Why Is My Bathtub Clogged

Why Is My Bathtub Clogged?

We know a clogged bathtub is a plumbing problem. Most of the households face in the UK suddenly or unexpectedly.

A bathtub drain naturally is clogged due to the gradual build-up of the material or other dirt in your drain over time.

So the regular drain cleaning is most essential to prevent a clog.

1. Hair: The most usual cause of a clogged bathtub is your hair. While you take a bath or shower the hair has nowhere to go and down the tub drain. It can be stuck to the pipe and over time build up obstruct the proper drainage system.

2. Hard water: Freshwater normally doesn’t create problems in a bathtub, but hard water has severe mineral content. It gathers on the sides of piping growing up over time. If the PH levels of the water are so higher that cause this issue even more.

3. Soap scum: The other common fact of clogs is soap scum in the bathtub. If you notice the white stains on your shower walls that are soap scum. It assembles in a similar process in your tub drain over time. It is also responsible for to motive the clog.

4. Dirt, sand and debris: After travelling to the beach or when kids play outside on regular basis, then the dirt and sand can accumulate in your drain. However, this is true if your shower doesn’t contain an especially powerful water flow.

Three Main Factors For Unclogging The Bathtub

1. Plunger: The plunger works not only for your toilet but also in the bathtub. To appropriate use, just set the plunger over the drain along with fill your tub with water until it coats the bottom or base of the plumber the pressure required to help break up clogs. After plunging you should turn on the hot water for flushing any residual debris.

2. Plumbing snake of homeowner: Particularly, hair is the great cause of clogs in your bathtub where the plumbing snake of a homeowner is cheap and simple to search for at hardware stores.

If you like to use the snake, take aside the overflow drain coat and any type of stopper assembly. Install the snake down of your drain, and fill the tub with hot water (a quarter full).

Go on pushing the snake into the drain until it put an end; this is a most probable accused fact. You can pull the plumbing snake out at the same time replace the cover.

3. Non-toxic drain cleaners: For few clogs, you may desire to consider the merits of using a drain cleaner. As the chemical cleaners are inexpensive and easy, we suggest using the non-toxic cleaner solution.

This is better for the environment, bathtub finish, pipes and your lungs too. You can choose baking soda mixes or enzymatic drain cleaners and many more items.

Three Tips And Tricks For Preventing Bathtub Clogs

1. The drain basket cleaning: The easiest and simple step that you can take to avoid bathtub clogs is cleaning or wiping down your drain basket regularly.

Generally, hair collects on the crosshairs prior to going into the pipe, hence cleaning the hairs and passing away them after every shower or bath.

2. You should not pour any soap down the drain: If you want to prevent build-ups of soap scum, shorten the amount of soap you keep down the drain.

You should be conscious of not pouring shampoos or soap into the tub’s pips. You can also get around pieces of bar soap down the drain. Because these accumulate and create problems.

3. Apply a descaler or water softener: To interrupt clogs from hard-water deposits descalers are a superior way. They fight the high grades of magnesium and calcium in your water line by obstructing them from sticking to fixtures, pipes and drains.

However, descalers will improve the efficiency of all your plumbing process parts, involving:

  • Faucets
  • Water heaters
  • Ice makers
  • Washing machines

The other effective solution is a water softener. Although, this is so costly to purchase, set and maintain than the descaler, mainly a water softener eliminates hard water just adding some salt to the water, altering its composition.

If you select a broad water-softening process, it is so beneficial which can boost another drainage system in your home at the same time make the laundry work easier.

If the above solutions don’t work compatibly, then you can call a professional, only trained plumbing technicians can solve this problem.


As many households suffer from a bathtub clogging problem. So to overcome this situation you need to clean your bathtub regularly together you should avoid the causes for clogging discussed above.

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