What Is The Depth Of Bathroom Cabinets

What Is The Depth Of Bathroom Cabinets?

There is not much argument while determining the standard depth of a bathroom vanity cabinet but you should consider some elementary factors and follow some tips to get a vanity with perfect depth.

Generally, the ideal depth of a bathroom vanity cabinet of the modern time is 21 inches. This measurement starts from the front and end to the backside of the vanity cabinet and doesn’t consider any extension part of the cabinet.

As the standard depth measurement doesn’t count the countertop so you don’t have to exclude the countertop extension. The typical range of the bath vanity is 20 to 23 inches. However, there are also vanities with narrow depth in the market for narrow and smaller bathrooms.

The standard depth may vary depending on the region and manufacturers so you should contact your contractor and make sure the overall measurement of your bathroom vanity cabinet. Though, for nearly 2 decades 21 inches of depth is standard in the case of a bathroom vanity cabinet.

Normally the standard height of the bathroom vanity varies depending on various factors but the depth remains nearly 21 inches. According to experts, 21 inches is the standard depth that includes the box also the thickness of the drawers and doors.

Sometimes the smaller cabinets may have a depth of 16 to 18 inches. Make sure whatever depth you choose for your bathroom vanity matches the measurement and size of your bathroom.

Shopping For The Bathroom Vanity Considering The Depth

depth of bathroom cabinets

You may consider the following steps to make your vanity shopping easier

  • Visit online pages to buy the vanities by size
  • Now click on the depth range you the vanity you like to have
  • In this step, there will be options for selecting the depth of the cabinet

Some Tips To Follow

You should choose the depth of your vanity considering the space of your bathroom. If your bathroom is smaller you can get a vanity with narrow depth in your bathroom which will save space and your bathroom will look bigger.

There are vanities with lower depth as 8 inches in the market which are suitable for smaller and narrower bathrooms.

While selecting the depth of your bathroom vanity you should consider several factors as the size of your bathroom, the space you need in the vanity etc.

In a normal scenario, the depth is about 21 inches but you can surely customize it depending on your preferences.

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