Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher UK

Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher UK 2023 — According to Experts

Nowadays many people want to save water, energy evens their money using a compact dishwasher.

So, to pick the most energy-efficient dishwasher in the UK our following brands exactly ensure the premium quality. You can choose the perfect item for your modern kitchen.

Top 9 Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher Reviews

Here are our 9 most energy-efficient dishwasher in the UK market.

1. Bosch SMS24AW01G

Bosch SMS24AW01G

  • Standard capacity cycle: 12 place settings
  • Product Dimension: 60*60*84.5 cm
  • Energy efficiency: A+
  • Noise level: 50 dB
  • Form Factor: freestanding

The Bosch SMS24AW01G dishwasher comes with plenty of special features for you like 4 convenient washing programmes, 3/6/9 hour delay timer LED display, height-adjustable top basket etc. This is a very easy-to-use but modern design, freestanding installation procedure a welcoming item of your kitchen.

Most importantly, it is a quite energy-efficient dishwasher- awarded an A+ energy level which helps to make the highest savings on the energy bills reducing the bad effect on your environment especially, Eco silence Drive with advanced motor offering the best performance at 50 dB of noise.

This dishwasher is designed with extra- spacious inside 12 place settings and adjustable places to assure that cutlery and dishes of all shapes and sizes will match easily. It allows overall flexibility between 3 height positions and 2 foldable shelves (cup) as well as the racking space.

Bosch SMS24AW01G is a smart dishwasher that required less amount of water to get optimal results. An innovative rinsing mechanism, it uses lower energy and water but provides maximum efficiency.

The glass protection technology gives the perfect care for your valuable glasses and delicate dishes. The Bosch dishwasher has the capability against flooding and powerful self-cleaning filter, Quick 45ºc wash and eco 50ºc programmes are absolute for better cleaning.


2. Cookology Dishwasher

Cookology Dishwasher

  • Standard capacity cycle: 6 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A+
  • Form factor: freestanding, Built-in
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Colour: white

Are you looking for the best energy-efficient dishwasher? Cookology Dishwasher is a superior option that is more hygienic, water-saving and a convenient kitchen appliance in your house.

This dishwasher ensures the compact size and stylish white colour design especially suitable for any kitchen. The 6 place settings allow enough interior space for small families or bachelors.

The countertop installation style as well as you can place in a perfectly sized cupboard, under the sink too. It can be fitted to the kitchen tap and you can connect a proper adaptor like 3/4´´ *1/2´´ bush or 22mm*3/4´´coupler.

The Cookology Dishwasher contains 7 useful cleaning programmes and 3 supporting indicators (water softener, rinse aid and salt). All programmes are so effective and give you optimal washing performance all-time.

This compatible mini size dishwasher offers a better energy level (A+) saving your monthly bills. The noise levels are only 49 dB while running, tolerable sound but not disturbing. Particularly cookology brand is a most attractive modern, faster and powerful product.


3. COMFEE Dishwasher

COMFEE' Dishwasher TD602E-W

  • Standard capacity cycle: 6 place settings
  • Product Dimensions: 55*50*43.8 cm
  • Energy efficiency: F
  • Material: plastic, metal
  • Colour: white

The COMFEE Dishwasher is one of the compact and modern design dishwashers which including 6 place settings capacity. With a useful and flexible shelf and racking system fitting up to sixty-three pieces of tableware as well as a plate shape of up to 250 mm, a perfect size for two or three people.

It has versatile washing options involving intensive, Eco, universal, rapid, 90 min and glass offers a high elasticity to provide excellent cleaning results making your washing task incredibly convenient. The COMFEE handy Dishwasher has been equipped with exact for simple using, the control panel and easy icons naturally you can select to operate this on the LED display. And the indicators will call up to refill rinse aid in time.

The other important feature of this dishwasher is it allows the delayed start function. The option is to delay the cycle between 1 and 24 hours at the same time it has great running capability at low noise (47 dB) with complete flexibility.

COMFEE Dishwasher is installed on a countertop or a compatible sized cupboard. It requires only a water supply and outlet, the control console is a full panel. Mostly effective for energy, the energy consumption rate is 174 kWh annually.



4. Hoover HDPN1L390PW

Hoover HDPN1L390PW

  • Product Dimensions: 60*60*85 cm
  • Standard capacity cycle: 13 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A+++ to D
  • Form Factor: freestanding
  • Colour: white

Hoover HDPN1L390PW dishwasher is a very stylish kitchen appliance that is full Wi-Fi connected and remotely controlled, managed or monitored by the Hoover’s Wizard app.

This dishwasher can wash 13 place settings at a time, including an adjustable top basket which is perfect for loading bigger pots. The inner design is also more spacious suitable for medium-sized families.

It consumes 295-kilowatt hours the energy per year and the level of its is A+++ to D, uses a less amount of water, with greater performance Hoover also helps to save your money, energy and water.

The white Hoover HDPN1L390PW freestanding dishwasher allows the Eco cleaning programme which is extremely efficient for energy. It is an effortless using device, has the LED touch control display creates so easier.

The delay start timer cycle is up to 9 hours. To take the advantage of lower rate energy tariffs by setting the Hoover dishwasher later or earlier in the day. At 54 dB it runs producing a minimum sound.



5. Samsung DW60M605FW

Samsung DW60M6050FW

  • Product Dimensions: 59.8*60*84.5 cm
  • Standard capacity cycle: 14 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A++
  • Form Factor: freestanding
  • Colour: white

To enjoy the most water and energy-efficient dishwasher you can choose the fulfilling kitchen appliance called Samsung DW60M605FW. The A++ rating energy efficiency of this dishwasher helps you to economical in your life.

The overall dimension of the Samsung dishwasher is 84.5 cm in height, 60 cm in width and 59.8 cm in length. With 14 place settings, interior design allows an extra spacious modern dishwasher in the UK, an ideal item for a large family.

This dishwasher is very powerful, provides quiet operation quickly with greater performance. To fit the wider and taller dishes perfectly it has adjustable shelves and a racking facility.

The colour of the Samsung dishwasher is white, freestanding placement type with LED display system makes it easy to operate. The time-saving device can safely clean your kitchen cutlery in the limb 3rd rack.

Including some special programmes assist to wash the dishes properly. The 60 minutes cleaning and drying option are standard for less soiled items. On the other hand, 70ºc healthy rinsing removes all germs and bacteria from the dishes.


6. Hotpoint HFC2B19

Hotpoint HFC2B19

  • Product Dimensions: 850*600*600 mm
  • Standard capacity cycle: 13 place settings
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Energy level: A+
  • Form Factor: freestanding
  • Colour: white

For medium-sized households, the Hotpoint HFC2B19 dishwasher is a great selection. This is an extra-large dishwasher, more spacious inside where the total size is 850 mm height, 600 mm width and 600 mm depth; the weight is 43.1 kilograms.

In other words, the useful 5 programmes are intensive, Eco, normal, rapid 30 and pre-wash. All functions are most effective offer a likeable performance in a greater way.

With silent operation just at 49 dB sound level, the Hotpoint HFC2B19 is a pleasant machine for open plan families or living with adolescent children. The A+ class energy efficiency, convenient, powerful and faster dishwasher helps you to save both time and money.

The material of its stronger stainless steel ensures you the long time using the benefit. It also allows a 1-year labour warranty at the same time ten years parts warranty, so this is the best quality and super performing item.

This compact size dishwasher cleans up to 13 place settings, perfect for medium size household. Freestanding installing method, salt indicator lights and rinse aid makes the dishwasher easier.


7. Cookology Dishwasher

Cookology 8 Place Setting XL Dishwasher

  • Standard capacity cycle: 8 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A+
  • Form Factor: freestanding, Built-in
  • Colour: silver

Cookology Dishwasher is an awesome countertop dishwasher, a modern and attractive design suitable for your kitchen cupboard or worktop. You can also install it under the sink as well as possible to connect with the ideal water hose and a perfect adaptor like 3/4´´*1/2´´ bush or 3/4´´*22mm coupler.

The dishwasher has effective 8 cleaning functions, for example, normal, intensive, rapid, Eco, self-cleaning, glass, fruit wash and 90 minutes. All programmes are worthy of soiled crockery and offering the best and effective cleaning performance.

The Cookology Dishwasher comes with 12 months manufacturer guarantee together stronger quality product. Quite a noise level (52 dB) producing dishwasher performs in the better way without disturbing the family members.

Standard 8 place setting dishwasher is incredibly useful, hygienic, less water and energy-consuming item. The actual rate of water and energy consumption per year is just 2240 litres and 205 KWH respectively. The silver colour is fully unique and easily fits in any kitchen to increase the modern style.


8. Indesit DSIE2B10UKN

Indesit DSIE2B10UKN

  • Product Dimensions: 820H*448W*555D (mm)
  • Standard capacity cycle: 10 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A+
  • Form Factor: Built-in

Indesit DSIE2B10UKN dishwasher is slimline design compatible for smaller households or flats while providing a great capacity cycle- 10 place settings. The ample inner space has the proper cup shelves and racking system.

To clean your kitchen crockery quickly and smoothly this handy dishwasher plays a vital role. It has advantages 5 programmes where you can choose from a suitable option which is needed.

White colour and most energy-efficient dishwasher provisjdhdes A level washing performance. On the other hand, it is so faster, the drying quality is class A. A+ energy level is great due to saving your valuable money minimizing the cleaning time.

Fully integrated installation type, 10 years parts warranty and one-year labour warranty make the dishwasher more popular to the UK’s people, especially, peace of your mind.

Indesit DSIE2B10UKN produces only 51-decibel noise when operating, less than as a room conversation. The dishwasher has an Eco programme which uses less amount electricity and water. So, this is an effective brand to wash the utensils within a little time.


9. Neff S5111A50x1G

Neff S511A50X1G

  • Product Dimensions: 55*59.8*81.5 cm
  • Standard capacity: 12 place settings
  • Energy efficiency: A+
  • Form Factor: Built-in
  • Colour: white

The high quality, rewarding dishwasher model in the UK named Neff S5111A50x1G is a quiet energy-efficient dishwasher. The energy level is A+ saving your money on your monthly electricity bills.

Time-saving dishwasher has 12 place settings capacity, inside design is also helpful and extra-large space worthy item for a medium-size household (1-ton capacity). Particularly, the Eco 50 programme just consumes energy 290 KWH per hour relying on 280 ideal washing cycles.

It has an adjustable silver colour top basket, 2 foldable cup shelves and plate racks. You can easily operate this including LED indicators, electronic timer delay: 3,6 and 9 hours.

While running Neff dishwasher makes only 52 dB noise like people conversation in a room. But it allows A level cleaning accomplishment in a due time effortlessly.

The overall size of the dishwasher is height 81.5 cm, width 59.8 cm and depth 55 cm, controls process is fully integrated perfectly matching the dishwasher in any kitchen.


How Energy Efficient Is A Dishwasher?

It is a very important matter to measure the energy efficiency rating of a dishwasher. Improved efficiency can decrease greenhouse gas emissions and other contaminants as well as assist to lower water using and minimize electricity bills.

To clean the dishes properly saving your time a dishwasher is an essential appliance in any kitchen. A compact dishwasher is always economical and most energy-efficient. The lower electricity consumption for the appliance is considered more efficient to run as well.

Normally for a large family needed an economical and integrated dishwasher. The best energy rating of a dishwasher is A+++ to G (most efficient), money and time-saving.

The workable dishwasher contains a standard place setting to wash more plates, pots and cutlery together. An energy feasible machine uses also less amount of water allowing excellent drying performance.

At this time people are conscious about the economic and super running dishwasher where the power consumption level plays a significant role.

In terms of efficiency, energy, water and time consumptions are noticeable things while you purchasing a dishwasher. From our available and a wide range of styling, modern brands which are perfect for your kitchen, budget is also a considerable thing.

However, a large dishwasher is the most efficient consuming lower water and energy per load. By using power so efficiently you can protect your health and the household atmosphere.

On the other hands, a good energy efficiency level helps to avoid wasting more money and efforts too. Producing your desired results in an efficient dishwasher decreases the exploitation of natural resources.

The other things that will impact how economical is it to operate the dishwasher involve the level of soiling of your dishes set into the washer, as well as the efficiency and age of your dishwasher also.

When you decide to buy a useful dishwasher, you must carefully consider the water and energy-consuming rate if you want to use the machine regular basis or frequently. So for a small family, for cleaning purposes, a smaller dishwasher would be proper. And, large households generally require a broad amount of utensils to be washed where the larger dishwasher would be more appropriate.


To sum up this article, we can say that the above energy-efficient dishwasher reviews are extremely beneficial to select the best option that is required.

Therefore, the Bosch SMS24AW01G model is the exceptional one due to the A+++ to D rating energy level, proper capacity (12 litres) and four useful programmes.

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