Particle Board Vs Plywood Cabinets

Particle Board Vs Plywood Cabinets For Bathrooms

Particleboard and plywood are two common materials which we use to build our household furniture.

There are some specific differences between these two wooden materials and today we are going to show a comparison between Particleboard and plywood in the case of building bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Plywood cabinets are more durable, have better holders and are sturdier than particle board cabinets. However, there are many other factors to consider such as price, availability etc while building the cabinets.

If your requirements are not matching with plywood cabinets, you can go for the particleboard or mirror cabinets as well.

Structure of the Cabinets

There are two major elements in both kitchen and bathroom cabinets which are fronts and boxes.

There are some additional elements as the stiles, rails and side panels.

Cabinet Fronts

Cabinet fronts are completely different from drawer fronts and doors as those have a decorative outlook which is the major concern of people.

Some common styles of cabinet fronts are slab and shaker and the popular type of veneered wood is oak or cherry.

Cabinet Boxes

Cabinet Boxes

The major and most significant thing about a kitchen or bathroom cabinet in the box. You interchange the cabinet boxes also. You can customize the design of your cabinet according to your necessity and preference.

You can add any number of fronts, drawers and doors to make the cabinet convenient for you. The manufacturers may give you a single cabinet box and you can easily build any number of cabinets you want by customizing it.

Rails, Side Panels and Stiles

You can also interchange the decorative side panels, stiles and rails of the cabinets.

The vertical stiles and rails may be solid hardwood or veneered in the case of framed cabinets.

The Comparison Between the Particleboard and Plywood Cabinets

Before choosing any material you should keep in mind that the material of the bathroom and kitchen cabinets should be sturdy and strong so that it can hold heavier stuff.

Let’s jump into the thorough comparison between the particleboard and plywood.

Particleboard Cabinets

Particleboard Cabinets

Pros: Particleboard bathroom and kitchen cabinets are the most stable ones if the veneer stays in the proper place. These cabinets are widely available as well as inexpensive.

Cons: The particleboard can wrap after a specific time of use and also can get damaged by moisture. These cabinets are heavier too.

Particleboards or MDF remains stable as long as you can keep it dry. It will perform well as long as there is a coating of thermo-foil or wood and you will be able to use it for many years. The particleboard has many names as fiber-board, MDF or composite wood etc.

Plywood Cabinets

Pros: Plywood cabinets are stronger and sturdier than particle board cabinets. Also, these cabinets have less risk of damage from water as well as lighter in weight.

Cons: Plywood cabinets are much more expensive than particle board cabinets. So if you have a limited budget it’s better to go for an alternative option rather than plywood.

The cabinet-category plywood is different from construction-category plywood as they come with double piles, smoother finish and better lamination. As plywood cabinets are lighter you can easily install these in higher places.

Availability and Cost

Particle-board cabinets are generally less expensive than plywood cabinets as particleboard is required at about 30% less cost to manufacture.

Also, particle boards are more available and you can easily find them in IKEA, home depot and Lowe’s. However, plywood cabinets are not easy to find instantly but they are extremely strong and durable.

Manufacturers and Retailers of Cabinets

Particleboard Cabinet Boxes: Home Depot, IKEA and Lowe’s are renowned particle board cabinet box manufacturers and retailers. You can get your desired MDF cabinet boxes from them at a cheaper price.

Plywood Cabinets: You can get the plywood cabinets in the Kitchen cabinet kings, RTA cabinet store and the RTA store are famous retailers of plywood cabinets.

Particleboard/ Plywood Mixture Cabinets: You can get the cabinets having a mixture of MDF and plywood from 27Estore and Kraftmaid. You can also customize the material by paying an extra amount.

Both the plywood and particle board made bathroom and kitchen cabinets have some specific pros and cons. You can choose anyone according to your requirements and preferences.

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