Is It Safe To Put Baby Bottles In The Dishwasher

Is It Safe To Put Baby Bottles In The Dishwasher?

A great number of feedings are mostly requiring for babies. Where in infant feeding, baby bottles are the most necessary items.

So it is an extremely important task to wash baby bottles to prevent parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses from the outside environment. To ensure your baby’s safe and healthy life you should properly wash the feeding tools.

However, using a dishwasher you can wash the baby bottles very quickly and effectively.

What is more, if your baby bottles are clearly labelled dishwasher safe, then surely you are able to wash them not only by the hard but also using dishwasher.

Baby Bottles Cleaning Procedure

At first, you need to separate the individual parts of the bottles such as nipples, valves, caps, sealing rings etc. This is also the same type of method for washing in a dishwasher or washing by hand.

Every part should be cleaned properly under running water prior to loading them into the dishwasher. Sometimes the dishwasher cannot remove the milk particles easily.

Put lid, nipple and the bottle in the top of the dishwasher more gently. A dishwasher basket is appropriate to keep the sippy cup lids and the nipple. It contains clips to put the nipple upright while washing and avoid small parts from falling to your dishwasher bottom.

Usually, a dishwasher uses hot water during running to kill germs on cleaned items; even you should assure that the baby bottles are always dishwasher safe to counteract the dishwasher sanitation cycle. Operate the hot-water cycle together with the heated drying cycle. A few dishwashers have a sanitizing programme.

When finished with the washing programme, you should allow the baby bottles to dry properly interior the machine before getting them out for storage. And prior to drying them you require sterilizing the baby bottles.

Remember it you need to wash your hands well-handed while you remove your baby bottles from the dishwasher.

Keep In Mind When Using A Dishwasher

During you wash the baby bottles in the dishwasher machine makes it more convenient and easier for you, where there are a few things you should remember:

Exact Placement For Bottle

Carefully place the baby bottles in your dishwasher. It is the best system if you setting them with the opening face down for fruitful cleaning.

While continuing the method, the bottles require to be safe and prevent falling over during the method. If it falls, then you will also need to sterilize it.


You should not wash the baby bottles together with dishes that contain food or stain like pasta sauce.

During the cleaning process, it is automatically get splattered over the baby bottles under the high temperature.

Discoloured And Damaged

If you frequently use your dishwasher to wash your baby bottles, you should be conscious about the bottles will be damaged so rapidly than cleaning by hand. And discolouration the baby bottles notify baked milk fats when improper rinsing and watering process. Your baby bottles may be damaged to high temperatures.

The baby relies strongly on bottles for their accretion before moving to the subsequent stage of life. So you should not overlook the good cleaning baby feeding bottles.

During the cleaning process, keep in mind to do it not only effectively but also very safely. The basic thing is to wash your baby bottle instantly after using, cleaning and rinsing absolutely, then drying properly for the next feeding.


At last, it is extremely important to clean the baby feeding bottles thoroughly for their healthy life. And, you can do this function quickly using a dishwasher.

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