How To Install Electric Shower Head

How To Install Electric Shower Head?

Electric shower brings water from the cardinals cold water supply. It is perfect for households if there any insufficiency of hot water.

After switching on the shower tap, water heats up as it passes through a heating component inside the shower. Hence, it doesn’t spend your hold on hot water. Follow these guides to putting in an electric shower, the ways to prepare and also the tools you wish for the duty.

Preparation For Installation

An electric shower could be a comparatively simple system to put in, so many factors need to be thought of beforehand. Electric shower necessitates a minimum water force to work and also needs a required minimum flow rate. You have to check the specific information about the electric shower, which is included in the instruction guide.

Assess your measurements to assure that the shower handset is appropriate for all to use, whether it’s high enough for the tallest person probably to use it, nevertheless low for youngsters to use. Now, clean the area before installation and clear muddle to permit yourself much space to work well.

Materials For Installation:

  • Masonry bit
  • Power drill
  • Pipe cutter
  • Half-inch copper branch pipe
  • Double pole pull-switch
  • Yellow and green wire sleeving
  • Stopcock

Installing An Electric Shower

Install Electric Shower Head

Plumbing: Choose a secure, convenient location to put in the shower. An electrical shower needs plumbing solely to cardinals cold water with a 15mm diam pipe. Then, make dots on the wall you want to install the shower portion and then drill holes with the right-sized masonry bit.

Now, you need to use the drill for making a hole on the wall to set the branch pipe to link the showerhead with the main water valve. After that, cut up the branch pipe and enter into the hole. Connect a stopcock at the last point of the pipe and check out the pointer is indicating over the showerhead.

Then, connect the T-joint with the rising cardinals and tighten as required, then you need to cut an extra part of the conjunctive pipe to connect the T-joint with the stop-cock, and joint the branch pipe with the main valve.

Now, adjust the showerhead with the ending point of the branch pipe, then set the shower unit with the wall on the pilot holes. Finally, connect the flexible spray hose with the shower unit as well as the showerhead.

Electric works: At first, you have to make a hole in the upper surface, then connect the mounting board to join the pull-switch backplate. Then, run an electric circuit cable across the mounting board at the top of the ceiling; leave an adequate measure of cable on the switch position.

After that, strip back the remaining cable on the switch to uncover one black, one red, and a couple of bare wires. Now, entwine the bare wires among them, and do the same thing on the ground wires, right before you cover them separately with yellow and green sleeving.

You have to link up the wires with the pull-switches “E” terminal, then join the red wire with the “L” terminal, and then the black wire with the “N” terminal. Now, divest the cable connected with the shower unit, as previous, to bring out one black, one red, and a couple of bare wires. Join the wires located at the shower unit with the mains terminal of the pull switch.

Now, you need to connect the black wire with the “N” terminal, the red wires with the “L” terminal, and the bare wires with the “E” terminal. After that, you need to cover the bare wires with yellow or green sleeving before connecting them with the terminal.

Now, run the shower to flush through if there any dirt in the system. Go for the water flow with the full power, until finally released all air. Switch the shower off once again and join the showerhead with the hose before eventually checking that the shower unit placed at a comfortable temperature.


The given information will be a great help for you, and now you know the complete guideline to install the showerhead. The guides are so precise and clear that you can install this within a couple of minutes.

The proper rule to install a showerhead is to do it carefully and have patience. After installing the showerhead, you have no longer need to hurry to shower or tremble in cold water once again.

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