Why Does My Air Fryer Smell

Why Does My Air Fryer Smell?

Most of the air fryers contain a heating element, and over time food particles introduce to gather in this section, also this releases a burnt smell. What is more, if you don’t clean your air fryer properly and regular basis then it will make a bad odor that is so harmful to health.

It is normally thought that something wrong with your air fryer if there is a drastic smell producing from it. It may also emanate from the new brand.

Why Is It Making The Issue?

Definitely, this is a concerning smell. Besides, it doesn’t smell good, the perfection of your cooked food is compromised. This will leave a little residue on the food that will generate it to taste slightly strange.

It may be a sign of wrong with the unit that may also be a safety reason. In this article, we will describe a very usual thing happening and you should also follow the steps below.

Why Your Air Fryer Makes A Plastic Smell?

If you think, your air fryer smells like plastic, don’t be anxious. Fortunately, the matter will not be overly intense or serious.

Why your air fryer introduces plastic smell the simple reason is to the manufacturing process. The huge better parts of components on the air fryer are plastic. As the plastic involves a protective coat set on it in the time of process as the protection.

The Plastic Smell Removing The Process From The Air Fryer

Most of the time, it is very hard to eliminate surface protection. There are mainly two ways you can alleviate the plastic smell from your air fryer.

Firstly you can clean it as instructed by the manufacturer’s guidelines. The second process is to absolutely use your air fryer.

The steps are given below in more detail:

1. Cleaning Process Of Your Air Fryer

Many people conduct their air fryer as the microwave but the clean-up is not probably the same. If the air fryer, however, is new you definitely require cleaning it properly to eliminate that protective surface.

And, in order to perform your air fryer efficiently needs to be cleaned properly as well.

On the other side, a build-up of grease can often break your air fryer. The basic probability of it smoking the kitchen out at the grease commences burning. The easy solution is cleaning your air fryer properly.

Cleaning your basket: This is the segment that originated from food; even it will gather the maximum dirt food and grease. Cleaning is also very simple by the detergent and hot water.

If it has food stuck, you can soak it for some time and then to remove the grease, use a silicone pad for rubbing. But, never use the abrasive sponge. It will damage your non-stick coating.

Clean in inner of the air fryer: To clean inside of your air fryer, you need to unplug the appliance from the socket. Apply again the similar process as cleaning the basket.

For cleaning it just take a smooth cloth or sponge and some hot water.

If it has a few food sucks, clean it using a brush or a silicone cleaner. You can also add a little amount of detergent. Only remember that use it for the next time when it is fully dry.

Clean the outside: The out part of your air fryer also draws much dirt for various reasons. So, they need cleaning too. Just wipe it down with a sponge and hot water.

During the cleaning process, you will put your air fryer is the ideal condition that really supports cleaning such residue.

2. Cycle The Fryer At High Temperature

To remove the residue uses your air fryer at a high temperature since you get the burning plastic smell.

In lieu of doing so slowly over time, you can commit this procedure faster by working it at high temperatures while empty.

For electrical issues: If you consider that it is an electrical matter, you shouldn’t use it.

And if you feel that it is the smell of electric burning, which is a fire hazard so immediately call a halt using it and contact the manufacturer.


The smell is originating if your air fryer is not cleaned properly or from the protective coating when it is new. So following the above method you can easily clean it or solve your problem.

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