how does a dehumidifier work

How Does A Dehumidifier Work?

If your home is suffering from condensation or dampness, a dehumidifier may rescue you from these problems as dehumidifiers will keep the moisture level at an ideal point and will provide comfortable and healthy air.

Today we will know about the process that a dehumidifier goes through while dehumidifying the air.

Some dehumidifiers are less costly, easy-to-use and perform excellently on the other hand some others are quite costly and don’t dehumidify the air properly also takes a longer time to complete the job.

The Working Process of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier draws excess humidity and moisture from the air and helps to prevent condensation, mold growth and dampness. You will find two types of dehumidifiers in the market which are refrigerant and desiccant.

The work process of these two dehumidifiers is different which makes these suitable for different weather and environments.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

refrigerant dehumidifiersAnother name of refrigerant dehumidifier is compressor dehumidifier which inhales air over cold coils with a filter.

Then the water abbreviates on the coils and drips into the tank of the dehumidifier.

This type of dehumidifier is more effective for the heater rooms because it requires warmer air in the room than the surface inside it.

Also, the dehumidifiers’ coil can become freeze if the room temperature gets too low. In this situation the dehumidifier with automatically go into defrost mode and will consume energy and time to defrost rather than collect the water.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers remove water from the air by using a heated adsorbent material. The heated absorbent material makes the moisture drop into the tank.

Desiccant dehumidifiers don’t depend on the temperature that is why they can work efficiently in any environment. So, you may use it in a conservatory, unheated basement or garage.

However, desiccant dehumidifiers may use more energy than refrigerant ones as they use the energy to heat the absorbent material.

If you are determined that you are always going to use a dehumidifier in a heated room you can go for the refrigerant. But if you are going to use the dehumidifier in an unheated room or both you should choose the desiccant.

The Reasons for Using a Dehumidifier

There are some symptoms or signs which will tell you that this is time you should get a dehumidifier such as:

If your home is flooded or if you notice water tints in your home first of all fix the damage or go for professional help.

Again, if the wooden furniture and stuff are rotting or the windowsills are significantly vulnerable or if there is condensation in the windows you should get a dehumidifier.

You can also notice mildew or molds, little dark spots on the ceilings, walls as well as shower and toilet areas. Moreover, if there is a musty smell or bad odors at your home you can get a dehumidifier.

You may run a dehumidifier all over the year irrespective of summer or winter to control the level of humidity and moisture in the air.

Preventing Mould and Damp

Preventing Mould and Damp dehumidifiers

You can start to use a dehumidifier if you notice dampness or condensation in the windows. Before using a dehumidifier you can solve these problems by taking some simple steps you can prevent the dampness.

While taking shower you can turn on an extractor fan or open the window and wipe down the wet floors and walls after using the bathroom. Use sealant or caulk to seal the walls and if possible dry the clothes outside.

Use an extractor fan when cooking on the stove. If these steps don’t help you need to go for professional help to solve the damp issues.

Check out if there is any clog in the gutter and if they are down-spouting the rainwater away from the home. Also, check that the tumble dryer has proper ventilation towards the outside. You may need to go for a damp proofing course to tackle the structural rising dampness.

Tips to Follow While Using a Dehumidifier

You should vacuum before running the dehumidifier so that the filter doesn’t get clogged with dust and if you are suffering from allergies this is an important step for you.

Place the dehumidifier away from the furniture and keep the windows and doors closed while running the dehumidifier.

If your windows and doors are open when running the dehumidifier it will lessen the performance as the device will have to dehumidify the air of the larger area which will also increase your energy bills.

Vacant the water tank after using if possible and wipe out the water tank with a cloth so that it doesn’t generate mildew or mold.

Also, vacuum the air filter regularly to prevent blockage and wash it in case it is very much dirty. But, check the instruction manual if you can wash the filter or not.

You should aim the humidity level of your room in between 50% to 60%. Seek expert advice if you have valuable stuff like a guitar collection in the room.

The Working Process of Continuous Drainage

The included water tank of the dehumidifiers collects water from the inhaled water. It is important to empty the water tank regularly, in fact daily for preventing the dehumidifier to turn off automatically when the tank is full.

Besides, you can attach a hose to the unit and run the hose to the drain if accessible. In that case, you should place the dehumidifier above from the floor level to drain the water properly.

Picking the Best Dehumidifier

Some dehumidifiers can extract the water from the air very quickly and are more energy-saving which will cause lower energy bills.

If you are going to use a dehumidifier in a larger room you may need a device with higher capacity for instance the Logik L20DH19. If your preferred area is smaller you may go for a dehumidifier with a lower capacity like the ElectriQ DESD9L.

The working process and capacity of the dehumidifiers vary depending on the type, environment, temperature, etc. Proper cleaning and maintenance also choosing the right type of dehumidifier will ensure the best performance and durability.

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