Modern Electric Shower Head

Modern Electric Shower Head

From this worthy content, you will be able to achieve definitely a deep concept about the 7 best reliable and modern electric shower heads.

These are so convenient to use delivering you an outstanding shower experience with comfort feels as well.

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Modern Electric Head Reviews 2023

Here are our 7 best modern electric power showers in the UK market in 2023.

1. Mira Showers 1.1634.156

 Mira Showers 1.1634.156

  • Material: Frosted Glass, Plastic, Metal
  • Style: Dual shower
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted
  • Finish: Polished

Mira Showers 1.1634.156 is one of the most innovative, new dual shower systems providing you with a luxurious showering experience. This dual electric modern shower features Mira patented technology, two showerheads, thermostatic temperature stability and a frosted glass fascia equipped with chrome looks.

Also thanks to Mira Clearscale technology where the electric shower lives longer with an average 50% reduction in limescale. You can easily operate this diverting between the bountiful 20 cm overhead and the 9 cm handset, really both are so effective.

On the other side, the Sensi-flo technology of Mira Showers boosts to prevent scalding when your showerhead or hose becomes blocked and phased turn-off flushes hot water from the water tank to make it secure for the following user.

The overall systems of Mira are so upgraded, by pushing the on or off button you can leave the power and temperature which conducts your preferred settings. Separate power and temperature management to excellent tune your proper shower.


2. Bristan BL3105

Bristan BL3105

  • Material: ABS
  • Style: Single
  • Colour: Black
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted
  • Finish: Coated

Our Bristan BL3105 modern electric power shower is designed to be sleek and eye-catching style, with high gloss finishes as well as ideal quality chrome shower kits and large showerheads for an exhilarating shower experience.

The footprint of the shower set is fixed to set extra existing placements; and if your previous shower is a UK brand, the Bristan BL3105 electric shower will suit the electric inlets together with covering only existing fixing holes.

The sleek and modern design adds touch controls for on or off and power functions. You can adjust your optimum temperature, once reached the on or off button stops flashing. Besides, Bristan includes an anti-limescale characteristic that minimizes the build-up of limescale just by flushing cold water through the shower offer use.

It also contains a digital display to see the temperature and a 15 mm push-fit inlet connection. To get longer-lasting shower performance you can pursue the working pressure between 0.7 bar and 10 bar.



3. Triton Shower RECOL209GSWHT

Triton Showers RECOL209GSWHT

  • Colour: White Gloss
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Size: 9.5 kW

Triton Shower RECOL209GSWHT is one kind of convenient item so you can enjoy a hot water shower as your demand, 24 hours a day. It ensures the latest British designs, services and engineering, are trusted by the trade and homeowners alike.

This model is basically tested 50,000 times to confirm the greatest levels of quality and working capability. Triton is also equipped with ease of placement for fast, hassle-free fitting. Just needs mains cold water feed as well as an electrical connection.

This affordable and modern electric power shower in the UK is easy to use, including illuminated soft-touch buttons, and separate temperature and flow controls. It is quietly possible to experience electric showers, mixer showers and power showers; the most economical only heat the water during a shower.

Triton is a largely 3-spray pattern shower system giving you a 2-year full parts and labour guarantee. It can reduce the build-up of limescale, and 1.25 m anti-twist hose to prevent kinks.


4. Aqualisa QZE9521

Aqualisa QZE9521

  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: 9.5 kW
  • Colour: white
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

Aqualisa QZE9521 ensures the supreme quality product, the modern electric shower head is designed to increase any bathroom style. This shower model is absolutely a compact design that allows impressive use features to provide sensational showering enjoyment every time.

This renowned brand is so popular for performance, power and reliability built to especially the highest engineering specifications offering a 9.5 kW power rating. Our 105 mm harmony shower head provides also amazing 5 spray patterns, choosing from a concentrated inner setting to an enjoyable outer spray.

Easy to use with the push button, smooth glide temperature control with LED indicator Aqualisa gives you a refreshing shower experience, delivering instant got shower even protecting you and your family from over temperature.

It conforms to BEAB safety standards, reduces the build-up of limescale, phased shutdown feature, and anti-twist hose connection, overall perfect for mains cold water systems only.



5. Mira Showers 1.1746.008

Mira Showers 1.1746.008

  • Colour: white/chrome
  • Shape: Round
  • Wattage: 10.8 kW
  • Style: Stand Alone

The Mira Showers 1.1746.008 comes with many technological advancements and an outstanding design appropriate choice for your luxury bathroom. It has promoted pressure-stabilized temperature control which leads to your preferable showering temperature being consistent.

The modern electric shower head in the UK delivers a sensational spray pattern and performance that is fully different from other electric shower systems on the market. A world-recording Airboost flow technology helps you to feel a more powerful shower.

With an exclusive Mira clear scale mechanism, it reduces limescale build-up by up to 50% (longer-lasting). On the other side, the Sensi-flo technology obstructs the risk of scalding the time of temperature fluctuations, safer bathing for all.

It also includes a large 110 mm 4 spray setting with rub-clean nozzles; the opti-flo allows water flow throughout the year. The Mira Showers provide phased shutdown flushes hot water, secured for the next user.



6. Bristan GLE3105

Bristan GLE3105

  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: Coated
  • Wattage: 10.5 kw
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

Bristan GLE3105 modern electric shower in the UK assures the best quality product, particularly special and famous for great British design and fine engineering. It performs in an excellent way every time.

It adopts outstanding technology to give you the highest functionality and smart features. The Bristan GLE3105 model can minimize scale build-up that leads to enjoying an extended product life.

However, this electric shower set is mainly equipped to make your installation work easier and quicker; it will use your existing fixings and holes to match in the same spot as your current shower system.

You can easily use and maintain the Britain where there is no requirement to scrub, limescale grow-up can be smoothly wiped off the nozzles of the shower product. Most importantly, for peace of mind, we give you prolonged warranties and ultra-support from a 70-expert team of friendly service.



7. Triton Showers MOSVO7SG

Triton Showers MOSV07SG

  • Material: Chrome
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Shape: Round
  • Colour: White

The Triton Showers MOSVO7SG model comes with several useful features; its contemporary style and sleek look design make your bathroom more exceptional. This modern electric shower head is not only suitable for an exciting bath but also offers a 2-year full parts and labour guarantee.

The shower head is very convenient, and hot water available on-demand, to give a refreshing shower it heats cold water instantly as well as heats your water during the showering period for economical purposes.

It allows perfect power control – cold, eco, high; separate temperature and flow controls system. Triton is an easy clean shower head containing a single spray pattern simple to install, and requires a mains cold water feed with an electrical connection.

This luxury electric shower head provides multiple cable and water entry points because of the replacement, 1.25 m anti-twist hose to eliminate kinks; also the highest static pressure is 10 bars.




If you want to make your bathroom a more stylish and unique look, this is the best way to place a modern electric shower. So, select your likeable option from our above-mentioned models which fulfils your requirements.

However, the Mira Showers 1.1634.156 is a great-functioning brand than the others.

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