What You Should Know About Humidifiers

What You Should Know About Humidifiers?

Are so many questions regarding humidifiers revolving around your mind?

Do you find the information regarding this topic a bit confusing? Then this article will clear all your doubts and will help you to make a correct purchase decision.

Also, you will gather vast knowledge about the care and maintenance of this appliance.

Is a Humidifier Necessary For You?

Your physician may suggest better whether you need a humidifier for any health issue or not.

In such a case, you also need to inquire about the humidifier type as it comes in two forms, warm and cool mist.

Is The Humidifier Quiet?

Many manufacturers claim their humidifiers to be quiet, or super-quiet, or whisper quiet.

Unfortunately, though the ultrasonic version is quieter than the evaporative version, no such option makes zero noise.

How To Choose The Perfect Size Of A Humidifier?

Perfect Size Of A Humidifier

You should select the humidifier based on the space of the area you need to cover to add moisture rather than based on the humidifier’s capacity.

First, you must measure your room and then select the humidifier that suits that area. For example, if you buy an oversize option, your room will be filled with surplus moisture which is not suitable for your health.

Where Should You Place The Portable Humidifier?

It will help if you place your humidifier wherever you will need to add moisture. People mainly use it for their bedroom, but it is your preference.

How Frequently Do You Need to Restock a Humidifier?

Mostly, you may need to refill the humidifiers every day.

However, you will require to empty the water tank of a portable humidifier before refilling it. Otherwise, bacteria will breed in the stagnant water.

Ultrasonic vs Evaporative: Which One Is Better?

The evaporative humidifier is the cheaper and more common one.

But, on the contrary, the ultrasonic humidifier is a quieter, easier to maintain, and more energy-saving option. So, you can choose whichever will suit you more.

Is a Built-In Moisture Control System Necessary In A Humidifier?

The moisture control system does not state the accurate result every time. So, to avoid these flaws, you can purchase a hygrometer for monitoring the humidity level.

A hygrometer is an inexpensive gear that will ensure you whether your humidifier is working correctly or not.

Is It Necessary To Maintain Your Humidifier?

Maintain Your Humidifier

Yes, it is very much necessary to maintain your humidifier. And, if you are unable to maintain your gear timely and appropriately, you should not go for a humidifier then.

A nasty humidifier will release humidity in the air with lots of bacteria. So, rather than doing good to you, it will harm you a lot.

Some people suggest cleaning the humidifier with vinegar and purifying it with bleach every month. But most people find it necessary to do this task every week. However, the frequency of cleaning depends on the following factors-

  • like the mineral level in the water
  • the air quality of the room
  • duration of the water standing in the gear
  • and the pace of the particles building up in the filter.

Can It Control Bacteria And Germs?

Some humidifiers come with built-in features to control bacteria. They help reduce or prevent the probability of bacteria developing in the humidifier tank or at the place of humidity output.

But remember that this feature does not eradicate the necessity to clean it. Still, you need to diligently follow a proper routine of disinfecting and cleaning your humidifier.

Signs Of Extreme Moisture

Excess moisture or humidity in the air will harm you rather than doing good. So, you have to be careful about the level of humidity.

There are some signs which indicate the excessiveness of humidity in your surrounding air.

  • Moisture or water droplets are storing or seeping on the inner side of the windows
  • furniture, hard floors, or paper feel clammy
  • moisture or steam on mirrors
  • existence of mold or mildew in the wall corners.

If you feel an increased humidity level in your air, take a record and then use a dehumidifier to eliminate that extra moisture.

How Often Do You Need To Change Filters?

Sometimes the manufacturers suggest changing the humidifier filter after every three months. But your filter may not sustain that longer.

If the water you will be using contains lots of minerals, it will be easier for the scales to build up and hamper the operation.

Some other factors like smoke, stagnant water, and pet dander can also vary the frequency of filter changing. Furthermore, if you feel any terrible odour is coming from the humidifier, the time of changing the filter may have come.

When Should You Use Cold And Warm Mist Humidifiers?

Usually, people assume to use cold mist in summer and warm mist in winter. But mostly, it is a matter of preference or need for many.

The type of mist depends on the type of air required for better breathing and reduced coughing. Doctors may help you in choosing the suitable category for your better health.Warm mist vs. cool mist: which one is safer?

A warm mist humidifier can be harmful if there is any kid in your house, as the water tank of this gear will contain hot water. So, from the burn or scalding angle, the cool mist one is safer.

But if the doctor suggests you use a warm mist humidifier, you need to be careful while using a humidifier. Keeping it away from the children may solve this issue.

Can You Store It Without Cleaning?

If you need to store it for the next season, never store it without cleaning, disinfecting, drying, and with a wet filter.


After going through this article, we hope now you know all ins and outs of a humidifier.

It will be beneficial for you to decide whether you even need a humidifier or not, and if you need it, what will be the perfect option for you. Lastly, you also learned how to maintain it properly.

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