What You Should Consider Before Buying A Toilet

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Toilet?

A toilet is the most important thing in any home but choosing or purchasing the best one is really a little bit difficult. With a massive variety of designs to fit bathrooms small and big, there are many options whereas it comes to selecting a toilet.

If you want bathroom renovation, you should remember all the toilets are not standard toilets.

Although, huge kinds of toilets are in the market such as wall hang, low level, traditional, back to the wall and many more. Our toilet buying guide will extremely help you before purchasing the next toilet in your bathroom.

1. Two-piece Toilet

ELEGANT High Gloss 2 Pieces Toilet

The most common toilet type is a two-piece toilet that comes in two separate pieces: the tank and the seat.

This toilet offers many advantages-normally the least costly option, and its pieces anyone can carry separately, possible to carry it up a few stairs as well.

Such toilets are produced to match together, where the two portions join which spontaneously aggregates dirt.

2. One-piece Toilet

Short Close Coupled Bathroom Toilet

The sleek and modern design toilet is a one-piece toilet where the two-piece toilet is classic. Basically, it is a bit expensive along with heavier to port, but so easier to clean and install.

There are various models of one piece toilets; some are low-profile tanks and others seems close to the two-piece design with a higher tank.

If you desire a classic look of two-piece without cleaning issues, a one-piece toilet is the suitable one.

Usually, the one-piece is currently the most recommended kind of toilet that suited to modern and contemporary styles. If you are affording to buy this, you can choose a traditional look, except the separate tank too.

3. High-tank Toilet

The high-tank toilets operate the same way as two-piece toilets.

The disparity is that the tank of its fixed much higher on the wall, disclosing the plumbing between the tank and the seat.

These toilets are exotic and retro, with a specific old-world charm. You can take the colour of the plumbing as decoration equipment. Particularly the chain pull is a retroelement where most people will desire cool.

High-tank toilets are a bit more costly than the above toilets (two) due to their design.

4. In-wall Toilet

Durovin Bathrooms Ceramic Wall Hung Toilet

In-wall toilets allow your bathroom minimal, a sleek profile. Whether the tank is truly in the wall or the toilet is tankless, a broad bulky part is concealed inside the wall.

If your bathroom is small or narrow, this assists you to save some space.

To purchase this toilet you have to pay more money and need a few your plumbing looks as inside the wall. Placement of this kind of toilet is great left to professionals, this enhances the price also.

So if you’re looking for a modern, sleek and minimalist appearance, this toilet will match your bathroom decor style.

5. Integrated Base Toilet

This toilet comes with both one-piece and two-piece toilets. An integrated base refers to the base of the toilet as a full and flush piece, but not full of crannies or nook like racial two-piece toilets.

These toilets provide a fair upgrade, easy to clean and rounded design looks excellent in most bathrooms especially for modern ones.

6. Flushing Types

Affine Modern Toilet

Already you have got the toilet design and style you desire, with the proper base and the proper tank. The other alternative you can commit is whether you want the usual flushing mechanism, or a bit something more.

Flushing mechanisms (pressure-assisted) are placed in the wall and deliver the water a little more pressure so that it goes quickly in the bowl, and maintains it cleaner. Although it makes extra expense, it can also save you cleaning time.

7. Height Of The Seat

Another selection of your toilet is seat height. Generally, the height of the toilet is around 17 inches; which found in most apartments, homes and public bathrooms. If you like a 19-inch seat that possible, differently called comfort height.

Normally, if you don’t feel the complexity of using a general toilet, you can overlook this option.

Some people who are tall and fall in a trouble situation about a seating position where the 19-inch seat height will apparently come inconveniently. When you making the decision to buy a toilet. You should consider the present and future users of the toilet.

8. Installation

If you want a comfortable toilet, it must be at least fifteen inches from any content around it such as a wall, a bath or a vanity. You count 15 inches from the centre point of the toilet. For the greatest comfort, a proper distance intends for is 18 inches.

9. Levers and Buttons

The other choice for your toilet is using the extra modern push buttons or a traditional lever. Most modern toilets now allow two buttons: one is to make a full flush and the other uses less amount water.

To be water-conscious, this two-button style is your best effort. Generally, it is so expensive but definitely, the water savings are worth it.

10. Colour

A white colour toilet is common, and you can see this in most stores. Coloured toilets have a great impact on your style if you use them appropriately. You desire to use coloured toilets safely: either to create their design noticeable or while you desire them to harmonize with the background.


There are different sorts of toilet styles and designs available, each matching several kinds of bathrooms.

We know that toilets are the most essential pieces of equipment that used every day. So you should have good thinking regarding the standard toilets as well as which the perfect for your bathroom. Overall, we hope that the above guidelines will very effective to pick the best toilet for your home.

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