how to use a dehumidifier

How To Use A Dehumidifier?

If you are newly using a dehumidifier and wondering about how to use it, this will be an effective read for you. We have tried to mention the nuts and bolts of the usage and procedure of using a dehumidifier.

In this write-up, we will get 6 amazing tips to use the dehumidifier which will make it easier for you to use and maintain it also to get the best performance. Before starting to use a humidifier you need to look after the following issues:

1. Determining the Suitable Size

Determining the Suitable Size Dehumidifier

There are a lot of dehumidifiers in the market of different sizes such as big, mini, medium size, etc. The performance of your dehumidifier will also depend on the type of dehumidifier you choose for your room.

Before getting a dehumidifier you have you have to make sure that you are choosing the right one for fulfilling your requirements.

Getting worried about choosing the right size? You don’t need to because we are here to assist you to choose the accurate size.

If you are trying to reduce humidity and moulds in the entire house you will have to get a whole home pack. But, if you want to remove humidity from specific places such as guitar case, gun safe, car or boat cabin a mini dehumidifier will be enough for you.

You can go for the Eva-dry dehumidifiers and choose the appropriate size according to your requirement and need.

2. Getting the Right Setting

You need to set the dehumidifier properly to get the best performance from it which is between 30% to 50%. So, you have to figure out the optimal relative moisture level first.

According to experts, the optimal relative moisture level is 30% to 50%. If the humidity level is below this level you may feel severe dryness on the other hand if the humidity is above this level it can generate bacteria.

However, in colder weather, the moisture level should be between 30%-40% for preventing window condensation.

3. NOT Placing the Dehumidifier Beside Wall

The placement of your dehumidifier can affect the performance so finding a perfect position for your dehumidifier is very much important.

Dehumidifiers suck the damp air, remove the excess moisture and humidity then discharged the fresh air. So if you place the dehumidifier against the wall or a surface it will block the intake and exhaust vents which will reduce the performance of the unit.

Right Placement of a Dehumidifier

For attaining the best performance from your dehumidifier you need to install it in an area with excellent air circulation.

You should place the dehumidifier at least 6 inches away from the wall and surface so that it doesn’t block the vents. The capacity, draining capability and size will also impact the positioning of the dehumidifier

4. Considering the Impact of Weather

considering the impact of weather

The usage and setting of the dehumidifier will also depend on the weather and season. It is quite challenging to set the dehumidifier properly for the first-timers in different weather.

As there is more moisture and humidity in the air during the hotter months, it is easy to run the device at that time. However, in winter you have to consider two facts while using the dehumidifier.

As the dehumidifiers attract humidity and moisture they can get cold. The coolness of the machine can freeze the collected water which can damage it.

Besides, during freezing winter it is better to use dehumidifiers that rely on charcoal or silica desiccants. Running the dehumidifier in cold winter can damage your device so you need to always be careful about the settings with the season change.

5. Draining the Water Tray

Like any other electronic device regular care and proper maintenance is important to increase longevity as well as to get the best outcome. You have to take care of several things to make your dehumidifier run properly.

You should clean the filters every 6 months for avoiding the stock-up of dust and other elements which may reduce the effectiveness of the device. Do regular dusting outside of the dehumidifier particularly near the vents. Periodically empty the water reservoir and check out the coils for ensuing if it is functioning properly.

The lid of the Eva-dry dehumidifier doesn’t come off so we will suggest you raise the tank with a mixture of vinegar or bleach and water to clean the unit. Also, you have to turn your machine off for a while to give it some rest.

As the motor runs hard for sucking the air in and exhaling it out you should turn it off for twenty minutes a day so that your device can work efficiently and provide you fresh air with optimal humidity and moisture level.

6. Some Safety Tips

Whenever you are running a dehumidifier safety is a major concern. The dehumidifiers contain water and it connects to the electricity as well. If you are not careful enough with your dehumidifier it can cause severe trouble for you.

You should always go through the manufacturers’ instruction and user manual to ensure the safe use of the dehumidifier. For example, you should connect your dehumidifier with a 3-point outlet that is properly grounded.

Make sure you are not using an extension cord, outlet multi-adapter or plugging your device into a surge protector.

Never pull a plugged-in cable out of the wall directly. Since the device contains water you should take these measures to avoid electric shocks.

Controlling Excess Humidity

As you know the usage and maintenance of the humidifier by now properly, you can start using it to control the optimal humidity level and reduce the excess moisture from the air.

The usage of a dehumidifier will provide fresh and healthy breathable air to your family by keeping the moisture level at an ideal level and reducing the growth of mould, mould spores, bacteria, musty smell and odours.

Before you start to use a dehumidifier it is extremely vital to know about the usage, placement, maintenance and care of the device.

Otherwise, your machine will not dehumidify the air properly and there will be no benefit of using a dehumidifier by paying energy bills.

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