How To Reset Salter Bathroom Scales

How To Reset Salter Bathroom Scales?

Salter bathroom scales are essential for knowing your accurate weight measurement. However, sometimes the weight scale may show the inaccurate result which may distract you. In this article, we are going to guide you on resetting the salter weight machine to get the exact product without any error.

In this era, people are extra conscious about their weight and tend to have a balanced weight according to their BMI calculation. As a result, nowadays, people undergo different types of diet and exercise plans that help them to reduce their weight and also let them live a healthy life.

For this reason, people use bathroom weight scales to get an idea about their importance and even to know about the effects of a balanced diet and exercise.

A bathroom scale measures the weight with the included spring that changes its place to show the importance of the person standing over it. You will find a bathroom scale near or in the bathroom.

Using a bathroom scale for a long time can give inexact weight measurement and also may not work efficiently. For bringing the proper function of the bathroom scale back, you may need to reset the bathroom scale.

However, resetting is the last option for getting a correct result. You have to try some other steps to get the actual product from the weight scale, and if it still doesn’t work, then you need to reset the scale. Before resetting the scale, you may follow the below steps:

Set the Salter Scale

First of all, you have to expose the included compartment of the battery that you will find inside the device and then you need to remove a strip under the shower which separates the machine from the battery.

After that, close the compartment of the battery very carefully as it is a sensitive part then use the switch that you will find the underside of the weight device and select lb, St and KG weight mode. After selecting your required weight mode, you need to keep the weight scale on a flat surface.

Use of Salter Scale

You can activate the salter bathroom scale with a tap on the platform, and you have to wait till the scale adjusts into zero. Once the scale comes into zero-step on the scale and looks the weight it displays after you’re stepping on.

The weight reading does not stay on the screen for a long time, and the machine will automatically shut down after some seconds of stepping down.


There are some facts that you should keep in mind while using a salter scale for getting the accurate result from it. It would help if you stood static without any movement so that you can get the stable weight measurements.

If you move or bend, the machine will detect the moves and will provide an inaccurate result with your every movement. Besides, you should bear the maximum weight measurement of the device as exceeding the maximum limit can damage the machine as well as may show wrong weight reading.

Lastly, the engine may show inaccurate reading if there is any problem with the battery. You will have to replace the battery if there is any problem to get the exact result from your salter bathroom weight machine.

Now if you have gone through all the steps and still you are getting the wrong product from your salter scale then resetting the scale is a must.

Reset the salter scale

Resetting the salter scale will help to provide an accurate result without any error. For resetting the plate, first of all, you have to pull the battery out very carefully so that you don’t damage the adjacent sensitive parts. After getting the battery out of a machine, you need to wait for a minute for putting the battery back the device.

Now, activate the engine by simply pushing it and push it again after it turns on. Now, the scale will automatically read zero and will turn off immediately. At this stage, the machine will continue its usual functions.


If you are getting faulty results, resetting the salter weight machine can provide you with the accurate reading of your weight.

So before throwing away or going for the expert advice, you may reset your device which can give you the exact weight result as the new one.

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