two doors. The shape of the cabinet is a rectangle with a leg base.

An anti-slip device comes with a cabinet that helps avoid any accidents due to slipping and keeping it secure and stable. The package includes one cabinet and one instruction manual that makes the installation and assembling easy. Moreover, HOMECHO has a contact center to respond to any queries and problems.



3. VASAGLE Floor Standing Cabinet

VASAGLE Floor Standing Cabinet

Product specification:

  • Material: steel and particle-board
  • Dimension: 100 x 35 x 80 cm
  • Weight: 26.8 Kgs
  • Number of compartments: two
  • Best for an elegant appearance

The VASAGLE standing cabinet gives an extra complement to your bathroom with its elegant and classy look. The premium quality black color with greige tone forms an elegant and warm look and makes the cabinet charming. Besides using it in the bathroom, the cabinet’s high-quality appearance makes it usable in the dining room, the living room also in the entryway.

The cabinet’s material is steel and particle-board. You will get two adjustable shelves, one tabletop, two compartments, and one tabletop in a single cabinet, which means adequate space to store and organize your necessary staff. The cabinet’s dimension is 100 x 35 x 80 CM, and the weight is 26.8 KGs.

You can keep an even and flat shaped cabinet with adjustable feet wherever you want at your convenience that brings stability to your life. Moreover, the cabinet’s assembling is also very easy and convenient as VASAGLE provides an instruction manual for installing the cabinet.



4. Badplaats B.V. Storage cabinet

Badplaats B.V. Storage cabinet

Product specification:

  • Finish: superior quality glossy finish
  • Shape: square
  • Number of doors: two
  • Dimension : 300 x 300 x 1315mm
  • Best for easy assembling

The Badplaats storage cabinet is best known for its comfortable, convenient, and quick assembling process. As the manufacturers provide all fixing equipment and the instruction manual, you will also get the mounting to the wall with the cabinet package, so no need to worry about anything regarding assembling when you will buy the Badplaats B.V. cabinet.

The wood made cabinet comes in white color with a premium quality glossy finish that will give an extra complement to your bathroom and home. The base type of the cabinet is block style, and its shape is square. There are two doors and one in the cabinet that gives plenty of space.

The dimension of the cabinet is 300 x 300 x 1315mm and its base style blocks. The shape and modern design of the cabinet make it eligible for any modern bathroom. Moreover, you can also use the cabinet as a cupboard. There are two doors in the cabinet and a compartment without any partition to accommodate more extensive staff.



5. CHRISTOW White Bathroom Cabinet

CHRISTOW White Bathroom Cabinet Floor Standing

Product specification:

  • Colour: white
  • Material: wood
  • Number of doors: one
  • Dimension: H77.1cm x W43.1cm x D34cm
  • Best for being slim and compact

The CHRISTOW cabinet is very slim and compact in shape, which means you can keep this in your bathroom even if there is not adequate space. Though bathrooms are not always spacious, a cabinet is a mandatory element. So this cabinet will suit best in your comparatively small bathroom because of its shape and size.

The cabinet’s material is wood, and it comes in white color with a painted elegant finish. The cabinet is rectangular, and its base type is leg. There are one door and one drawer in it though it doesn’t mean you cannot store many things as the cabinet can keep many staff. The cabinet’s dimension is H77.1cm x W43.1cm x D34cm, and its weight is ten kilograms.

The assembling of the cabinet is also very convenient and handy. For the users’ convenience, the manufacturers provide a user manual with all the equipment necessary for the assembling of the cabinet. There is also a contact center to support its customers in any trouble and query.



6. ASAB Wooden Bathroom Cabinet

ASAB Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Product specification:

  • Dimension : H53cmxW34cmxD15cm
  • Installation: convenient
  • Mirror: available
  • Appearance: modern and stylish
  • Best for premium quality material

The ASAB wooden cabinets’ material is durable MDF, which is very strong, sturdy, and maintains premium quality. You can use this cabinet for quite a long time after buying one because of this high-quality material. Moreover, the modern and stylish wardrobe with a glossy finish gives an elegant appearance to your bathroom.

You can both wall-mount and keep it standing in your bathroom as it comes with both styles. The installation and assembling will cause you to zero trouble as the manufacturers provide all the essential equipment with instructions manual for the installing process.

The product’s dimension is H53cmxW34cmxD15cm, and there is a single mirror available in the cabinet, which is an extra advantage. The convenient shape and style of the cabinet will allow you to keep it easily in your bathroom. The cabinet is perfect for arranging all the bathroom staff in order, and your toilet won’t look messy.



7. Deuba Cupboard Cabinet

Deuba Cupboard Cabinet

Product specification:

  • Material: wood
  • Assembling: easy and quick assembling
  • Number of doors: two
  • Dimensions: 71 x 101 x 35 cm
  • Best for the good quality laminated finish

The Deuba cabinet comes with a high-quality laminated finish that helps keep the outer side’s newness. Because of this laminated Finish, the cabinet looks new for an extended period, and you don’t have to change your bathroom cabinet now and then. Investing once in this cabinet will serve you for many years as a new one and enhance your bathroom’s beauty and elegance.

The cabinet has two doors and two drawers that will help you to arrange your bathroom staff orderly. The cabinet comes in white color with a long-lasting laminated finish. The cabinet’s material is sturdy and durable MDF wood, and you can keep it in every modern bathroom because of its current and classy style.

The dimension of the cabinet is 71 x 101 x 35 cm, which is a perfect shape. The cabinet’s assembling is convenient and quick as the manufacturers provide all the required equipment and the instructional manual for their users and buyers.



8. Badplaats B.V. Freestanding bathroom cabinet

Badplaats B.V. Freestanding bathroom cabinet

Product specification:

  • Material: wood
  • Finish: glossy
  • Dimension : 32 x 29 x 167 CM
  • Colour: white
  • Best for contemporary style

The Badplaats is best known for its modern and contemporary style that will complement your bathroom’s outlook and give it an extra-ordinary look. The white color with glossy finish fronts makes the cabinet look excellent and exceptional than the other ones. The cabinet’s tall shape allows you to keep it in your bathroom if there is no extra space and fits in a very tiny area. So, you can keep it in any bathroom with even a little space.

The cabinet is wooden made, and its base type is legs that help keep the cabinet stable. The cabinet’s dimension is 32 x 29 x 167 centimeters, and the weight is 20KGs only so that you can quickly move it according to your convenience.

There are two doors in the cabinet and one open compartment. The empty chamber will help you arrange your towels and dresses, and the bathroom will not look messy. There is also an open shelf for keeping bathroom staff just near to your hand.

As the manufacturers provide all the equipment for mounting and a user guide for installation, the installation process becomes effortless and comfortable even for a naïve.



9. MDF Slim Shaker Tall Boy Free Standing Cabinet

MDF Slim Shaker Tall Boy Free Standing Bathroom Storage

Product specification:

  • Material: wood
  • Dimension: 24 x 30 x 170
  • Base type: legs
  • Number of shelves: four
  • Best for being tall and precise

The MDF slim standing cabinet is this lean and trimmed that even an extra small bathroom can accommodate this thin and tall cabinet. However, as the cabinet is light, there is no scope to think that it can accommodate fewer things than square and rectangular-shaped cabinets. This cabinet is tall and slim at the same time.

So with the enhanced height of the cabinet, you can store as many things like a rectangular or square-shaped cabinet in this small cabinet as well.

This cabinet is wooden made with contemporary style. There is one drawer, two doors, and four shelves, which will help you store your essential bathroom staff as per order and ease. The white color with a premium quality finish gives extra beauty to your bathroom and exceptionally changes the environment.

The cabinet is 24 Cm long, 30 Cm wide, and 170 Cm high, and the base style is legs. The cabinet comes with all the essential fixings for assembling, and the assembling instruction manual will help you make it without any extra trouble.



10. Viagdo Bamboo Storage Unit Bathroom Cabinets

Viagdo Bamboo Storage Unit

Product specification:

  • Material: bamboo
  • Weight: 10.7 KGs
  • Shelves: three
  • Construction: durable and strong
  • Best for a waterproof surface

The Viagdo Bamboo cabinet comes with a waterproof surface that makes it more eligible as a bathroom cabinet. It is a normal thing that the bathroom cabinet may get wet from the water of the shower or any other source.

Therefore, if you can have a waterproof cabinet in your bathroom, you will not have to worry about water splashes and can use the cabinet without any tension. The waterproof feature of the cabinet also makes it long-lasting.

Another unique thing about this cabinet is that it is bamboo made, and as we know, anything made from bamboo is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and looks elegant and stylish. The cabinet will reflect the good taste and choice of yours to everyone.

The cabinet’s dimension is 66 x 33 x 87 centimeters, and its weight is 10.7 KGs, which is very lightweight, and you can move the cabinet quickly.

The cabinet’s assembling is very easy, and you won’t need any extra equipment for assembling the cabinet. Moreover, there is also a contact center for the users’ convenience for responding to any queries and problems.



11. VonHaus Towel Cabinet

VonHaus Towel Cabinet

Product specification:

  • Colour: grey
  • Dimension : 60 x 30 x 60 CM
  • Material: wood
  • Number of the door: two
  • Best for two years warranty

Very few cabinet manufacturers provide a warranty to their customers, but the good news is that the VonHaus cabinet manufacturers will guarantee two years for tension-free use. You can claim your warranty without any trouble as per the mentioned conditions.

The cabinet is wooden made, and it comes in grey color, which is another rare thing. The modern styled cabinet with the trendy grey finish gives a charming appearance to your bathroom. The cabinet’s dimension is 60 x 30 x 60 centimeters, and it has a leg base type.

There are two doors in the cabinet, which allows convenient storage of your bathroom staff. The two concealed shelves will help you to keep your towels and linens. There are many other bathroom items in this range with the same color you can make your bathroom more good-looking.




We hope our audiences have got a précised idea about the free standing bathroom cabinets that are available in the UK nowadays.

There are different uniqueness and exceptions of each of the cabinets, and you can choose the best one according to your need. Though, we recommend you to buy the Deuba Wooden Cabinet for its better quality and multi-purpose usability.

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