How To Fix A Table Lamp Switch

How To Fix A Table Lamp Switch?

Table lamps are so workable light sources fitting in small spaces. But, if you think that your table lamp isn’t functioning perfectly, particularly it has appeared that the switch is broken or defective. Then you will require replacing or fixing that part, and you can also fix your lamp switch easily.

Don’t worry about your favourite table lamp, in case, the switch of it’s doesn’t work properly. Luckily, fixing a lamp switch is very simple; you need just a few tools as well as probably a cost-effective replacement switch. To fix a table lamp switch you have to pursue the following steps or procedures:

Procedure 1: At the first step, unplug your lamp. If it has been on, wait for 15 to 20 minutes in order that the light bulb is cool to the touch. When the bulb is cool, take aside it.

Procedure 2: If it is the metal light bulb holder, take control of it at the same time unscrew it from the switch just counterclockwise. And put the metal holder apart.

Procedure 3: Check the switch, you will observe that the power cord basically comprises of two different electrical wires attaching to the switch only by short brass screws.

Also, you can tighten the screws using a little Phillips head and need to replace the metal bulb holder together bulb, to test it plug in the lamp. Sometimes, a defective lamp switch is a reason for the wires coming loose so no require to be replaced. When the lamp doesn’t work again follow procedures 1 and 2.

Procedure 4: Take control of the two distinct wires close to where they turn down into the body or frame of the lamp and then pull up. You will look at 6ˊˊ of the electrical cord to hold it. This process won’t fall behind your lamp body while disconnected from the switch.

Procedure 5: In this stage, you have to unscrew the two brass screws, and then disconnect the wires from the switch.

Procedure 6: Remove the collar on the external stem of the switch using a pair of needle-nose pliers. Afterwards, unscrew the stem and eliminate it. Now you can take aside the switch itself from the interior of the lamp.

Procedure 7: Set your replacement switch by overturning these procedures. Gather again your lamp and you are committed.


There are various types of lamps switches are available so you can replace just modify the fixture. Examine the fixture and find it in your local hardware store for better fitting. Take into account fixing only the part (lamp switch) instead of the whole fixture.

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