How To Replace A Toilet Seat

How To Replace A Toilet Seat?

Sometimes customers find it hard to replace a toilet seat in their new bathroom. They keep asking about easy methods to replace a toilet seat in their new elegant bathroom. A classic and elegant bathroom needs a proper toilet to increase the looks of your bathroom.

If you are willing to replace an old or damaged toilet seat, this simple guide will show you how to do it step-by-step. It will help you to replace the old toilet seat with a brand new one. Sometimes it feels good to do work by yourself without any professional.

If you are confident to do so, then the guides will assist you during the installation. Otherwise, always appoint an experienced and decent plumber. This guide will describe to you, the removing and fitting procedure of toilet seats for square, D-shape, regular toilet seat, soft close toilet seat and round shape toilet seat. To assist you during the replacement, here is a simple step-by-step guide to replacing a toilet seat:

Necessary Tools For Replacing

Replace A Toilet Seat

Every step needs different tools to do its work properly. To start the bathroom sink set up, few tools will be needed. You will need a bunch of tools to replace a toilet seat, but most of them are available at home.

There are few new toilet seats that come with the required tools to replace a toilet seat, but erstwhile, you need to manage every tool. Before replacing the seat, it’s good to wear protective gloves as well as cleaning the toilet.

1. Select The Right Toilet Seat

If you have already purchased a toilet seat, then you can ignore this step. Before removing the old toilet seat, you need to ensure the measurements of the toilet. Wear your protective gloves and take hold of a tape measure.

There is a lot of variety of sizes and shapes in the market. So you need to measure using your tape to get the right size and shape for your toilet. Measure the toilet seat to get the proper measurement.

If you want to measure a brand new toilet without a seat, then you have to measure from the middle part of the adjusting holes to the middle of the toilet bowl. Then measure the widest points for getting the width. After finding out the size, now you can pick out a toilet seat that meets with these measurements, budget, and style.

2. Removing A Toilet Seat

Removing Toilet Seat

Most of the toilet seats in the market attach to the toilet. Also, the toilet fittings are held together with 02 bolts, conceal with 02 plastic caps on the back of a toilet seat. You have to use your flat top screwdriver to take off the plastic cap s, which can be hard enough for an old seat.

Work on around the plastic cap as you like with the screwdriver and remove it carefully. After taking off the plastic cap, you will find the bolts, keeping the toilet seat in place. Below the toilet, the bolts are jutting out, which holds firmly with two nuts or wingnuts.

You need to use the pliers for keeping the nuts secure and unscrew the nuts with a screwdriver. Some toilet seats may held in place using a little different fitting, but they all work in the same way generally. So if yours one is different, dont need to be worry just take a look around the fittings and you will find a way to work out how to detach it.

3. Fit A New Toilet Seat

After you successfully removed the old toilet seat, now you need to set the new one. Now you have to take the provided fittings that come with the new toilet seat and ready to set up. The manufacturer will give you instructions on the new toilet seat to ensure that you can assemble them correctly.

You can easily set up the toilet seat following the instruction manual. Now join the new fittings with your hands to stiffen up the nuts. You have to be very careful not to excess tighten the nuts at this time as you will likely want to fix them once you have set up the toilet seat.

Now you have to place the brand new toilet seat on the toilet and align the fittings on the rear of the toilet seat. Make it confirm that you placed the toilet seat on the center of the toilet bowl and then stiffened up the nuts until you are satisfied. You may need a wrench or pliers at this time to tighten them.


The given information will be a great help for you, and now you know the complete guideline to replace the toilet seat. The guides are so precise and clear that you can install this within a couple of minutes.

The proper rule to replace the toilet seat is to do it carefully and have patience. Also, using the necessary tools, that described earlier to do every single step. If you are not confident and capable enough to follow the guides or removing the toilet seat and install the sink, then appoint an expert and well-reputed plumber to replace the toilet seat.

A toilet is the main component of a bathroom. Once you have done it properly, your bathroom will look fabulous. Your elegant and stylish bathroom needs proper decoration and works on it. So, you need to pay attention to how your bathroom is looking.

Also, you need to keep your toilet seat clean and hygienic. You can easily clean your toilet with soapy water. The top-quality materials and designed toilet give the ultimate comfort and luxury. It also brings a smile to your family as well as guests.

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