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Small Toilet UK 2023 — According to Experts

To make the bathrooms more modern and stylish small toilet UK review will be a very auspicious collection.

From our sophisticated, compact and space-saving small size toilets, you can choose the suitable model that is convenient for your bathroom.

Top 9 Small Toilet Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 space saving toilet in the UK market.

1. Durovin Ceramic Toilet

Durovin Two Piece Ceramic Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 355*665*770 (W*D*H)
  • Colour: Glossy white
  • Style: Slim pan

Are you looking for a compact toilet for your small bathroom? The Durovin Ceramic Toilet is the best choice for a wide range of great qualities. The modern and luxurious design with glossy white colour makes it popular in the UK.

It is a grade A ceramic item ensuring the premium quality, curved D shape straight pan. There is no complexity to install this one, for proper placement in your small bathroom we provided a fitting kit as well.

The height of Durovin is 770 mm, width is 355mm and depth is 665 mm, which easily suits a cloakroom or a stylish family bathroom. It includes an Eco dual flashing process with suitable cistern capacity where 6 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for half flash, don’t waste more water.

The design of Durovin two-piece close coupled toilet is completely rimless-more hygienic the flush rim very easy to clean. For ultra-smooth nano-coated surface simply you can maintain & clean after use this.

The toilet set is made of Urea Formaldehyde with a soft closing system, to quick release just one button push. It also protects your bathroom from a lot of unfriendly bacteria, when you flush must close the toilet lid for keeping safety as well as a soft-closing seat of Durovin makes almost no noise to assure privacy in your small bathroom.


2. Affine Modern Square Toilet

Affine Modern Square Toilet

  • Shape: square
  • Weight: 39 kg
  • Colour: white
  • Flush: Dual

If you emergent a space-saving toilet for ideal placement in your small bathroom. We have the best model named Affine Modern Square Toilet ensuring a stylish design and sleek look.

This is a dual flushing cistern system, controlling chrome push button you can save more water since don’t need a large flush all time. It has a clever mechanism, soft close toilet seat, can stop the seat from dropping rapidly providing a stress-free atmosphere that remains forever in your bathroom.

The vitreous china manufacturing procedure gives it gorgeous glossy finishing, as well as any type of scratch and stain-resistant surface, looks excellent with durability suits in all bathroom décor.

This is easy to clean, the smooth surface decreases the volume of grime grow-up and simple wipe clean after using. For the use of high-quality ceramic material, it prevents chemicals from keeping clean and more hygienic in your family.

The installation method is also so easier and quicker including pan to floor fixing kit. The weight of Affine Modern Square Toilet is 39 kilograms and Marseille style containing easily accessible maintenance.

We have given 10 years product guarantee for your highest mental satisfaction, it is CE approved as well.
The most common issue is Affine very small size but the standard shape and perfect choice for a bathroom or cloakroom.



3. KLARA Toilet

KLARA Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Shape: Round
  • Colour: white

The KLARA Toilet is another best small toilet that comes with white colour and extra-sturdy material (ceramic). The high-quality gloss finish makes the toilet shiny and gorgeous looking at the same time it is a long-lasting and durable toilet.

This is so space-saving item, if you have a small size bathroom, perfect choice for you. The toilet dimensions of the KLARA toilet is height 290 mm, depth 510 and width 360 mm, for a smaller bathroom it is a convenient shape.

For easy installation process manufacturers deliver all the necessary fitting kits which are compatible with UK connections. Especially the KLARA is a WC wall hung mounted system that will save your bathroom space to a great extent.

The round shape and modern design toilet offer also smooth close slim seat covers, it is a good option for a toilet seat because various types of germs and bacteria can contaminate the toilet seat or surrounding floor in your bathroom.

Moreover, the KLARA Toilet comes with 15 years guarantee, so this is a large benefit for a customer. It is an ideal and environmentally friendly product that doesn’t waste more water and much cost-saving for you.



4. Belfort Close Coupled Toilet

Belfort Close Coupled Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 78*61*37.5 cm
  • Colour: white
  • Shape: square

The Belfort Close Coupled Toilet is the other smallest toilet for a small bathroom ensuring eminent- quality with a 10-year warranty. This is a standard shaped (square) design that brings in your family an extreme amount of hygiene.

It is made from white Vitreous china and polished with high glossy brightness at the same time give you the surety for long time usage facility. It has great stable power against any damage or chipping.

Although there is no toilet fixings are included but have an anti-scratch soft close seat. It is an easily placing top-mounted process for a simple changeable toilet seat which you can normally use without making any noise.

The suitable option for the small bathroom about this worthy toilet is its height: 78 cm, width: 37.5 cm and depth: 61 cm special if you don’t ample space. It suits effortlessly into even the maximum contemporary bathrooms.

The Belfort Close Coupled Toilet also associates the direct straight lines and delicate curves mostly popular for the elegant looking. Easy to clean this toilet is very efficiently.



5. 2in 1 Cloakroom Space Saving Combi Toilet

2in1 Cloakroom Space Saving Combi Toilet

  • Shape: oblong
  • Colour: white
  • Installation type: Floor mounted

The 2in 1 Cloakroom Space Saving Combi Toilet is a unique model, peak quality close-coupled system involving integrated basin with a flexible close lid and seat. The soft sleek surface creates a toilet more modern as well as an elegant appearance in your small bathroom.

In other words, it involves dual flush and cold/hot mixer tap, plug is included. The toilet requires inferior assembly since the cistern and pan are solid, just needed the basin setting on top of the cistern to fulfil the assembly of the item.

If you buy this useful toilet you will get the 12 months warranty with an extraordinary design for creating an excellent looking in the bathroom. You no need for a detached sink due to the compact toilet and sink advantage.

This is dual flash, 3 litres & 6 litres quick release soft close seat not only saves your bathroom space but also saves the water improving the water efficiency it can store for the next flash. The cistern fills adequate water and assists to control the proper use of water in your bathroom.

The 2in 1 Cloakroom Space Saving Combi Toilet allows the great technical feature where the overall height is 945 mm including tap and overall height (Excluding tap) is only 780 mm, overall width-365 mm and depth-700mm.

The white colour space saving toilet sink combo easily fits in your small bathroom due to its floor-mounted installation method and oblong shape.



6. Milano Overton

Milano Overton

  • Material: ceramic
  • Installation type: wall mounted
  • Shape: round
  • Weight: 25.2 kg

If you want a stylish and practical design toilet in your bathroom the immediate brand called Milano Overton rimless toilet is the suitable one. It is a wall hang system and an attractive round shape perfectly suits a small space.

Most importantly, the rimless pan assists to minimize the build-up of germs, offering promoted hygiene in your toilet creating the cleaning process easier.

This Milano Overton ensures the premium quality mode from ceramic material which is usefully complemented by a fitting soft close seat that will reduce the noise. It also helps to decrease tear and wear on the pan to assure a long life span, for maximum durability providing 20 years guarantee.

The total dimension of the small toilet for a tiny size bathroom is 360 mm width, 520 mm depth and 310 mm height.

Installing type is wall-mounted, very simple, allows the top fix design of the pan which involves hidden fixings for a seamless appearance.The Milano Overton toilet is white glaze colour, appropriate matching in your small space.



7. NRG Close Coupled Two Piece Toilet

NRG Close Coupled Two Piece Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 365*415*670 mm (W*H*D)
  • Colour: white

The NRG Close Coupled Two Piece Toilet is a wonderful model which allows comfortable height (415 mm), width (365 mm) and right projection (670 mm). This is made from elevated quality ceramic for long period using with utmost reliability.

On the other hand, the small toilet for a small bathroom is designed for curved close-coupled with a soft close seat which is sleek and modern curved design too. It assures a pretty look in any contemporary bathroom.

The toilet has Eco Dual Flush, a water-saving cistern where you can reduce water usage. The dual flush cistern is also approved by WRAS. The luxurious soft closing process offers you quick releasing toilet seat that is made of urea Formaldehyde.

The NRG Close Coupled small toilet comes with a manufacture-leading 10 years guarantee. All fittings are included with it for easier installation method in your small bathroom; particularly it is a space-saving item.

The most common feature about the toilet is a white colour, vitreous ceramic, glazy finish makes it a more attractive and proper matching product keeping your bathroom stress free every day in a healthy way.



8. Sorrento Wall Toilet

Sorrento Wall Toilet

  • Material: ceramic
  • Dimension: 54.5*36*41 cm
  • Colour: white
  • Shape: square
  • Installation type: wall mounted

The Sorrento Wall Toilet is one of the noted small toilets which has a lot of astonishing characteristics. It gives an excellent experience and comfortable feeling when you use this.

This toilet offers a very easier wall mounting placement procedure. The square shape and pure white colour create the toilet so glazy and beautiful looking in a small bathroom. Especially to save the floor space Sorrento is a great selection.

The toilet has some necessary components such as a toilet seat, complete cistern seat hinges and floor fixing kit. The seat is quick close and easy usable without producing noise.

For the high-quality material (ceramic) this toilet is so sturdy at the same time ensures durability, 15-year warranty with CE authenticated for your highest satisfaction.

In includes a concealed cistern, dual flash type saves more water every time. The proper size of short space is the length: 545 mm, width: 350 mm and height: 410 mm with high efficient inlet and outlet valve, deep layer latest back to the wall toilet pan.



9. Milano Select Toilet

Milano Select Toilet

  • Size: 5.2* 3.55* 4 cm
  • Material: ceramic
  • Shape: Round
  • Installation type: Floor mounted

Milano Select Toilet is very popular in the UK for its convenient features. The round shape, compact design small toilet for small space is made from the high-wearing white colour smooth and glazy finish.

It offers a space-saving dimension which is 335 mm width, 520 mm depth and 400 mm height easily suits any small bathroom. Milano is a completely durable toilet that comes with a 20-year guarantee to ensure you long period usage.

The toilet boasts excellent curved lines and a soft closing seat with quick release at the same time minimizes noise and reduce tear & wear on the pan. The installation method is very simple (Floor-mounted), compatible for use with a concealed cistern and with proper placement against the wall or with a WC unit.

You can easily clean this Milano Select Toilet to create a hygienic atmosphere in the bathroom. The weight of it is 22.47 kilograms so suitable modern-looking enhances your bathroom style too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do toilets come in different sizes?

Nowadays modern toilets are becoming more popular with UK people. The measurement of the Standard toilet is from 15 to 17 inches. If your bathroom space is inadequate then you should consider your needful shapes and sizes.

What is the smallest size toilet available?

The smallest size toilet is perfect for small space bathroom, small toilets also most popular for low height and shortest depth which provides a comfortable usage advantage. Our above small toilet UK review will be helpful to select one.

How much space do you need for a small toilet?

Normally a small toilet suits in a small size bathroom. But at least you require 15 inches from any part wall or obstruction as well as no near to 30 inches middle to middle to any other salutary fixture.


To conclude this useful article we can ensure you that about the best small toilet.

The above brands are indisputably perfect to fulfil your demands, but, Durovin Two Piece Ceramic Toilet has strong dual flash capability, slim pan style with nice glossy white colour easily fits in your small bathroom.

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