how to fit a bathroom sink

How To Fit A Bathroom Sink

If you are willing to set up a simple wall-mounted design or a classic pedestal, then a modest bathroom basin can give you a reliable, stylish bathroom. A classic and elegant bathroom needs a proper sink to increase the looks of your bathroom.

Sometimes it feels good to do work by self without any professional. Removing the old basin before bringing the new one is a challenging task.

If you are confident to do so, then the guides are given below will assist you during the installation, otherwise, always appoint an experienced and decent plumber. To help you during the installation, here is a simple point-by-point guide to set up a bathroom sink:

Necessary tools for set up

Every step needs different tools to do its work correctly. Few tools needed, To start the bathroom sink set up.

Those are Adjustable wrench, Screwdriver, Hacksaw or tube cutter, Plumbers tape (PFTE tape), Tape measure, Spirit level, Stud detector, Drill, Adjustable spanners.

1. The old sink removing

At first, you need to disconnect the water supply before beginning the work. According to your water system, you can do this with the use of isolator valves to the hot & cold supply under the sink, otherwise, on the part of cold water dispense to the main faucet.

After doing this, please take off sink taps out of the old sink and then unscrew the waste from the beneath of the sink and remove the wall fixings to detach it.

2. Alignment of the sink

Secondly, align your new sink on the wall, maintaining a standard level and make sure you put it straight. Then mark the wall with a pencil in which place the sink should install and also keep underneath the basin in the area of wall fixings.

3. Connection checking of the sink

After the previous set up, you can connect the water supply faucet as well as waste with the taps and new sink. In case of new taps fitting, you need to fit the required bendable tap joiner pipes as well as a waste pipe to connect.

Function any fixers and screws which needs to secure that there is a tight seal around the new taps. It would help if you assured that you fitted all the parts before working on the wall so that you have a tiny job to set the new installations later.

4.Pipework Connection

If your sink fitted on the wall, then you will need to screw it first to set in place securely using some special fixings, for example, Fischer fixings, which comes with the basin.

After doing this, the waste and overflow pipes need to connect with all the supplied tube and any other necessary pipework necessary.

5.Sink sealing

Now you need to seal the sink. The sink should seal with waterproof silicone sealant. You have to create a straight line to ensure a smooth finish.

It needs to check to ensure that any of the pipework not kinked or bend, and rectify before turning on the water.

Few more tips to fit a sink:

  • In case of cutting any pipe, make sure that you wrap the line around the location first where you need to cut. It will confirm a smooth as well as straight cutting on the pipe and also it reduces accidents.
  • If there is a worktop to install the sink, the gap of the old sink may differ the size. The deep-set sinks generally come with a template for a guide to make sure that you are following this with a jigsaw for enlarging the space.


I hope that the information above will be a great help for you and now you know the complete guideline to install the bathroom sink. The proper rule to install the bathroom sink is to do it carefully and have patience.

You are also using the right tools which describe earlier to do every single step. If you are not confident and capable enough to follow the guide above or removing and install the sink, then appoint an expert and well-reputed plumber to install your bathroom sink.

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