Square Toilet UK

Square Toilet UK 2023 — According to Experts

The square toilet is a perfect choice for modern bathrooms so many people look for square toilets in the UK to change the traditional and dull look of their bathroom.

In this article, we are going to review in detail on 9 best square toilets in the UK to make the choice easy for our audiences.

Top 9 Square Toilet Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 best affordable square toilet in the UK market.

1. Belfort Close Coupled Toilet

Belfort Close Coupled Toilet & Cistern

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 78 x 61 x 37.5 centimetres
  • Colour: white
  • Finish: polished
  • Material: ceramic
  • Best for square shape

The Belfort toilet is a great choice for those who are looking for square-shaped toilets. In this modern time, where everyone looks for something different, a square coupled toilet has become very popular for its modern and different look.

Many people want to have a different looking toilet in their contemporary bathroom rather than having a monotonous and typical round-shaped toilet. The Belfort toilet has a unique square shape and convenient design that makes it one of the best squares shaped toilet of recent time in the UK.

The core material of this toilet is vitreous China ceramic which is very robust and sturdy. The high-quality ceramics of the toilet makes it long-lasting and more durable.

There is a very low risk of any kind of chipping and damage as the building of this toilet is very high-quality. The white colour with high glossy glaze gives an amazing and clean look to the toilet as well as to your bathroom.

The dimension of the toilet is 78 x 61 x 37.5 centimetres. The toilet has a combination of some straight lines and subtle curves that suit any contemporary bathroom very effortlessly. The soft close seat, which is anti-scratch, will allow you to close the seat without any damage and sound.

The toilet has top-mounted fittings that will allow you to change the seat effortlessly. The manufacturers generally provide 10 years warranty with the toilet to ensure tension-free use. This square-shaped toilet will certainly offer you the ultimate level of comfort as well as a stylish appearance.


2. VeeBath Toilet

VeeBath Toilet

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 68 x 36 x 81.2 centimetres
  • Weight: 46 kilograms
  • Material: ceramic
  • Installation type: floor-mount
  • Best for space-saving design

The VeeBath Toilet has a compact and solid design that makes it space-saving and suitable for smaller bathrooms. The toilet is 812 mm in height, 360 mm in width and 680 mm in depth which is a quite space-saving size and dimension. So, if you are looking for a square-shaped toilet with a compressed design, this VeeBath toilet will be the ultimate deal for meeting your requirements.

The material of the toilet is high-quality Vitreous China ceramic that has a smooth finish. This superior quality ceramic-made toilet is very easy to clean as you will just need to wipe the surface for keeping the glossy lookup.

The elegant and compact design with white colour will give a touch of elegance to your bathroom and also will catch the eyes of your guests. The weight of the toilet is 46 kilograms.

The soft close seat of the toilet will allow you to have a smoother experience and also noise-free closing. Moreover, there is very less risk of tear and damage as the seat has a soft-close mechanism.

The dual flush of the toilet saves water as well as monthly billing cost. The powerful flush will clean out all the waste and dirt with the powerful water flow.

The toilet has a floor mounting installation method which is quite handy and easy. The manufacturers provide the pan, seat (soft-close) and the cistern in this toilet package. You will enjoy 5 years of warranty with this VeeBath Toilet.



3. Durovin Toilet

Durovin Two Piece Ceramic Toilet

Product Specification:

  • The dimension of the pan: 355 mm x 665 mm x 770 mm
  • Dimension of the cistern: 355 mm x 155 mm x 375 mm
  • Seat: soft-closing seat
  • Bowl Design: rimless
  • Best for a dual flush system

The Durovin Toilet square-shaped toilet has a dual flush system that saves water by lowering the usage of water in the toilet. In a dual flush system, there are two flushes in the cistern that contains half-flush and full-flush.

You can flush either half or full water based on the number of wastes you want to washout from your toilet bowl or pan. The cistern of this toilet contains 6 or 3 inters of water that makes it water-saving as well as eco-friendly.

The material of this toilet is A-grade ceramic which make the toilet extra durable than the other ones. The installation process is also very convenient and cost-efficient as the manufacturers provide a complete package containing the toilet pan, cistern, soft-close seat and fitting kits.

The rimless design of the toilet makes the cleaning process easy and ensures additional hygiene preventing the bacteria.

The soft-close seat doesn’t make any noise and has very less risk of damage and breakage. The dimension of the pan is 355 mm x 665 mm x 770 mm and the dimension of the cistern: 355 mm x 155 mm x 375 mm. the glossy white colour and the chic square shape leaves a touch of classiness in the bathroom.



4. Appleby Toilet

Appleby Toilet

Product Specification

  • Flush: dual
  • Material: ceramic
  • Installation system: floor mount
  • Colour: white
  • Best for comfort height pan

The Appleby Toilet is a great choice for a square-shaped close-coupled toilet and the most amazing feature of this toilet is its comfort height pan. So, if you have someone elderly at your home this is the ultimate solution for you.

Moreover, the pan is also very suitable for taller people as they need to bend less while seating on the toilet. The comfort toilet pan height will make sure the maximum convenience of all your family members.

The toilet has an anti-bacterial glaze that makes it extra-hygienic and healthy as it prevents the generation and spread of the bacterial in the toilet and also help to prevent bacterial diseases. The material of this toilet is high-quality ceramic that makes it hard-wearing and cost-efficient too.

The installation process is floor-mount which is easier and quite effortless. The dimension of the toilet is 620 mm x 346 mm x 850 mm and the white colour with glossy finish gives a more elegant appearance to your bathroom.

The dual flush mechanism of the cistern saves a lot of water every day as well as reduces your monthly utility bills. The cistern contains 3 and 4.5 litres of water in two flushes and you can use any one or both to make your toilet clean and tidy every time.

The soft and quick release seat makes your experience with the toilet smoother and also you can put the seat down without any noise. The soft close seat also reduces the risk of damage and tears. The manufacturers provide UK mainland delivery for free and also 25 years of warranty.



5. Affine Modern Bathroom Square Toilet

Modern Bathroom Square Toilet

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 61 x 38 x 78 cm
  • Weight: 39 kilograms
  • Material: vitreous china ceramic
  • Flush: dual
  • Best for a minimalistic design

The Affine square toilet has a minimalistic design which is a major want in every modern bathroom. Nowadays everyone looks for a minimalistic, space-saving and modern design in case of choosing a toilet as the minimal design makes the bathroom look bigger and opener.

Moreover, the white colour with a high-glossy glaze enhances the stylishness and also makes the bathroom environment cleaner looking and more inviting to your family members as well as your guest.

The dimension of the toilet is 61 x 38 x 78 cm and the weight is 39 Kilograms. The material of the toilet is vitreous china ceramic that has a durable and glossy white finish.

The soft-close seat of the toilet prevents damage, tear and slamming. The fast release mechanism which is top-mounted makes the cleaning and installation process easier.

The dual flush of the toilet contains 6 or 4 litres of water which has WRAS approval, saves plenty of water every day. The installation process is floor mount and the manufacturers provide all the fixing kits kit for making the installation process handy and straight forward.

The toilet has CE approval that ensures the healthiness and hygiene of the toilet and makes it suitable for elderly people. The toilet surface is anti-scratch that makes it easy to clean and also ensures easy maintenance.



6. RAK WC Modern Toilet

RAK WC Modern Toilet

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 20.5 x 16.69 x 7.49
  • Weight: 30 kilograms
  • Colour: white
  • Flush: dual
  • Beat for RAK ceramic building

The toilet material is high-quality RAK ceramic and as we know RAK ceramic is a durable material especially in the case of toilets. The high-end ceramic makes the toilet robust and sturdy.

The toilet will go for a longer period and we won’t have to go through the hassle of changing the toilet for a longer period. So, if you want to have a toilet with a strong build, this toilet with RAK ceramic material will be an advantageous option for your requirements.

The toilet has a cistern with a dual flush system that will save water and your monthly expenses too. The dual flush contains 3 litres of water in the half-flush and 6 litres in the full-flush.

You can release any amount of water with the chrome push button very smoothly with just a single push of your finger. The forceful flush will flow out all the wastes and dirt from the bowl.

The soft close seat of the toilet will not cause any noise in your bathroom and will also allow you to close the seat smoothly. There will be no chance of tear and damage as well.

The square shape of the seat gives a touch of stylishness and modernism in your bathroom with the ultimate level of comfort and support to your body.

The dimension of the toilet is 20.5 x 16.69 x 7.49 cm and the weight is 30 kilograms. The manufacturers provide a complete package containing the seat, toilet pan and cistern.



7. The Bath People Toilet

The Bath People Toilet

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 550 mm x 350 mm x 500 mm
  • Installation: floor mount
  • Material: ceramic
  • Seat: soft-close
  • Best for anti-bacterial coating

The bath-people toilet comes in a square shape and has an anti-bacterial coating that makes the toilet extra-hygienic and healthy. The additional hygiene of the toilet makes it safer for all your family member include the children, elderly and pregnant women. There is a very low risk of suffering from toilet bacterial diseases as the toilet has an anti-bacterial glaze.

The dimension of the toilet is 550 mm x 350 mm x 500 mm which is an appropriate shape for modern bathrooms. The square shape with glossy white colour makes the bathroom environment cleanly looking and welcoming.

The toilet requires a floor-mount installation. The premium quality ceramic makes the toilet durable and sturdy also keeps it free from scratch and stains.

The pan of the toilet is a bit higher which is an additional comfort to the elderly and disabled people. The short projection of the toilet requires less space in your bathroom and makes the bathroom spacious.

The quick-release hinges and soft-close seat ensure easy maintenance and help to keep the toilet clean always. The manufacturers provide free delivery to the mainland UK.


8. Nuie NCG450

Nuie NCG450

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 37.5 x 37.5 x 78.8 cm
  • Seat: soft-close
  • Weight: 39 kilograms
  • Colour: white
  • Best for the floor-mount installation method

The Nuie NCG450 has a floor-mounted installation system which is easier and quite effortless. Any regular plumber can install this toilet and there will be no need for expertise to install this toilet.

Floor mounting toilets are easy to maintain as well as inexpensive to install. This toilet has a unique square shape which makes it different-looking and gives an elegant outlook to your bathroom.

The striking outlook of the Nuie NCG450 will fit in any modern bathroom. The toilet offers numerous conveniences to the users with its convenient design and features.

The bowl of the toilet is rimless or frameless that helps to clean the toilet easily. The flush water can reach every corner of the toilet as no edge helps to have you a more hygienic and healthy toilet. There is no possibility of odour as well because the toilet remains always clean.

The material of this toilet is superior quality vitreous china ceramic that makes the toilet sturdy and long-lasting. The white colour with a glossy finish gives a clean and subtle look to the bathroom.

The dimension of the toilet is 37.5 x 37.5 x 78.8 and the weight is 39 kilograms. The manufacturers provide the pan, cistern, seat and fitting for ensuring easy installation.


9. KLARA Toilet

KLARA Toilet

Product Specification

  • Dimension: Width 350 mm Depth 630 mm Height 895 mm
  • Installation: floor mount
  • Colour: white
  • Flush: dual
  • Best for heavy-duty and soft-close seat

The KLARA Toilet has a heavy-duty seat that makes it long-lasting which means you don’t need to spend on the seat now and then. The seat is very sturdy and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Moreover, the soft-close mechanism of the seat makes it breakage and damage-free. There will be no sound or noise in your bathroom while closing the seat for the soft-close mechanism.

The dimension of the toilet is 350 mm in width, 630 mm in depth and 895 mm in height. The extra height of the pan makes it easy to seat the elderly and disabled people.

The high-end ceramic material of the toilet increases its lifespan. The white colour with a high-quality glossy finish gives a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

The dual flush cistern contains 6 and 3 litres of water and the chrome button will allow you to flush the required amount of water smoothly just with a single push. The manufacturers provide all the necessary fittings for making the installation process straight forward.


Are Square Toilet Seats Comfortable?

Square toilets give a modern look to any bathroom and also remove the boring and dull appearance of the bathroom. Nowadays the high-end hotels and modern homes mostly use square toilets for their elegant appearance as well as extra comfort.

Though the square toilet is much popular in recent time, many people become confused about the comfort level of a square-shaped toilet and today we will make it clear whether the square toilet is comfortable or not.

Square toilets are more comfortable than traditional round shaped toilet as the square toilets offer more support beneath the thighs when you seat on them.

Moreover, the shape of the square toilet is much like a chair that gives additional comfort to your body. Also, opening within a square-shaped toilet seat is a bit bigger than the usual ones that give more comfort to the joints of the lower body over a longer time.

There are some features of square toilets that make them comfortable and convenient. The square toilets have a smart finish and clear lines that make them look more stylish and aesthetic.

The uniqueness of the toilet will turn a monotonous bathroom into a modern one with high-functioning features. Moreover, the elegant appearance of a square toilet makes the bathroom environment more welcoming to the guest of a house as well as to the customers and visitors of any commercial space.

The square toilets will increase the beauty of your bathroom if you peer this with a square tub, basin and other staffs of your bathroom. This toilet will give a touch of modernism and make your bathroom eye-catching too. The contemporary simplicity makes the square toilet different from the other mainstream and traditional toilets.

Many square toilets come with a wall mounting system that leaves a lot of space on the floor and make your bathroom spacious. Besides, the wall hung square toilets are very easy and convenient to clean. The wall-hung mechanism of the toilet makes it a suitable option for small bathrooms in houses, malls, offices and event venues.

However, square toilets are not suitable for everyone still they certainly offer a bold and modern look to your bathroom and also combine both support and comfort. Therefore, if you want something comfortable and unique in your bathroom also want to give a touch of elegance, a square toilet will be the most excellent one for you.


Square toilet gives a very stylish and modern appearance in both household and commercially used bathrooms.

There are lots of square toilets in the UK, but we have mentioned some of the popular ones that you can choose for your bathroom. From the above-mentioned ones, the Belfort toilet is the best one for its numerous good qualities.

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