how much to install a new toilet

How Much To Install A New Toilet UK?

The cost of installing a toilet in the UK remains in between the range of £100-£195. However, the cost may differ based on some aspects and we will give you an idea about those in this article.

Installing a new toilet is an important step for remodelling your bathroom into a new one. For installing a toilet in your bathroom you should take professional help, trying your own may result in a huge mess also may cause extra cost.

The cost range of the UK national for installing a toilet is between 100 pounds to 191 pounds whereas the average national cost is 120 pounds.

It is difficult to tell the exact cost as the installation process depends on several factors such as the project size, cost and availability of materials, plumbers’ charge and availability, etc.

Also, the type of your project will affect the cost because the cost of replacing an old toilet and installing a new toilet with no previous plumbing will be different.

Factors to Consider while Installing a Toilet

After a certain time, you may need to replace your toilet. As toilets are generally quite durable you don’t have to undergo the installation process within a short while.

But, when you need to replace the old toilet you should do everything according to plan to save both your time and money. Before hiring a plumber or toilet installer make your plan first.

You can also repair your old toilet if it is doing fine but you are facing a few problems with noise, clogging and flushing.

The Project Size

Give your plumber or professional toilet installer an idea of the size of the project such as the number of toilets to install, the area of the bathroom, etc.

When you are replacing your old toilet with a new one or renovating your bathroom and changing your toilet, in that case the project size will be smaller.

However, when you are constructing a new house th project size will be quite big as you have to plan for all the new bathrooms in your new home and each of these bathrooms will have a toilet to install. Simultaneously, keep an eye out for a water-saving model to help you make your house more efficient.

The Installment Process of a New Toilet

The instalment of a new toilet includes some key steps such as:

  1. Removing the old toilet
  2. Replacing the toilet projection that connects the toilet to the floor
  3. Fixing the toilet seal
  4. Placing the new toilet on the projection
  5. Sealing and securing the new toilet on the floor using bolts
  6. Attaching the toilet seat and tank
  7. Reconnecting the fill valve to the toilet

It is better not to use caulking while securing the toilet to the floor because caulking may trap the water if there is any leakage there.

The installing process of a toilet may have some additional steps which will depend on whether the toilet is new with new water and plumbing lines or there will be a replacement of the old toilet to a new one.

Fitting a New Toilet with Existing Plumbing

You don’t have to go for building the plumbing lines when you are replacing the toilet as the plumbing lines will be there already. Your plumber just needs to check the plumbing lines to confirm if everything is okay or not.

If your plumbing lines require adjusting or upgrading, it will cause an additional cost. Your plumber can help you with an estimated cost for the upgrade or adjustment of the existing setup.

Connecting the Toilet to a New Plumbing

If you are building a new bathroom in your new or existing home or adding a new toilet in a place of your house where there were not plumbing lines previously, it may increase your installation cost.

However, the cost of installing a new toilet will also vary depending on some facts. The most important factor is the distance of your new toilet from your existing plumbing setup.

If the existing plumbing setup is more accessible it can reduce the cost. But, if you need to build a new plumbing setup for your new toilet, this will make the cost higher. Your professional may help you with this issue because for a new toilet it is essential to build the plumbing properly.

Materials of the Project

For the materials of the projects, you can take an idea from your plumber or professional installer. The material cost will vary depending on the fact if you are installing a new toilet in a new bathroom or replacing an old toilet with a new one.

Your hired professional can tell you about the most popular and high-quality brands or may suggest you a certain model according to your need. Moreover, they can recommend you their reliable suppliers.

As the professionals are experts in this issue taking their help and recommendation will be beneficial for you.

Removing the Old Toilet

If your plumber needs to remove your old toilet before installing the new unit, it will add some more work to replace or repair the old one.

An expert in rubbish removal can help you to replace the old appliances or furniture altogether from your bathroom.


Many of us are curious about the duration of the installation process of the toilet. A few factors will affect the duration of completing your project and you can get an estimated idea from your plumber. Make sure you allow enough time for preparing the area and fixing it up.

If you are replacing your old toilet you have to count the time for removing the old one. If your toilet is damaged it may take a longer time to remove.

After the preparation of the area is done, it won’t take much time to install the new toilet. However, you should always remember a big project will take a longer time than that of installing one toilet.

Expertise and Experience

It is important to choose a professional with enough expertise and experience whenever you are going for any plumbing issue because adequate expertise can save both your time and money. The plumber should have a certification that will prove their expertise andexperience.

You can check their Bidvine portfolio to know about their certification and experience and if you don’t find them in the list, you can ask them frankly.

You can also check the reviews in their Bidvine profile as the previous customers’ rate and assess them there. Choosing a pro with adequate expertise and experience will assure that your plumbing project is in expert hands.

Cost of Replacing a Toilet in the Local Area of the UK

Choosing the right professional in your local area with adequate expertise and experience at a lower cost is quite a challenging task. Bidvine can make your job easier.

The local pros will drop bids on your request submission on the Bidvine. You should keep in mind hiring a plumber or professional from a distant area will increase your cost.

Therefore, choosing a nearly resided professional will be beneficial for you as it will lower your project cost. An expert professional can make the replacement or installation of a new toilet quite easier and cheaper.

They will also make sure if your current plumbing is alright or not and if there is any problem they will also fix that. A professional can complete your project without any fuss or mess.

The cost of installing a new toilet is a variable component as it depends on several factors. Therefore, you have to make a plan of the changes and renovations you need to complete then let a professional know about your project. They will give you an estimated budget based on your requirements and project size.

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