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Square Toilet Seat UK 2023 — According to Experts

In this forcible article writing, you can take in excellent details about the best square toilet seat in the UK.

The following eleven compatible toilet seats are trendy, modern and comfortable which enhance the sleek look in your bathroom.

Top 11 Square Toilet Seat Reviews 2023

Here are our 11 best square toilet seat in the UK market.

1. WOLTU Square Toilet Seat

WOLTU Square Toilet Seat

  • Size: 45.5*36.7*5.4 cm
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Colour: white
  • Weight: 2 kilograms

The WOLTU Square Toilet Seat is made of premium quality material to increase stability and durability. For the great mechanism of modern technology, it offers a soft close hinge design. The white colour toilet seat is useful for all ideal toilets where there is no risk of abrasion noise.

This is easy to assemble which has stainless steel clip fasteners (anti-rust), an adjustable robust hinge is from 139 to 240 mm, quick release with 2 buttons, and simply you can install and clean it, easy to clip back in position.

The WOLTU Square Toilet Seat allows comfortable using facility, anti-bacterial protection with installation instructions as fits the standard stand-alone and wall-hang toilets. It is not only ideal for families but also perfects for shops, hotels, restaurants and campsites.


2. Home Standard White Luxury Square Toilet Seat

Home Standard White Luxury Square Toilet Seat

  • Material: plastic
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Finish: white
  • Dimensions: 45.01*36.09*5.31 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kilograms

The Home Standard White Luxury Square Toilet Seat is an exclusive model for your bathroom. It is made of toughened plastic (duroplust) but you get a ceramic feeling.

This is a round fronted, d-shaped design, soft close toilet seat which contains the rapid release function. It is also compatible with both the close-coupled pan and a back-to-wall pan.

The white finish Home Standard square toilet seat in the UK comes with an appropriate size that is 361 mm width, 445 mm depth and 53 mm height. The toilet seat will match on to a standard toilet pan with placing hole centres between 135 mm and 175 mm wide.

The cleaning process is easy too, antistatic, scratch-resistant and dirt repellent; the hard surface, as well as the weight of the toilet seat, is only 2.5 kilograms.


3. Dombach Lamera Square Toilet Seat

Dombach Lamera Square Toilet Seat

  • Material: Duroplast
  • Shape: square square rectangular
  • Finish: Duroplast, stainless steel
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 45.2*36.8*5.5 cm

Dombach Lamera Square Toilet Seat is the best square soft close toilet seat which is family-friendly, high-quality antibacterial material, scratch-resistant. The pleasant surface of its assures around 99.9% fewer bacteria and rustproof advantage.

A noise-free closing is possible the toilet seat and the lid can move gently due to the dual automatic lowering function, offers safety for your babies.

However, Dombach Lamera is so durable item; the stainless steel finishing type looks beautiful in your bathroom. You can use it in a guest toilet, bathroom, hanging toilet and standing toilet too.

The toilet seat is designed with an elegant push button and it can be removed with only one push on the Dombach push button.


4. Durovin Bathrooms Soft Close Toilet Seat

Durovin Bathrooms Soft Close Toilet Seat

  • Material: Urea Formaldehyde (UF)
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Size: 352*444*mm (W*D)
  • Colour: white

Are you searching for a high-grade soft close square toilet seat for your bathroom? The Durovin Bathrooms Soft Close Toilet Seat comes with a square shape design which is made of better quality material tough thermoset (UF).

The mechanism of the soft closing process ensures durability, stylish and lightweight product. To quick release the seat, just push the button where you can easily maintain and clean it.

The high quality toilet seat has also a long-lasting white colour finishing type. All fitting kits are included so that you can simply install it as well as the Durovin square toilet seat will suit both traditional and modern styles.

The thickness of the toilet seat is 25 mm, the width and depth are 360 mm and 425 mm respectively. And the weight of Durovin toilet seat is 2.5 kilograms.


5. eSituro Square Toilet Seat

eSituro Square Toilet Seat

  • Material: Duroplast
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Size: 394-484 mm*367 mm (W*L)

The eSituro Square Toilet Seat is another handy model which is made of elevated quality duroplast material. It assures you the long service life and durability easy cleaning process as well as has an anti-bacterial power.

However, this cheap square toilet seat is compatible with any standard WC toilet lid pans, quick releasing the seat, easy to remove it that involves two special buttons.

The adjustable hinge is from 139-240 mm. you can place it in 2 ways, top fixed or bottom finings, comfortable feeling to sit, the perfect item for your bathroom décor.

As the eSituro Square Toilet Seat is a soft-close system, so quietly and slowly closes to risk slamming and away from pinched fingers, will not irritate your family at night avoiding noise.


6. RAK Ceramics Toilet Seat

RAK Ceramics Toilet Seat

  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Dimensions: 43*33.5*5 cm
  • Weight: 2.84 kg

The RAK Ceramics Toilet Seat is designed for your comfortable and easy use. It is a small square toilet seat that has a quick-releasing hinge so that you can easily clean this.

The toilet dimension of RAK Ceramic Toilet Seat is 43 cm in length, 33.5 cm in width and 5 cm in height. The d-shaped seat is perfectly fitted in your bathroom toilet.

The simple placement procedure makes it so easier. The soft close seat gives you anti-bacterial protection at the same time it is scratch and dust resistant too.

For easy assembling the clear instruction is provided, white colour, anti-slip, no fading and strong for heavy-duty.


7. ZigZag Square WC toilet Seat

ZigZag Square WC Toilet Seat

  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 440mm*360mm*50mm

If you need the best square toilet seat for your bathroom to create a gorgeous and stylish look, the ZigZag Square WC toilet Seat is the suitable one. It is a classic white finished type, square-shaped design made from high-level thermoplastic material offering you a long life span.

Most strikingly, the soft close lid allows the practical convenience preventing loud noises and help to protect from damage to the seat. The quick-release function offers to be simply refitted and removed from the hygienic cleaning.

The top fixing hinges are adjustable to match most UK square standard toilet pans. S1 is adjusted between 425 mm and 460 mm, S2 is adjusted from 140 mm to 180 mm. it is a modern luxury toilet seat for your bathroom.

The proper dimension (440*360*50 mm) and fitting instruction are so useful to provide you with sleek bathroom décor.


8. Milano Ballam Toilet Seat

Milano Ballam Toilet Seat

  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 370*450 mm
  • Shape: D-shaped
  • Colour: white

The Milano Ballam Toilet Seat is a well-known brand that assures you better quality and long-term durability. The toilet seat is a completely new D-shaped design offering you the stylish look of your toilet.

Moreover, the square toilet seat is made from duroplast that that is very strong and complemented by a simple to clear white finish increasing a contemporary look for your bathroom.

The soft close hinges can reduce wear and tear on the toilet pan at the same time when you close it minimizes the noise.

The Dimension of Milano square Toilet seat is 44 mm length, 37 mm width and 5 mm height as well as 2.77 kg weights properly fits and easily placing for its top fix quick-release mechanism.


9. Nuie NCH196

 Nuie NCH196

  • Shape: square
  • Colour: white
  • Dimension: 43*33.5*5.2 cm
  • Weight: 2.18 kg

The Nuie NCH196 is one of the small square toilet seats that comes with a modern look and soft close toilet seat design to increase a sleek fashion in your bathroom.

The mechanism of the soft closing process assists in the quick release but no making noises yet prevents avoids wear over long periods of time. The seat is also scratch-resistant and dustproof.

On the other hand, the Nuie square toilet seat is manufactured with high standard material and constructed to the greatest quality. It ensures the long term using the benefit as well.

The appropriate size (43*33.5*5.2 cm) and shape together with the white finish make a blank canvas for your bathroom’s interior design. It provides you with also 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee.


10. SADALAK Luxury Toilet Seat

SADALAK Luxury Toilet Seat

  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 17.7*14.2*2.1 inches
  • Colour: white
  • Shape: D-shaped

The SADALAK Luxury Toilet Seat is a stylish and universal design that comes with many beneficial features for your bathroom. This is made of pp material characterised by the great quality and eco-friendly white polypropylene plastic.

It suits almost the D-shaped toilets; you can simply put on the mounting position to excellent fit your toilet. Quick and secure placement helps to avoid loosening. SADALAK toilet seat matches the normal curve of the human body to increase your toilet case.

The toilet lid can close so gently and quietly except for loud slamming sounds to ensure no disturbing others in the time of sleeping. It has an easy and quick release mechanism yet is easy for cleaning too.

The proper dimension (45L*36.1W*5.3H cm) and 4.4 pounds weight are perfect sizes. The softer SADALAK toilet seat doesn’t fade durable than the other plastic.


11. Shoze Square Soft close Toilet Seat

Shoze Square Soft Close Toilet Seat

  • Shape: square
  • Dimension: 49*38*6.5 cm
  • Colour: white
  • Material: Duroplast

The Shoze Square Soft close Toilet Seat and lid ensure the great quality which is made from duroplast material giving you the rigid feel as well as a long period using convenience.

The lid is wrap-over-design can cover the seat fully at the same time improves the hygienic condition with better comfort. The Shoze Square Seat is a very stylish and functional, compact and modern design for your family.

This toilet seat maintains the slow-close mechanism, for non-corrosive plastic it doesn’t produce any disturbing noises. It has a quick-release button, to release the seat for cleaning just push the button in the centre.

The white colour soft close square toilet seat allows the accurate dimension (49*38*6.5 cm) and the top fixing placement method easily fits almost the standard toilets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Square Toilet Seats all the same size?

There are different styles of toilets are available but a standard size is not suitable for all toilets. Although maximum seats are adjustable to match the normal toilet bowl shapes. So, our square toilet seats offer several dimensions for proper fixing.

Can I put a round toilet seat on a square toilet?

Yes, you can do this. Therefore, you must consider 4 measurements for proper adjustment such as length, width, height and between holes. The toilet seat has different hinges, soft close design reducing the noises.


After researching all the features of the aforementioned supreme models, the WOLTU Square Toilet seat seems the best one in the UK.

This is the chief quality item due to its integrated sturdiness. And the soft close with the quick releasing system is fully noise-free, comfortable feeling to sit as well.

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