How To Paint A Bathroom

How To Paint A Bathroom

There are some specific steps that you need to follow while painting your bathroom. As bathroom walls get steamy and hot for the humid environment, you need to be more careful while painting a bathroom wall than that of standard room walls.

The procedure of painting a bathroom wall is as follows, step by step:

1. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you should wash the bathroom walls at the time of painting.

You can use the solution of sugar soap and get a sponge to clean the dirt and spots, and after that, you have to rewash the walls for removing the traces that occurred from soap with warm water.

2. Now you have to make the surface of the bathroom wall smooth otherwise, the final finishing will not be flawless.

You can use sandpaper for removing the flakes for making the wall smoother. If you don’t use paints with moisture resistance, the paint finish may peel or flake.

3. At this stage, you have to put masking tapes on those things that you won’t paint and need to protect from paint stain as the tiles, toilet, knobs etc.

4. At stage four, using the paintbrush cut around the edges and wall for sharp finishing.

5. Pour bathroom paints in the paint tray little by little for applying the paint with the roller evenly. Apply in “W” sections while using the first coating.

6. At last, give plenty of time to dry out the fist coating of the paint before removing the masking tapes or starting the second coating.


The process of painting the bathroom walls is a bit different from the other walls. If you follow the above steps while painting the bathroom walls, hopefully, there will be no flaw in the finishing and the paint will be long-lasting as well.

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