Hairline Crack In A Toilet

How To Fix A Hairline Crack In A Toilet Bowl Or Tank?

If a toilet is cracked that can be a difficult plumbing condition the reason for the cracks are not early and late easy to spot. In a few cases, this crack may have taken place while the toilet was primarily produced.

As well as a toilet can improve a crack at any time and create leaking. So, to solve such perplex problems this article provides you with the right solution.

You have to know the other cause for cracking. More absolute cracking occurs because of an eventual temperature change, it may make a crack that goes every side through the porcelain.

However, at first, you should locate the crack and repair it as much as possible. On the other hand, the hairline cracks frequently can be shredded with a porcelain epoxy.

Broad cracks occupy wholly through the bowl generally can’t be repaired, then require the toilet to be replaced.

Locating Cracks In The Toilet Tank

It is usually noticed that above or below the water level of the toilet tank and the outside or inside the tank the crack is located. So the type of crack will assess the action that is needed.

A crack is above the water level normally not a difficulty unless the crack increases slowly. When you place a toilet crack in your tank, specify it and observe it so that it doesn’t make any worse.

This can be effective to adopt a picture of the crack for the next comparison.

A crack below the water level that necessary to be fixed. Unluckily, the crack of the toilet tank can be difficult to spot. If you doubt the leak of your toilet tank, begin with checking the seals of the bowl and the tank.

Then carefully check the tank for a crack especially in the porcelain. Also, you have to attend both on the inside and the outside of the tank to observe it properly.

Location Cracks In The Toilet Bowl

While you getting water on the floor around or near your toilet, there is a possibility of leakage in the bowl.

Remember that when you flush your toilet, water may come from the leak, so during the flush just check the crack around the toilet bowl that is generating the leak. Although it can be perplexing to identify the cracks in a bowl, so it is better to check the cracks regularly.

  • A Crack in the toilet bowl above the water level that requiring to be guided. If you detect a crack in your toilet bowl, it doesn’t make a leak at least the reason it’s close to an area that doesn’t have normally water going through it. Figure out all sides of the crack to prevent its growth. And for future reference, a picture can be fruitful too.
  • A toilet bowl crack below the water level is so much complex. The reason for the shape of the toilet bowl, it is as good as impossible to seek out the actual source. So if you can find out the crack in the bowl which holds water, then you necessary to replace the toilet.
  • In some cases, an invisible crack can be indicated by 2 separated signs such as stable water on the bathroom floor around your toilet, or absence of water. Where a little unseen leak can make the water impose on the floor at the bottom of the toilet.

Repairing Opportunities

If you encounter a hairline crack in the toilet bowl or the tank, fortunately, there is a great possibility to discontinue the leak by sealing that crack with inaccessible water epoxy.

Moreover, epoxy can be compatible with such cracks at the toilet base, like breakage or cracks around the bolts ascertain the toilet to the floor.

If the cracks occur below the waterline of a toilet bowl that is so challenging and you can attempt repairing them with epoxy.

Otherwise, you have an only option that is replacement maximum epoxies contain just 15 to 30 minutes of performing time before the clement starts to harden. You can also select the epoxy rated for use on tubs and sinks (porcelain).

Needed Materials and tools:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Waterproof epoxy
  • Sandpaper
  • Sponge and bucket
  • Putty knife

1. The Toilet Requiring Drain

At first turn off the water supply line of the toilet at the shutoff valve under your toilet tank. Turn the shutoff valve just clockwise until stopping.

Flush your toilet for draining the water from the bowl and tank. Alleviate remaining water in the bowl or tank, if needed, with a sponge and wipe the porcelain to dry.

2. The Repair Area Needs To Clean And Sand

Now clean the space around the crack area properly to assure there is no anything on the porcelain surface.

And using sandpaper you have to sand the area to roughen the top part (where you apply epoxy).

3. Necessary to Blend and Apply The Epoxy

Blend the two parts (resin and catalyst) of the epoxy as instructed by the manufacturer. Instantly apply the blended epoxy to the crack by spreader or putty knife. Smooth the epoxy for a superior looking.

You should apply the epoxy in due time (within the element’s performing time), generally no more than thirty minutes.

4. Refill Your Toilet and Test

In the last step, open the shutoff valve of the toilet just turning its handle counter-clockwise. Now, require to refill the toilet tank, and flush your toilet at the same time test the leakage.


Although this is a great problem to fix or repair a hairline crack in a toilet, the perfect solution is also available here.

So, don’t worry about this just pay full attention to the discussion and solve your difficult problem.

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