What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need

What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need?

Size is an important factor when it comes to buying a dehumidifier so first, we need to know the size of the dehumidifier is before buying it.

Many of us get confused what is the actual size of the dehumidifier so buy the wrong dehumidifier so it affects the extraction of the water.

You can go through this article if you are interested in knowing about the size of the dehumidifier. If you know about the size of it you can compare and buy a good dehumidifier for your environment.

The Size of the Dehumidifier

Sometimes people mistakenly think that the size of the dehumidifier is its dimensions or the physical measure. In reality, the size means the capacity of the water that it can extract per day.

So, we cannot confuse between the physical dimension and the capacity of the water. There are different sizes of the dehumidifier but the manufacturers usually construct between 2 to 6 litres. But there are small dehumidifiers such as 50 millilitres and larger dehumidifiers like 20 to 25 litres.

The dehumidifier has a water tank that contains water but usually, it is smaller needed. But do not worry to fill it every day because the dehumidifier does not extract the full water. The extraction varies on the conditions of the air.

The Terms You Should Consider While Choosing the Size of The Dehumidifier

Choosing the Size of The Dehumidifier

You should consider mainly three factors because it can change the rate of extraction otherwise it cannot give you the best service that you expect from a good dehumidifier.

The three conditions are temperature, the size of the room or environment and the humidity or moisture of the environment discussed down below.


Temperature is a factor that you should consider while choosing the size of the dehumidifier. Refrigerant dehumidifiers have higher listed capacities than Desiccant.

At an ideal temperature, the refrigerant dehumidifier gives a maximum higher extraction. But in the cooler condition, the desiccant dehumidifier is more effective than the refrigerant.

The Size of the Environment

It is an important factor because for a larger space you need a bigger dehumidifier. The size of the environment measure with square meters dehumidifier.

If you want to have a maximum extraction you need, find the dimension of your room then choose a dehumidifier as the size of the room.

The humidity of the Environment

You should consider the humidity of the environment before choosing a dehumidifier. To know the humidity, you can use the humidity meter or you can idea about the humidity by noticing the dampness around the environment.

If your room has dampness problems such as if walls or floors of the room is wet or has black stains you will need a bigger capacity.

The brands manufacture different types of dehumidifiers with different features and qualities. The manufacturers provide the humidity and temperature that measured at the capacity of the dehumidifier.

Size45 Square Metres90 Square Metres135 Square Metres180 Square Metres225 Square Metres
Mild Damp5.5 L/day8 L/day10 L/day12.5 L/day14.5 L/day
Moderate Damp6.5 L/day9.5 L/day12.5 L/day15.5 L/day18 L/day
Severe Damp7.5 L/day11.5 L/day14.5 L/day18 L/day21.5 L/day
Wet8.5 L/day13 L/day17 L/day21 L/day25 L/day

As mentioned earlier, the extraction varies in size of room, humidity and temperature. But these measures are not ignorable. Because you can compare the dehumidifiers from the measures.

Available Sizes of Dehumidifier

Available Sizes of Dehumidifier

There is different size of the dehumidifier in the markets. There are usually available 50 millilitres to 25 litres. Most of the dehumidifier is Refrigerant models or Desiccant models.

These two types are usually popular among people. Desiccant models are small such as the 7 to 12 litres range and it is good for smaller rooms. The refrigerant models fall between 10 to 20 litres that cover larger rooms than the other one.

The smallest dehumidifier is 50 millilitre which provides a good service in small places like single rooms, boats or cosy places and these are too cheap and reasonable for everyone. On the contrary, the largest one is 25 litres and these are powerful than other dehumidifiers and expensive also as you are thinking.

So, if you want to buy the dehumidifier for a small place you can buy a desiccant dehumidifier but if you want it for a large place buy a refrigerant dehumidifier.

Now you are thinking about how you will decide which size is perfect for you. Do not worry because we provide a dehumidifier size recommendation chart to reduce your worry.

Dehumidifier Size Recommendation Chart

The chart will guide you so you can choose the best dehumidifier for your room or other places. The chart is made considering the condition of the environment.

There mentioned 4 types of humidity such as mild damp, moderate, severe and wet and 45 square meters to 225 square meters of environment size. Here is the chart down below.

In the chart, the first column states the humidity and the first row states the size of the room or environment. The size of the dehumidifier starts with 5.5 litres and ends with 25 litres.

The article is all about the size of the dehumidifier. The size of the dehumidifier is the extraction rate of water per day that the most important fact that you should know while buying a dehumidifier.

Most of the dehumidifier fall between a desiccant dehumidifier and a refrigerant dehumidifier. Before buying the dehumidifier, you should consider the temperature, the humidity and the size of the room or environment. If your room is small and less damp so a small dehumidifier is enough for you.

For More dampness, the dehumidifier should be bigger. But if your place is larger and also wet you should buy 25 litres of a dehumidifier. In the article, we try to give you a detailed description of the size of a dehumidifier. We hope it will help you know about it. But some factors vary on the quality of the dehumidifiers.

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