How To Repair A Table Lamp

How To Repair A Table Lamp?

A table lamp helps you to make your working and learning environment much more efficient. If you want to repair your old table lamp, this is one of the easiest DIY lighting strategies you can accomplish.

Present in most households like repairing the old lamp because it gives also the better opportunity creating an upgraded look that suits in latest styles.

To repair your table lamp you have to complete several steps. These are:

1. Take Aside The Bulb And Lampshade

To start your repairing function, you will require separating the lamp. Then unscrew the bulb from the socket and remove the lampshade.

2. Eliminate The Socket

Normally, maximum sockets include two basic parts- the cap and the shell. The shell is the component containing the switch and the sockets, whereas the cap just snaps onto the shell as well as a screw to the lamp spindle.

Now, you need to unscrew the socket shell from the socket cap. Exclude the wires adjusted to the socket shell, but you should not eliminate the socket cap exactly yet.

3. Remove The Old Plug And Old Cord

Apply a pair of wire cutters to cut the plug properly from the cord, as we are going to replace the plug and cord thoroughly. So pull the cord and the socket shell from the top of the lamp.

Now check the socket cap connects to the spindle. In case, you notice there is a set screw, loosen it prior to unscrewing the socket cap from the spindle. Thereafter, unscrew the spindle instant from the table lamp base.

4. Ready Up The New Cord

Now you can rebuild your table lamp. Use the wire strippers at the beginning to strip both ends of the replacement cord with approximately a half-inch.

If the cord is a cloth-covered antique cord, you should apply scissors to trim behind the cloth another quarter to half-inch at the same time wrap the ends of the cloth covering by electrical tape to avoid fraying.

5. Thread Your Recent Cord Through The Lamp

It is time to thread the wire through the spindle as well as rejoin the spindle to the lamp base.

Then, thread the cord through the bottom of the recent socket cap, necessary to screw the cap to the spindle together tighten properly the setscrew of the cap if it holds only one.

6. Adjust The New Socket

In this stage, pull through around 4 inches of the recent cord, divide the two wires and tie them into the underwriter’s knot. However, the underwriter’s knot helps to obstruct the cord from becoming unexpectedly pulled loose from the lamp base’s bottom space.

Adjust the positive (black) ware to the specific brass screw terminal. After that, adjust the neutral (white) wire to another screw terminal in a similar process. Snap the socket shell rightly to the socket cap.

7. Adjust The New Plug

Separate the plug along with connecting it to the other end of the cord in a similar way, white wire to the silver terminal as well as black wire to the brass terminal. Integrate the plug after you have connected the wires.

8. Replace The Lampshade And The Bulb

This step will inform you about how it is possible to replace the bulb and the lampshade. When you replace the lampshade and the bulb you can realize that your task is done.

Also, you can buy the lamp replacement components at any hardware store or home centre, because these components are mostly standard.


Table lamps are mainly lighting devices that have fruitful lighting technology and various designs.

Fixing or repairing your table lamp to create a wonderful and renovating appearance is a great idea.

The above discussion will assist you to understand the structure of your table lamp and entire repairing procedures.

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